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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Alias - Complete Season 3 [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£3.48+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 22 June 2005
I am a HUGE fan of Alias, having watched it from the outset and been totally sucked into the world of espionage and Sydney Bristow and Co.
If you have not watched this, I urge you to skip this now and go back and start from Season 1 and work up to this. Alias is a fast paced, cleverly written drama/action series with a set of core characters and their relationships (albeit most of them disfunctional) which has twists Chubby Checker would be envious of! To miss one episode could throw you totally off track and season 3 is no exception.
As commented by some other reviews, I initially thought S3 was slightly below par (for Alias), however on its completion (and prior to S4 starting on Bravo) I went back to the start and watch all the way up to the end of S3 and without giving away any spoilers for newcomers, on reflection this season was far better than I remember. Yes a slightly different style, but there is still the twists and turns we love and the continual torment of these characters we love. Maybe the love triangle situation upset some, but as proved by antoher genius writer Joss Whedon (Buffy / Angel / Firefly) you can't keep giving the viewers what they want, it gets boring. By keeping us off balance it certainly keeps my cravings heightened.
I can actually shout out loud at the TV with the shock / horror / surprise of the writing in this show. The cliffhangers in S1 and particularly S2 were to die for.
Its about normal people doing extraordinary things but having the same relationship issues every day people have and people are fascinated by people which is the key of this show. Plus the action kicks serious butt! BONUS for the girls - when you have Michael Vartan (sigh!)as a male lead how can you not watch? For boys you have the stunning Jennifer Garner in a variety of weekly disguises and beleive me she looks H O T (and this coming from a male loving female should speak volumes!)
I can't speak highly enough of this show and whilst not rated as my number one season it beats the best of all the other competition on TV at the moment hands down. As said before, shame on the UK TV stations who treated this show abismally and kudos to Bravo for giving it the promotion it deserves.
DVD packaging is good and the extras are fantastic. Some hilarious cast commentries, the ever loved gag reel (which is even funnier given the "serious" nature of the characters) and good featurettes on stunts, behind scenes etc.
To summarise an excellent series at excellent value for money.
For all of you that don't watch, I hope this review will wet your appepite. Please try it out you don't know what you are missing. Vastly underated and highly addictive, but don't blame me for the sleepless nights as you try to cram in as many episodes as possible each day!
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on 7 December 2016
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on 31 July 2017
Season three is as good as the previous seasons.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2004
I missed the majority of episodes that comprised the third season of ALIAS so I was understandably anxious to get my hands on this six-disc DVD set of what is one of my few delights on television these days.
This DVD set is simply stunning in both presentation and content.
The packaging for these shows have always offered something surprising and this season is no exception. As was the case with the second season we have here a slip-over case that reveals additional artwork once it is removed. What I found of particular interest however is the attractive plastic accordion method for storing the DVDs. Gone are the keepcases for each disc, instead we have separate plastic `pages' each containing one disc. There is also a handsomely put together booklet detailing short synoposis of each show and details of the special features.
The end of the second season left CIA agent Sydney Bristow in what can be described as one of the best cliffhanging moments in television history. Waking up after falling unconscious following a particularly brutal fight in her home Sydney is shocked to discover that two years have passed - two years of which she has no memory. Furthermore everyone (except for a couple of people) believed her to be dead. The main thrust of the third season is Sydney's quest to uncover the truth about those missing two years and find her way back into the trust of the CIA.
Many things have changed in the intervening years. Dixon is now the head of CIA operations, Vaughn is married and has left the agency to teach French and Sydney's father is imprisoned for working with her traitorous mother in a determined quest to learn the truth of Sydney's whereabouts. Also, Sydney's arch nemesis Sloane is now a trusted CIA informant.
Firstly the performances in the third season of ALIAS are uniformly excellent. The entire cast (especially Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin and Victor Garber) and Kevin Weisman is in top comic form as techno-genius (the Q of the ALIAS universe) Marshall.
The plotting of these episodes also moves along at a brisk pace and (in what will come as no surprise to devotees of the show) they are both engaging and intriguing.
Of particular interest is the audio commentary that accompanies the first episode of the season. Rather than having members of the cast and crew do the commentary we are instead treated to a fan commentary. Two real-life ALIAS fans speak on the shoe and there observations and comments are more engaging than the typical commentaries.
