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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 April 2015
Maybe it's because I've played Weezer (The Blue Album) from 1994 so much to death over the years that it practically feels like a old-friend, that I can't give 2005's 'Make Believe' a higher star rating, but it's still a damn good album. It's the same old Weezer we love, but with a fresher, more modern sound, rather like Green Day.

The party-rocking opener 'Beverley Hills' is one of the most catchiest things you'll probably ever here, with a nice sing-along chorus and a contemporary feel. Catchy feel-good pop songs come in the shape of tracks like 'Perfect Situation', 'My Best Friend' the 1980s reminiscent synthpop song 'This Is Such A Pity', which marks a real departure from the style of the old stuff, and 'We Are All On Drugs' has stupid (but very truthful) lyrics certainly, but it's a return to the rock style, with a great intro and instrumental which ensures that this track really does 'rock'. Another favourite of mine is 'The Damage In Your Heart', a solid rocker, and a strong contender for the best song of the album.

Weezer might not have the best lyrics out there on 'Make Believe', but then again have they ever? The band were never on the same level as Oasis, but they knew how to make good pop music. Wisely moving with the times in 2005 with a modern sound, this wasn't the '90s and as a result it might not please some members of the old fanbase, but I do think that the overall album is just good fun. This isn't a classic, but it is very playable.
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on 31 December 2005
Looking at Weezer's impressive back catalogue of catchy, summery albums it is easy to see why so many have slated this album as an undesirable step out of the mould. Initially the album doesn't make much of an impression, but after a few listens the quality touches Weezer seem to administer with astonishing ease become apparant and the album begins to display a level of musicianship previously unseen from the band.
Fair enough there's a significant lack of the bouncy and the cheerful on this record but rest assured that doesn't mean a decrease in the interest. The least appealing track has to be Beverly Hills which, once you've got the riff stuck in your head, becomes irritating and cheap-sounding. Thankfully the rest of the album veers away from the anthemic somewhat and rests on a more mature sound which I think (probably in contrary to everyone else) suits the band, as they themselves are now well into their thirties. Stand-out tracks are the fantastic 'This Is Such A Pity', an 80s tinged look back at the Pinkerton days and 'Pardon Me' which sounds like the bigger, bolder sister of 'Butterfly'. There is a definite similarity between this album and Pinkerton which is perhaps unusual given lead singer Rivers' hatred of the excellent 1996 record. This time around, however, the album has a more focussed sound which isn't interrupted by often similar sounding cheerful tracks.
This is, as many others have commented, an essential album for an Weezer fan's collection, although there is a newer sound which may appeal to others who have been put off by their previous work. A great new direction for the band.
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on 17 May 2007
Excuse the cheesy review title, I couldn't resist :)

Anyway, this is a great, no, fantastic effort from Weezer. This album has something about it, something brilliant. It oozes quality throughout and brilliant songwriting (Rivers Cuomo is very under-rated for one thing) and great melodies. And they've had it produced by a living legend in rock music: Rick Rubin.

So, it starts. And that's with the party-rocking 'Beverly Hills'. Cuomo and co. chant, rather than sing: 'Beverly hills, that's where I wanna be!' And, if you've seen the video, you might agree.... 8/10.

Track two, 'Perfect Situation', is a song you will hear a lot of its sound during the album. I don't mean to say that all the songs sound like it, just that the structure is similar, with great melodies, solos and songwriting. 'Though I can't satisfy all the needs she has and so she starts to wander....can you blame her?' Cuomo asks. 9/10.

Track three, 'This Is Such A Pity', has a distinct 80s feel to it, where as that may seem a bad thing, it isn't here, because it is only the drums and there are a few keys thrown in. The song itself is pure class. 9/10.

Track four, 'Hold Me' is a lovely ballad, albeit a fairly rocky one at that. Cuomo's lyrics are captivating, and it makes for a great listen. 10/10.

Track five, 'Peace', typifies what Weezer are so good at doing...writing fairly heavy rock songs while maintaining a very melodic ethos during them at the same time. Brilliant. 10/10.

Track six has 'hit' written all over it. The curiously titled 'We Are All On Drugs' kicks off with a brilliant riff, before Cuomo opens into the first verse; 'You're out with your friends in your new Mercedes-Benz and you're....on drugs!'Maybe it's his general view of society, I don't know if he is that narrow-minded. Anyway, it's a hit. Brilliant. 10/10.

Track seven, 'The Damage In Your Heart', is another melodic number, and a ballad. This is one of my favourites on the album, I must admit. 'Let it go, the damage in your heart..' Cuomo sings. 10/10.

Track eight, 'Pardon Me', is a similar kind of song to the last one, in the sense that it ticks the same boxes. Catchy riff, yet melodic, rock ballad, and great songwriting. However one thing that sets this song apart from the last one is that it's more anthemic. Fantastic. 10/10.

Track nine, 'My Best Friend', in my opinion, is one of the weaker offerings here. I find it too boring in comparison to the other songs, and maybe it's a sign that Weezer are running out of ideas (?) 7/10.

Thankfully not. Track ten, 'The Other Way' is a return to the two previous tracks. I like this song a lot. I like the melodic yet heavy hooks that Weezer conjure up. I like Cuomo's songwriting and these kinds of songs are the kind that have propelled Weezer into the mainstream. 10/10.

