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on 23 June 2016
Coldplay do it again ! Can't fault them , love their music , great addition to my vinyl collection.
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on 22 April 2005
Following up a brilliant album can be one of the most challenging things a band faces in a career, and if "Speed of Sound" is any indication, everyone is in for a real treat. This song sounds like a natural progression from the sound of AROBTTH songs. The piano work, and song styling is "classic" Coldplay, and is a beautiful song to listen to. I just heard it for the first time today, and I'm already finding myself with it stuck in my head. This is a really great song, from a band, who's created their own big shoes to fill. I can't wait to hear the rest of X & Y !! Already hugely popular here stateside, it wouldn't surprise me if Coldplay is selling out bigger venues and stadiums here this summer and beyond. This is one great band!
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on 17 January 2006
Can't help liking this even if it is only a poor man's 'Clocks'; similar chords in the verse and a near-identical 3+3+2 drumbeat.
Compared to 'In My Place' - the frickin' BRILLIANT first single from the previous album - this is a fairly weak offering to kick-start their 3rd.
Luckily they followed this single up with the amazing 'Fix You' - probably 'X&Y's best track - which is both poignant and epic. Buy that instead!
They've just released 'Talk', which is pretty good...but if they don't choose either 'What If' or 'Swallowed in the Sea' as their 4th single, I'll be somewhat upset.
Then again...does anyone actually BUY CD SINGLES anymore?
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on 19 May 2005
Coldplay's new album is sure to be a huge hit, and quite possibly one of the greatest albums of the decade. Speed of sound is the likeliest choice for a new single off their highly anticipated album because of the easily accessed lyrics and melody. It sounds like 'Clocks', as most people have stated, but the reason it has been chosen for the first single is because its the song most people can recognize as being Coldplay's, since it replicates similar sounds off AROBTTH. As a previous person has mentioned, Coldplay uses the same three chord progressions in a few of their songs, but this is not to take in to consideration that out of the three songs mentioned, 'Speed of Sound' was the only one to be included in an album, so coming to the conclusion that Coldplay is lazy is in fact a bit premature. If you liked 'Clocks' and are a huge fan of Coldplay, then buying this album would be in your best interest, if not for the single, then for the two b-side tracks which sound much different from the Coldplay most people would recognize.
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on 2 June 2005
I like this song, it could have been a lot better, in fact it is better than most coldplay songs. But like everyone has mentioned, it sounds so much like 'clocks'. The first time I heard the intro on the radio, I actually did think they were playing 'clocks'. Time to use a different chord structure guys.
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on 22 April 2005
On first listen to this single (i bought it off the internet the other day) i was a little disapointed. It has improved slightly with each listening, as various aspects of clever production and subtle background melodies are noticed. The single also conveys the 'otherworldly' euphoric atmosphere that so characterised the best tunes of Rush of Blood to the Head. There is also a good baseline, which does a good job of giving the song a momentum, and Chris Martin fields a strong characteristically souring vocal. However, all this cannot hide the fact that there isn't actually much of a tune going on. The guitar has been relegated to the background instead of being at the forefront of the melody as in ROBTTH, and instead, the keyboard seems to take over. This would of course be ok, but the keyboard doesn't seem to produce much in the way of a catchy melody either. Try humming the melody afterward the first listen, i bet u'll find it difficult! Whoever Coldplay have producing for them they should definitely keep, but the songwriting needs improving. Having said that, this track might be fitting as a standard album track, but as the leading single to a new album it just doesn't have the tune it needs. This is a worrying prospect for the new album, as if this is the catchiest thing Coldplay have right now, then X&Y will not stand up. We can only wait and see, and hope that Coldplay have some stronger songs yet to come.
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on 27 April 2005
I remember the day it happened, the first time I heard "In My Place" on the radio, and I thought, this is the best song Coldplay have ever written. I was therefore slightly disappointed to hear "Speed Of Sound" which did not live up to my expectations. For a start, it's piano-lead riff is too similar to "Clocks", it's too long and its melody is too predictable. The thing with Coldplay is they are such a good band, any song is going to sound great. But they can do much much better than this. Here's to the album!
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on 21 May 2005
Yet again Coldplay come back with a vengeance with this the first new taster from new album X & Y. Follwing on from AROBTTH Speed Of Sound is a beautifully crafted piece of work, Chris Martin's Vocal as good as ever and Johnny Bucklands husky delivery on the chorus really cementing Coldplay's status as one of the worlds greatest bands, even after the first listen I was drawn to the song and immediately started putting on the previous two albums, Coldplay really are a special band. This song is a great introduction for what will hopefully be a superb album on June 6th.
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on 19 April 2005
I challenge anyone to be disappointed with this. 'Speed Of Sound' features the same soaring choruses as we have become accustomed to with Coldplay, with fantastic harmonies and a brilliant driven bassline. I was practically obsessed with this band when 'A Rush...' was released, but I was expecting to be more critical of this album's contents. Not so far! Those hoping that Coldplay have undergone any kind of radical transformation in terms of their style, a la Radiohead or U2, shall not find that, on the strength of this single anyway. I can't wait for X & Y's release. Great work.
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on 23 May 2005
To be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with the single on the first couple of plays and this is despite being a massive Coldplay fan. But this single has just grown and grown, and coupled with fantastic B-sides, is a great purchase. Granted, it sounds similar to 'Clocks' in many respects, but then this IS from the same band, and 'Clocks' IS a fantastic song.
'Things I Don't Understand' was SO close to being on the album, apparently removed at the last minute, and if this didn't make the cut then it bodes very, VERY well for the album as it is an upbeat, uptempo and generally fantastic song. It is Chris Martin at his questioning, lyrical best.
'Proof' is far more laid-back and falsetto. It's a slow one, in the way that only Coldplay can do and makes this a very strong first release. If "Fix You' is to be the second single and it's B-sides compare to these, then the album should not be your only Coldplay purchase this year.
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