Jennifer Garner herself can be heard on a commentary on the third disc. This commentary is good humored and actually very funny, especially when Ken Olin (the director of the episode) does an imitation of Garners mother.
Well recommended.
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on 5 June 2005
Season 3 is widely considered by fans to be the worst out of Alias' 4 seasons [with season 4 still showing on Bravo here in blighty] But thats still saying alot, for Alias is by far and wide the best television show on right now; and its already considered a classic by critics. So even Alias' worst season is still 20 times better than your likely to find anywhere else; and season three is no exception.
This third outing is fast paced & exciting and whilst it may not have the impact of the cliffhangers of season one and two; its still going to make your jaw drop multiple times per episode as you learn slowly but surely whos doing what and why. Fans of the romantic/drama elements of the previous seasons will be in their element here, as Sydney/Vaughn/Lauren's sordid love triangle takes center stage; and not all is well in the backchannels of the CIA as some old enemies begin to appear.
Possible Spoiler Warning.
When Sydney Bristow ended season 2; she had woken up in a Hong Kong street with no recollection of where she was; what happened to her - and the scariest part is that 2 years had ellapsed since her showdown with Allison at her apartment where no one could have possibly lived. When Sydney found her way back into the familiar arms of love Michael Vaughn, she was shocked to find a wedding ring on his finger.....Since shes been gone; a lot had changed in the world of the CIA, and the world of her friends and family. With Bristow presumed dead; everyone tried to move on with their lives; and some people moved on better than others. A few new characters join some familiar faces in this bendy, twisty saga which puts more emphasis on drama than the previous seasons.
An addition to the cast is Melissa George as supposed NSA officer Lauren Reid. Thing is, shes married to Michael Vaughn - the man Sydney fell in love with. But can Lauren really be trusted? Whats she up to on her lengthy breaks away and why is she so vicious towards Sydney?
For many UK fans - desperation drives them to the lengthy wait for DVD. UK networks cant decide if they want to show Alias or not - with the only shining light being Bravo who have consistently shown Alias in the same timeslot for season 3 and 4. But for some; the long wait can be extended to watch high quality; uninterputed episodes of Sydney and co. ALIAS, rather unsurprisingly, is one of the most downloaded shows on television. But id strongly reccomend either watching it on tv or checking out these amazingly presented, feature packed DVD box sets.
It's easy to say in retrospect; whilst watching the explosively exciting Season 4, that Season 3 was the shows weak point. But last night i caught an episode of season 3 once again - and it was utterly fantastic. Don't underestimate the power of Alias - this is a season that, love or hate, you can't miss.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 August 2005
Yes, Sydney really has been missing for two years. And she comes back to find that Vaughn is married, her dad is in jail, and Sloane is a good guy. Hold on to your hats, it's season 3.
Syd quickly begins to get back on her feet, going back to work for the CIA under her former partner Dixon. But her search for the two years missing from her memory takes her to some pretty strange places. Most shocking of all is the fact that she killed someone in cold blood. It's beginning to look more and more like some group called The Covenant is involved. What could this all mean? And can she successfully work with Vaughn and his pretty new wife Lauren?
I have watched this show faithfully since day 1, becoming a die hard fan about episode three. I faithfully tuned in for this season and spent as much time as always speculating on what each line of dialog and plot twist meant. But it wasn't as entertaining as the first two seasons. The twists felt forced, and the emphasis on Rimbaldi near the end overwhelmed me. That's one storyline I'd love for them to completely leave behind.
This six disc set is up to the previous set's high standards even if the show isn't. All 22 episodes are shown in wide screen and full surround sound. There's a fan commentary, which is fun if not informative, and two commentaries with cast and crew. Disc six contains an animated episode from Syd's missing two years (forgettable), and the usually behind the scenes stuff. This is actually very interesting and I watched it all intently. Also included are a handful of deleted scenes and the outtake real for the season.
While the show stumbled in season 3, it has regained its footing in season 4. Fans will be glad they have this to complete their set. Those catching up will need to see it as well to understand the current episodes.
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on 24 March 2017
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on 28 March 2005
You've got to admire this show- every year is different, every year the rules are re-written, so for good reason it's very difficult to compare this season to the previous two. But all I wanted to know before I purchased Alias-year 3 was exactly that, so that's what I'll attepmt to do now for everyone else in that same position...
