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on 15 August 2017
This arrived quickly and well packed. It needed assembly when it arrived but this was very easy. The bowls are fixed securely in place by an attachment which pushes down on top of them so no need to worry about clever dogs who could take the bowls off the stand. My dog is far more comfortable now that he doesn't have to bend down to eat and drink so I am very happy with the Trixie Dog Bar. The only concern I have is that once filled with water the bowl becomes very heavy and slightly bends the holder it is in. I don't know if this will weaken it, time will tell. If it does I'll update my review. As things are I would recommend this for anyone who wants to make an ageing dog's life a little easier. ......My edited review~My dog has now been using the dog bar for months and it is excellent. I was concerned it may not be strong enough to hold a full bowl of water but I was wrong. It is very strong. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has an elderly dog.
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on 22 June 2012
This feeding bowl was a very good choice for my older dog, he is getting on a bit and has arthritis he was finding it uncomfortable to stretch down to eat or to lay down while eating.
My vet suggested some kind of elevated feeding system so I purchased this item it is perfect for my dog he no longer picks at his food and leaves then comes back to it, he now stand and eats his meal then has a drink and goes out to play in the garden.
He is a much happier dog and that's good enough for me!
Apparently all dogs should eat standing up like this it is much better for their digestive system.
I would recomend this to anyone who wants to keep their dog fit and healthy.
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on 11 June 2016
Bought for our elderly Labrador who was having some problems leaning down to reach his bowl. He's a very tall dog and this is nice and adjustable so even he can eat very comfortably.

It was very easy to construct straight out of the box and it seems fairly good quality, though it isn't necessarily the best looking bit of kit and it does take up a fair bit of room (though bowls for a large dog are always going to do that). It is height adjustable so could be good for a growing dog too. The bowls are well sized for a large dog and can be removed from the stand.

It's been good value for money and we've had it almost 6 months now and it's done well. Just seeing our beloved dog eating and drinking more easily was worth the money.
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on 3 March 2017
Nice unit easy to assemble, but I think they advise putting it together *facing* the wrong way, I have experimented a bit, it is much more stable if the bowls are placed inside the legs of the H shaped Base instead of to the sides as photographed, also if you put the adjustment knobs for the height and locking sliders on opposite sides, adjustment is easier, but, still, a nice piece of kit with large bowls.
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on 30 May 2016
Having read about the need for a dog feeding stand for giant breeds I decided to go ahead and purchase this. The stand comes in 2 parts which consists of the floor part and the up right part. These two are suppose to be secured together with a bolt. After months of problems with the stand becoming consistently loose from the floor base because the bolt does not screw tightly into the thread and can be pulled apart with your bare hands. The build quality it's awful and corrodes from the water being splashed from the dogs water bowl. I would genuinely advise you don't waste your money.
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on 2 January 2016
Great idea, but very wobbly. It has one bolt holding the upright to the H shaped base. This one bolt is expected to deal with a lot of weight, and it doesn't. After a couple of days, the bolt would no longer tighten because the threading is poor, and after a couple of weeks it is of no use whatsoever - and that was with the bowls set just a couple of inches off the floor (puppy). I'm now looking for an alternative, 'cause if I continue to use this, it's going to fall over and dump its contents all over the kitchen - and scare the pup away from his food. Not recommended.
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on 1 January 2013
Started off quite positive. VERY easy to assemble, there really is no 'assembly' required.

Once in place, it all appears rather sturdy and solid, perfect for our Lab and Lurcher.

However, over time (about 3 months of use), the upright part of the frame is constantly requiring tightening as it becomes completely loose and allows the bowls to rotate. The plastic nut that holds this in place is very difficult to tighten fully and I think it has now gotten to the point where I can't tighten it any further but it's still loose.

Furthermore, where the upright has had movement, it's rubbed the top layer of protection off of the H-frame below, exposing the cheap/thin metal, which is now beginning to rust. This can't be blamed on the dogs getting water on it either as they're both only ever used as food bowls.

The price of this product does not reflect its (lack of) quality, it should be reduced by about 50%. Even then, I'm not sure how how fit for purpose it is going to be over time anyway.
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on 4 April 2013
Very fast delivery of well packaged, great product.

The one I have, bought about 9 years ago, is still as sturdy as new. Additional dog meant I needed another set. I was hoping the passing years had not effected the quality of the items, it had not, the new set is as well made/sturdy as the old one, and expect it will remain so. These bowl sets are great!, better for the dogs and easier to negotiate when cleaning the floor!, so I as happy as the dogs are with this product. I was hoping mine would be the size in the picture/small, but it is the same medium size as the one I already have, not a problem for me or any size dog, just advise for those that, like me expected a tidgey one, so it still gets 5 stars, more if they were available. Would most definitely recommend the item and seller.
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on 9 June 2016
The stand is not strong enough to manage the weight of the giant bowls if one is loaded. It's cheaply and unattractively made, and the little slices of slit rubber tubing provided to prevent the bowls rattling became a dangerous attraction to my dog. Fortunately, I got it out of his mouth before he swallowed it. Complete waste of money. :(
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on 11 March 2016
Just what the vet ordered! This is perfect for me, I don't have to bend down quite so far to pick up the bowls. Perfect for our beautiful, but elderly border collie, who has arthritis and was struggling to bend down to eat. The other thing I've noticed, the water doesn't get random hairs and bits in it! My daughter put it together, it seem easy enough.
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