Track eleven, 'Freak Me Out', is rather different. It begins rather creepily, if you like. It's nothing like the previous ten songs, but don't worry. It's still Weezer, just not as you know it. 8/10.

Track twelve, 'Haunt You Every Day', again is different. But it is more Weezer than the previous track. Firstly, a piano riff comes in along with guitar riffs, and it builds up to a great chorus. Yes, like the previous offering, it is creepy in parts. But the chorus transforms the song into what the rest of the album was. It's weird because the first ten tracks belong together, then eleven alienates itself from them, and twelve is trying to make its way back to what the rest were. It's a fantastic track, don't get me wrong. It is still very much Weezer. 9/10.

'Make Believe' has been out a while, and I have taken a while to review it, because I have so many albums I can't all review at once, I suppose.

Weezer are a top band. Make no mistake about it. And if anyone had any doubts about them before this album, this latest offering should put them to rest. 9/10.
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on 15 May 2005
This is the album Weezer fans have been waiting for. 'Make Believe' takes the developed songs of the 'Blue Album' and 'Pinkerton', and adds the soaring hooks of the 'Green Album' and 'Maladroit', and the end result is a phenomenal collection of perfect pop and rock songs.
Things start brilliantly with 'Beverly Hills'. The simple hooks of this song take a while to get used to, but after this track everything is full power. 'Perfect Situation' is one of Weezer's best songs yet, and 'This Is Such A Pity' is probably the most original Weezer song yet - it reminds me of the Police, and is a brilliant addition to Weezer's reputation.
The stand out tracks are the first three that I have mentioned, 'The Damage In Your Heart' and 'The Other Way', the latter being the best track on the album.
There isn't a bad track on this album, and this is without a doubt the album of the summer.
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on 16 June 2005
I have been a huge fan of weezer for many years and have been happy with all of their previous albums. Maladroit was a little harder to get into but I do think its a great album.
There are many mixed opinions about this particular album. I wasn't too sure about this either myself at first. After listening to this album an awful lot and also going through a breakup of a relationship, helped me understand the lyrics etc.
Standout track are:
Oh, the track are quite good also.
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on 30 June 2005
Don't like Beverly Hills??! Who cares, as this is by far the weakest song on the album (which I think is an excellent sign!).
Catchy, poigiant and generally fantastic, that's 'Make Believe'. Rivers Cuomo, recently described by Liam Gallagher as 'my new favourite rock star' again fails to disappoint. Tracks such as 'The Other Way', 'Perfect Situation' and 'My Best Friend' (which was set to open Shrek 2) are very upbeat, and would certainly encourage the trademark Weezer clapping. If you are more of a fan of mellower songs, then 'Hold Me' and 'Haunt You Every Day' are proper lighter-wavers, with giant guitar solos cropping up in many songs, 'Pardon Me' for example. 'This is Such a Pity' is my personal favourite, and I would challenge anyone to sit still to it and not jump around/sway/clap/enjoy it!
I'm not going to compare this to other Weezer albums (also definately worth buying) as I think that it is very different and should be treated on its own. However, I think that it should, (like Pinkerton etc.) take pride of place at the top of any record collection-beat the rush, as when more singles are released, 'Make Believe' will certainly be hot property!
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on 19 June 2005
In my opinion this year is starting to become a great year for comebacks, three years since Maladroit and clearly Weezer has not missed a beat, in fact they have gained a new beat.
In the span of a decade between their debut and Make Believe, Weezer has become more popular and Rivers' lyrics became more and more insanely catchy. This time around, there is a sign of positivity and happiness in the songs, particularly in the single 'Beverly Hills'. Some fans may be appalled by this turn of events but unlike Maladroit, there is not a single 'poor' song on here, each song is either moving, good-feel or just plain great.
Power ballads like Hold Me and The Damage in your Heart are fantastic, very rocky and lyrically great without getting way too soppy. There are also the poppy tunes like My Best Friend, or the next possible single 'We Are All On Drugs' making Make Believe a mixed bag.
Of course this album will split opinions right down the middle, but i will stick to my guns and say that this is one of the albums of 2005. Fantastic, cheerful and bloody catchy. Buy it now!
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on 23 August 2013
This is the first album I heard of weezer and as soon as I heard it I immediately though right weezer are a really good band! I mean every single song on the album 1 by 1 was really good and to be honest I don't usually have that happen to me when I fist listen to an album. I know other people have their own opinions about some of these albums but I would say in my opinion that this album is totally worth buying. The best idea for people who haven't heard the album or are getting into weezer slowly is to give the album a listen somewhere else, make your own judgement on it and then go and buy it if you really like it. Some of my favourite songs on the album would have to be "Perfect situation", "The damage in your heart" and even "Freak me out"
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on 16 March 2015
I know alot of Weezer fans feel that this album was a little bit of a let down but personally i dont see it. Yes they have better albums but thats only because they so fricking awesome. This this still has many good tunes on it. I think its very good and you should buy it.
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on 4 May 2005
Like you I liked the video to Beverly Hills; quite rightly I expect it to be a big summer song, catchy lyrics and top video.
The album is also good, with few fillers in my opinion. Track 2 is particularly good.
I'm not a huge weezer fan, but I got this album on a whim, and I have to say it hasn't left my cd player since.
Highly recommended
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