This third season picks up precisely where the second season left off and that memorable cliff-hanger, and let me tell you...our non-stop all-action girl is back with avengeance! The emotional resonance is still in tact as one of the show's vital statistics along with the wigs, beaurocracy and high-kicking. Let me say first though- I really liked the way Sydney's return was handled following her mysterious abscence and so in my view this season gets off to a good start, despite the difficulty of following on from that last shocker of an episode. But even though the initial impression is good, after a few episodes I was seriously worried that that Alias magical ingredient was a little lacking and maybe even irretrievable. It was episode 9 that completely changed things around for me and made me ashamed to have doubted J. J. Abrams even for a second- this episode blew me away and is probably my favourite episode in Alias history, mainly because of the briliant performances, the beautiful look of the episode and also the unpredictability of the story. And from this point on it's plain sailing right through to the impressive season finale. Concerning Sydney's 2-year-gap...when it gets up some momentum it does surprise and entertain, but as it's not the entire focus of the season it isn't a big disappointment when at times it gets below entralling.
The whole point of Alias long-term seems to me to be character development, so while some of my favourite characters from the first two seasons have either departed or moved on as characters, there's also fresh blood injected into the show's dynamic with new characters both permament and guesting, the most notable of whom is Lauren. Lauren (Sydney's rival for Vaughn's affections) is probably the most important character in the entire season apart from Sydney herself, but sadly (in my opinion) she's been the main reason for most of the negative reviews of this season. My opinion of Lauren- she makes a really bad first impression as somewhat of a black-hole at the beginning of the season who doesn't have a strong enough presence in the Alias landscape. But as the season progresses I definitely felt she improved, as the writers gave her more personality and inserted her into the action, so at the very least she becomes a credible and interesting character by the end of the season.
Part of the problem in rating this boxset is that everyone, myself included, has high expectations for Alias and when it doesn't perform above and beyond what we know it can be there is definite disappointment. But I think only one star should be forefit, because despite some minor difficulties at the start of the season we all know Alias is still as cool as ever. So absolutely no question- this is a MUST-HAVE show and season!
(P.S. You cannot fault the presentation of this dvd, the attention to detail that has gone into its assembly is obvious to see. I would even say it sets the standard for dvd boxsets in the future.)
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on 7 May 2005
i fell upon alias accidentally 12 months ago and was hooked so went and bought the 1st 2 seasons from amazon which were GREAT value for money! season 3 has also been filled with heartfelt drama, suspense and most importantly butt kicking action. and as always each episode keeps me hanging on for the next.
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on 22 June 2005
Season 3 is every Alias fan's least favourite season but even so it is still a gem in TV history. After the season two finale we see Sydney's world turned upside down as she realises she has been missing for two years and has no idea where she has been or what has happened to her. The love of her life is married, her best friend is dead, her father is in prison and she has nobody to turn to for support. Sydney becomes a very lovely and sad character for the duration of the season and this is why many people did not enjoy the episodes as much as previous seasons. That said Jennifer Garner's performance remains spectactular and as her strained relationships become more and more complicated it is impossible not to see the season through living with the hope that things will get better for our heroine.
Sydney's key mission for the first half of Season Three is to discover where she has been and who she can blame for turning her life upside down. Continuing into the second half of the season she continues the quest for the enigmatic Rambaldi device. Through it all her strained relationship with ex-boyfriend Vaughn and his wife Lauren (played by Melissa George) underlies the season and provides many a heart wrenching moment for Sydney.
As a whole the season sees Sydney with a darkness not seen in previous years but more importantly it lost it's edgy writing and tight plot somewhat. As a whole the season fills the gap between seasons 2 and 4 perfectly but week to week the missions and relationships were not quite as addictive as the previous two seasons.
The DVD Boxset is jam packed with fabulous special features including the usual audio commentaries, deleted scenes and gag reel but also has gems such as the The Animated Alias Tribunal and The Museum Of Television And Radio Creating Characters. Another addition to this season's boxset is the DVD Script Scanner.
If you have never watched Alias don't start here, start with Season One.........and keep going.......don't even think about missing out Season 3 but be warned it is a little different to the preceeding two years in the life of Sydney Bristow.
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