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  • Hours
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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 27 April 2017
Great cd
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on 6 August 2017
Very good CD finished my collection by this band
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on 14 June 2005
Having loved the first album so much this is probaly my most anticipated album of the year. Upon the 1st listen it appeared to be not the same funeral of a friend, with no screams and not as heavy on most songs.
However the more I have listened the more I have fallen in love with this album. The catchy metal guitar riffs are still here along with Matt Davies soaring vocals. I understand the complaints about it sounding 'samey' ,the lack of screams from drummer Ryan Richards and i do miss them, but to be honest with them it would have sounded very similar to the first album.I can especially appreciate some of the more mellow offerings on the album including personal fav "History".
Overall i think it works better as a collection of songs that their previous effort, definately a much more polished and mature sound expressed in emotional lyrics.
Highlights include the 1st single "Streetcar", "Hospitality" and "Alavez" , but to be honest their isnt a bad track.
I hope fans can appreciate this release as a step foward rather than stepping back.
You gotta get this!
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on 14 January 2006
Until about a month ago, Funeral For A Friend were just another adolescent pop-punk/emo band that I had no interest in, but once again my presumptions have been proven wrong. Hours is one of the finest albums I have ever heard, it a variety of stunning emotional lyrics, melodic guitar textures and furious rhythms. The best way to describe this CD is to list the tracks:
1: All The Rage - The opening track (surprisingly), is actually the weakest track, but it's by no means bad, and if you like what you hear then it's only going to get better. 3/5.
2: Streetcar - It starts off as an average Funeral song, but after the second chorus it explodes into a fantastic emotional climax. 4/5.
3: Roses For The Dead - Kind of average, but it maintains the pace of the album well. 3/5.
4: Hospitality - Once again nothing special, but the finale is really catchy and leads well into the next song. 3/5.
5: Drive - One of the slower tacks on the album, but the lyircs are fantastic. The song builds into a melodic ending and fades out into silence. 4/5.
6: Monsters - A pounding drum beat breaks the silence as this beast bursts into life. Monsters is an amazing standout track featuring powerful vocals, a driving rhythm and some fantastic guitars melodies. At the moment this is my favourite song on the album. 5/5.
7: History - A beautiful mellow track, featuring a stunning chorus and some lovely melodic guitar riffs. This was originally my favourite song, and was certainly the first one I noticed when I overheard the CD. 5/5.
8: Recovery - Another powerful track with an outstanding chorus. The track builds and builds into an epic climax. 4/5.
9: The End Of Nothing - This heavy track maintains the power of the album, through a huge chorus and some wicked lyrics. 3.5/5.
10: Alvarez - Not a bad track, it stands well in the context of the album. 3/5.
11: Sonny - A magnificent ending to the album, evolving from a simplistic drum beat and atmospheric synth textures, into an extroadinary finale. The explosive ending is nothing short of beautiful and fades into nothingness making you wish the album had only just begun, but unfortunately it's over. 5/5.
If you like this album try listening to Finch, The Used, Lostprophets, Bullet For My Valentine or the ever popular My Chemical Romance.
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on 4 June 2006
I first heard FFAF about 2 years ago. I saw the video for escape artists never die on MTV2 and was thoroughly hooked. After rushing out to get 'casually dressed...' I couldn't wait to see what the welsh lads would do next. And this is it...Hours, an amazing collection of heartwrenching, blistering, mosh-worthy anthems from a group who deserve all the recognition they've gotten over the last few years.

Classic songs off Hours include the first single 'streetcar', one of the best songs of 2005, and the beautifully moving 'drive.' There is a diverse range of tracks on here, ranging from the slow, tragic melodies to pure, heavy guitar riffs that you cannot ignore. I would recommend this for any FFAF fans, and it serves as a great introduction to their work. Oh, and if you ever get a chance, go and see them live...they're one of the most amazing and lovely people to go and witness doing what they do best...ROCKING OUT! just buy it, you need this album.
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on 16 June 2005
This album is all that i expected from FFAF. This is a band that wants mainstream success and a band that wants to keep themselves a "band". They made a comprimise. At the moment, the world has had enough of the screamo-emo-core. So many bands over the last year have shown they can do it. So with this album for funeral for a friend to get the two things they wanted they had to show they could evolve but keep their mind on the music. They adjusted to keep the mainstream success, keep the old fans and bring in some new ones.
They have kept the rapid guitars and some old school riffs, keeping the british spirit whilst matts vocals both tuneful and easy on the ears adds heart and emotion to the tuneful soul of the guitars and drums.
All in all, a few listens and it hits the spot. A few more and you pick out the lyrics. It will keep you listening.
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on 24 June 2005
This album is better than "Casually Dressed..." They have experimented far more and put much more feeling into this record. The lyrics that Matt Davies has wrote are very personal to him e.g. "Roses For The Dead" is about his difficulty to deal with the loss of his friends and "Hospitality" is about when he worked so hard that he put himself into hospital.

