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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2005
Right, get this out of the way.
Loved the first 5 albums. Credit this band with turning me into the person i am today, (who i like anyway,) hello pig came out and i cried my heart out. Absolutley loathed it, give or take a few tracks. That said it has grown on me a lot, and i now hold it dear. Still, when green blade came out i had fairly low expectations, and was very happily suprised. Despite some weak songs towards the end i really felt they'd got back on track.
So now truth an lies. Instantly loved the whole thing.
Last man alive is fantastic, fast, and furious, maybe the most promising track they've written for the live circuit in five years.
Make you happy is the beautiful day of the album, nice song, nothing special, if any other band had done it i wouldnt even have noticed.
Confess is, like the first track a good song bouyed by a blinding chorus, makes me think theyve given more thought to playing good live then they have recently.
For us all, like someone else said, is a bouncy number which will be a lot of fun live.
Knot, Steel knife, and Wheels are all great tracks. LIve live live!
Said And Done is my favourite, beautifully constructed.
Whos the daddy, great chorus, kinda beatlesesque, dodgy versage tho. Weakest on album.
The Damned, another fantastic track, like said and done, and unlike daddy, show what mark is capable of when he thinks about what he's singin. Will be a live fave methinks.
Sleeping, great closer, beautiful instrumental at the end.
All in all, cant wait to see this lot live again. most positive ive felt about them in a long time. This is a fantastic album. i feel like a 15yr old again! Love it!
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on 30 May 2005
So, my favourite band are back with another studio offering and it's the best stuff they've come out with for a while. The Album cover depicts Uncle Sam with blood dripping from his fingers.
They're not evolving into any new musical directions and certainly not appealing to any new fans (No.38 for the single said it all) but this album shows there is plenty of life in the old dogs yet. "Green Blade Rising" was the last album and was good - but this is definitely better.
"Last Man Alive" is a brilliant guitar driven start and the closest thing I've heard to "Fifteen Years". The single "Make You Happy" does just that and "Confess" carries on the standard with a catchy chorus and lyrics that suggest they boys maybe tired but they would do it all again.
"For Us All" will be a favourite on the live scene and "Knot Around The World" keeps the pace up with a topical current war politics theme. "Wheels" is another great track on the album and "Who's The Daddy" reminds us all that we have little control over what goes on in our lives.
Small negatives are that Simon doesn't sing on his own on the album (which is actually a big minus) and the record does tend to drift for the last couple of tracks in my opinion.
Overall it's a very, very good return for the Brighton boys and should keep the live audiences well entertained over the coming months.
A worthy addition to all your other Levellers albums.
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on 24 December 2005
Like lots of people I got into the Levellers ten years ago, loved everything they did. I liked the stuff they released after that (with the commercial-poppy mouth to mouth being my least favourite) but I know some people think they went off the boil at that point.
All I can say is that all of those people should listen to this album. In fact I'd say *anyone* who likes beautifully consturucted songs that make you want to dance, but also have the depth and complexity to stand up to lots of listens should buy this album.
Truth and Lies is a real coming of age album for the Levellers. Current single Last Man Alive will appeal to anyone who loved Levelling the Land - a gutsy punk rock sea shanty (!) that sounds fantastic live. Indeed, all the tracks the band have played live so far work really well- Wheels is a great upbeat number, and For Us All is just one great big silly grin of a song: I defy anyone who hears it *not* to be walking round with a great big soppy smile on your face.
It's songs like Confess, Said & Done and Sleeping though that really show how far the band have come. These tracks show the kind of complexity in lyrics and music that keep me coming back for more. Each listen reveals a new and beautiful facet to the music - great stuff.
So I reccommend this album, whether you enjoy the bounce and excitement of Levelling the land era Levellers, or you just appreciate a good song. Whatever genres you're into, this is worth a listen.
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on 14 January 2006
The Levellers are back, if they ever went away. Truth and Lies is fresh, challenging and up-beat. From the rousing danciness of Last Man Alive to the haunting lyricism of Sleeping, there is something for die-hard fans and intrigued newcomers too. The production is slicker than usual, polished and full of interesting studio effects that make this more than just a recordig of what the Levs do best, live gigs. Most mind-blowing is Confess, a dark ballad that has something to say to everyone and a gut-wrenching anthemic chorus to sway along to. This album kills once and for all the idea of the Levs as has-been crusties ambling along naively. The lyrics are hard-hitting on themes relevant to listeners of all ages and the musical complexity and variety is a treat for the ears. More like this, please, lads!
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on 27 June 2005
Forget all the clever words - this album is rocking,it's real party on music,so much better than the last offering from the boys,I love it to bits but that's just my opinion of course!Buy it and enjoy.
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on 13 January 2006
I've always loved the Levs, but feel that even though they have tried to get back to the old ways of theirs, they have just missed the bullseye.
The only song I really like is Confess, much more like the old style of music.
Not is all lost though with this album, after a few times of listening to it, it starts to grow on you.
Hope this helps.
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on 3 April 2006
The Levellers do politically edge folk rock par excellence. Its what their fantastic live experience is all about. Punk music that anybody can dance to, waving two fingers at the establishment whilst helping those around them with the other hand. Towards the end of the 90's, the band tried to experiment with a new direction. Whilst good, it somehow lacked the energy of the older recordings. The last album, Green Blade Rising started the journey back towards their core sound. Truth And Lies continues that journey. There are some gems on here, Confess being my personal favourite. Many of them have found their way on to the set list. Thats not to say that there aren't a few 'fillers'. But much less so than recent offerings. The mix is slightly off to my ears, but other than that its a welcome return to the kings of crusty.
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on 11 December 2005
This album represents a view of the best of all Levellers worlds. The opener, Last Man Alive, has a fantastic chorus that just begs to be belted out along the track, while For Us All is is superb pub singalong. Wheels is a campfire classic, while Confess is thought provoking, and contains some of the Levellers best lyrics to date. The only slight downturn on the album is Make U Happy, which, despite its catchy tune, is a little ropey in some of the rhymes, although the sentiment, though simple, is powerful enough to enable the song to succeed. This album contains some of the Levellers most subtle lyrics and is a great mixture of their different styles, including some highly successful uses of new technology. It should also be stated that these songs play superbly live.
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on 11 February 2008
So, another Levellers album. Admittedly the last few have been a bit patchy and so I wasn't expecting much from this one either. There are some great songs, reminiscent of some of their earlier stuff with a few modern twists and it all sounds great live too. But (and it is a big but!) the production is awful! I have been a fan for more years than I can remember. Once upon a time, the only way to get some of their earlier material was on a rather dodgy casette, direct from the fan club. This album has a similar sound and feel but I'm not sure that's what they intended!! So, if you are a fan - buy it - its better than Hello Pig!
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on 28 November 2005
The Levellers have made some great albums and some weaker ones, but this is a return to form. 'Last Man Alive' kicks things off wonderfully, 'Make You Happy' and 'For Us All' are both very catchy singable songs, but my personal favourite is 'Confess' which is a very bittersweet song with my current favourite lyric being "Will nobody that was ever here, grieve me when I die?"
Its great that after so many years The Levellers can still make some fantastic new songs in addition to being one of my favourite live acts!
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