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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2011
Dyson's helpline weren't happy about my problems with this brush. They said that buying through Amazon made my problems Amazon's, although the item is supplied by Dyson through Amazon and the supplier is Dyson. Eventually, I was able to persuade them that I had bought a genuine Dyson attachment.

I own 2 Dyson vacuums - one upright, one cylinder and the brush doesn't really fit either of them. The adapter supplied with it is a crude push fit with the cylinder cleaner hose, but is useless with the upright cleaner (a DC07) which has a hose with a wider diameter than either the brush attachment or the supplied adapter.

There are 3 adapters, but only one is supplied with the brush. The helpline described them as the Circle, the Square and the Triangle adapter, but you can't tell which you have just by looking. I don't know which one they've supplied with the brush. They told me that the correct adapter for my DC07 is the Triangle adapter. They said they'd sent one in about 5 days, but I don't know if they'll charge me extra for this new adapter.

If I hadn't have believed the statement 'Fits all Dyson Vacuums', I would've rung the Dyson helpline first and specified the adapter/s that would fit my machine. So, if you want to buy this model of brush, you might want to ring Dyson on 0800 298 0298 and check that it really will fit your cleaner. It will save you time and hassles.
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on 26 April 2007
I have found the Dyson soft dusting brush to work very effectively and gets the job done in seconds, not least because it's quite large - for all its ability to do delicate jobs as well. It does not mark my dining table which scratches at the slightest thing and there is no raging suction so it's possible to dust a pile of papers or similar without them disappearing into the brush. The joy of it is that dust actually goes into the vacuum cleaner rather than hanging in the air, waiting to resettle on the furniture the minute ones back is turned (very dark bedroom units - why did I do that?) No more shaking out of dusters every couple of minutes.

To gently disagree with the comments from A. Crosby "anneke999" on this page, my brush came with the usual three adaptors and the one with the triangle fitted my Animal DC14 Dyson - either by pushing ON to the metal tube or IN to the flexible hose - definitely no Sellotape needed!

The ads don't mention there's a strip of velour type 'fluff picker-upper' on the inside of the brush.

Once again, an efficient tool from Dyson which gets my vote!
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This brush fits directly onto my excellent Dyson DC24 Allfloors without any need for the adaptors and is a very good additional tool for it.

The bristles are probably not as soft as you'd think but this makes it more effective at cleaning and dusting, however I would hesitate to clean inside my PC with it like another reviewer mentioned (if only for electro-static reasons).

It really is effective at cleaning shelves, mantelpieces, modern TV stands, and just about any surface you care to mention, often without having to move the objects resting (Jaun Sebastian) thereon. I can give my 3 bed house and all it's surfaces a decent going over in less than an hour (including the floors vacuuming normally) with this attached, it really does make a big difference.

All in all, it's a well designed and useful tool that adds a lot of functionality to your Dyson and is to be highly recommended.
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on 6 May 2015
Requires the flexible hose attachment for use with a handheld like the D61. The angle of the brush means that if you're trying to clean anything flat more than about a foot from the edge (like a large TV screen or venetian blinds), then you can't reach it with a flat brush. It would only have taken a small change in the angle of the brush to have got this right. I expected better of Dyson. It works fine on smaller objects though, so I've ordered the flexible hose but I'd have preferred to have been able to use this with one hand (and pay £20 less).
review image
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on 21 May 2008
This product is great it takes the real effort out of dusting. Just pass it over the surface and bye, bye dust. It doesn't scratch the surfaces and is compact enough to get into crevices about 1.5" wide. Any device which will do an effective job at housework is worth every penny the dust is sucked up rather than redistributed around the house.
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on 1 July 2009
just think when using a duster you push most dust into the air. As someone who sneezes at the slightest dust I know.
Once you get the knack of using this brush lightly you will find most dust is gathered by the Dyson
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on 8 June 2009
very good, as usual with dyson a bit pricey but worth it, it's great around the home no scratches (the brush is very soft) also excellent in the car where it does a really good job around the switches and dials etc, i would buy one just for this use on it's own.
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on 4 February 2008
I'm a computer enthusiast so I have a couple of working PCs in my room which after a month or so starts accumulating a lot of dust inside. I used to use compressed air (rather expensive) to blast out the dust while holding a vacuum cleaner in the other hand to suck up the floating clumps of dust.

Now with this brush, since the hair is very soft, I can use it to directly brush the components inside while sucking up the dust. Because it doesn't cost me anything per use (unlike the can of compressed air), I clean my PCs around once a week, keeping them dust-free and running efficiently.

Also great for cleaning any other electrical goods like TVs, DVD players, radio etc.

A must-have for Dyson users.
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on 10 July 2008
I bought this dusting brush at my local Curry's and it cost £17.95 which was rather on the expensive side, but I'm not a huge fan of dusting and I liked the concept. It works really well, gets up all of the dust and is gentle enough to use just about anywhere. It is great at getting the dust out of the bottom of drawers, and the tops of books in my bookcase and as all of the dust goes into the vacuum cleaner, you are not transferring it from surface to carpet. On the minus side, the brush falls off my DC04 nozzle every couple of minutes despite trying out all of the adaptors. I contemplated taking it back to Curry's, but I like the principle of dusting as I vacuum so I have perdsevered with it.
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on 9 September 2006
Had this for around 3 weeks now and it fits snuggly with our old(ish) DC04 Dyson vacuum. It does what it states and on that basis cannot be critisised. As my Wife is unwell at present I am left to do the dusting etc. From that point of view I am very pleased with it as it cleans table tops etc., like a charm with no scatches that I can see anyway. (We only use it for any flat wooden furniture.... not floors etc) However as with all Dyson products including their accessories (regardless of the Heta filters and all that spill) this very basic little blue plastic brush with holes in it leaves me with the overall impression of being expensive. So yes its Ok as £ 14.50 will not break the bank.

Try this tool with the small but very powerful £ 28 Kenwood 1400w vacumm sold here on Amazon that we use for everyday stuff. It fits perfectly and works like a charm.
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