The two genius guitarists, Darran Smith and Kris Roberts have improved so much and, as a guitarist, i aspire to them for their awesome two handed tapping riffs in "Roses For The Dead" and more simply in the first single "Streetcar."

Many fans i'm sure will be disappointed by the lack of screaming, courtesy of drummer, Ryan Richards, but just listen to track "The End Of Nothing" and you will hear that he has not been totally forgotten and his drumming is astounding on tracks such as "Streetcar" and opener "All The Rage." You also have to listen to his other talents of playing piano and loop sampling on end track "Sonny."

Gareth Davies vocals are brilliant as well, especially on "Streetcar" and his bass harmony on "Hospitality" is very cool.
Many "true fans" have slated this album because of it's mellowness compared to the last album, but these "fans" obviously don't know what they are talking about:
1. All The Rage - Heavy
2. Streetcar - Heavy
3. Roses For The Dead - Heavy
4. Hospitality - Heavy
5. Drive - Mellow
6. Monsters - Heavy
7. History - Mellow
8. Recovery - Heavy
9. The End Of Nothing - Heavy
10. Alvarez - Heavy
11. Sonny - Mellow then turns heavy
So thats 8 - 3 to Heavy, some fans they are. The true fans would buy this whether it be good or bad. Anyway to finish up, stand out tracks are, "All The Rage", "Streetcar", "Roses For The Dead", "History" (greatest song ever - band choir sing the final chorus, just brilliant,) "Alvarez" (awesome riff) and "Sonny."
Buy this record now and i hope you all have tickets to go see them in June/July. It's gonna be really good!!!
P.S. Just for the record, my favourite track by "Funeral..." used to be "This Year's Most Open Heartbreak", it's now "History." Mellow is good...
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on 1 September 2005
I probably should've reviewed this back when I first got it when it came out, but what the hell...Hours is noticeably different from Casually Dressed, that goes without saying, but it doesn't detract from the fact that this is an absolutely fantastic album. It's a bit more mellow and as much as I hate to use the phrase 'grown up' it's the best way to describe it. Lyrics are beautiful, (but then again they always are with FFAF)and have more depth and variation in issues addressed. The thing with Hours which some fans are probably objected to is the fact that the sound is a bit more mainstream, and can be accessed by a wider range of people as a consequence of losing the screamo aspect obvious in Casually Dressed, because for some reason some people still have a problem with screaming on songs... which I personally love but that's irrelevant... Anyways, the point is Hours is different, but don't be prejudiced by that, it's a beautiful album and hasn't lost any of the energy its predecessors have. Most of the songs you'll instantly love. For me, my absolute favourites on here are All the Rage, Recovery, The End of Nothing and Alvarez, admittedly, I'm not too keen on History but that's the only one i don't really like, the rest are excellent. FFAF have been around a while and now are getting more well known and getting the recognition they deserve. Great band, yet another great album. Buy it if you havn't already...
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on 14 July 2005
This album is clearly a very obvious departure from FFAF's previous efforts, and not all the fans will like it, in fact its clear from this site alone that the reactions are quite mixed.
The most apparent difference between Hours and Casually Dressed is the absence of drummer Ryan Richard's accompanying scream vocals (bar the track 'End of Nothing' in which his vocals are still minimal). Something which people don't pick up on is that lead vocalist Matt Davies can and has also used scream vocals in the past, but a deliberate decision was made to not use them at all on this album.
If you ignore these changes, then what you have is still recognisably FFAF. Kris' infective soaring guitar melodies, Darren's crunching riffs, the vaguely familiar Iron Maiden influence is ever apparent. And you still have Davies' top vocals and decent songwriting.
This band are clearly different from the others often lumped in the same bracket, and that won't change so easily as people claim it to based on screamo vocals being absent.
Hours is a very melodic album, even a mellow album despite many songs being with distorted guitars, perhaps due to Davies' vocals now dominating. I'll admit at some points his voice does get slightly grating, and it is clear that Richards was the yang of the vocals, keeping it somewhat balanced, but nonetheless the style of the songs seems to cope well without him for the most part. The songs have generally taken a more mature sound, and without a doubt a more polished sound. The latter will probably affect people more than it should.
The lyrics on Casually were fairly varied in subject matter; relationships (goes without saying), fame, violence, politics, childhood. Hours is the same, whilst keeping some songs for relationships, other songs diverge into social issues like violence once again, others are more cryptic, for example 'Sonny' with its refreshingly different synth beat seems to be about school bullying, but seems could also be colonial bullying by our country, or even something else altogether. I doubt we'll know any time soon, because it is Davies' often misleading vocal style which is another of the band's strengths.
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on 13 March 2007
An amazing album by one of my all time favourite bands, its just one good song after another! My personal faves have to be 'Roses for the Dead' and 'The End of Nothing'. It may not as be as heavy as casually dressed but it sure has the same if not better quality as previous tracks they have released! and at this price it is a must have! Buy it now!
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