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on 4 April 2007
For those new to SoaD like I was until only recently, ignore the usual detractors here.

They are comparing all subsequent albums against 'Toxicity' just like other people are comparing the newer Queens of the Stone Age album against 'Songs for the deaf'.

These 2 new albums are better than 95% of other groups' albums out there.

The muppet who mentioned the lyrics in Cigaro on this album hasn't heard of irony or cynicism. Anyway, if you don't like 1 of the tracks, there's still another 10 classics to listen to.

All I would suggest is - if you like your music loud and challenging - go for it.

My son tried to get me into this lot ages ago and I resisted like an idiot.
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on 26 June 2005
System of a Down's latest album is the first of a 2-part album. This is mezmerize and the follow up (due for release late 2005) is called hypnotize.
The album is the first SOAD album to have an opening - Soldier Side. It also is very short in length, about 30-40 minutes. The first song to be released from the album is also the first song on the album - BYOB. BYOB is a great song that is full of meaning and excellent lyrics. A politically charged song is nothing new from SOAD but that doesn't mean that this is anything you've heard before. SOAD seem to have developed since Steal This Album and definately since Toxicity.
More brilliant songs follow with meaningful, whitty and even funny lyrics, particularly Revenga, Cigaro and Sad Statue.
The sound as mentioned has evolved, Serj Tankian's voice remains as powerful and unique as ever, John Dolomayan's drumming has got better (if that is possible), Shavo Odijian's bass playing is still solid and Daron Malakian's guitar playing is still as complex as it is brilliant. His vocals however do tend to encroach upon Serj's talented voice.
Since this is the 1st of 2 I suggest that this may be the weaker of the two, this is brilliant so imagine what Hypnotize will be.
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on 5 June 2005
Owning all previous System albums, you could only expect something brilliant. The rapid lyrics and even quicker rhythm changes makes this an incrdible, pacey exciting album to own.
With the caning bass and drums similar to that of Rage against the Machine, with the comedic lyrics that only Daron Malakian and Serj Tankian can attain '...violent pornography, choking chicks and sodomy...'.
Though, as mentioned before, the rhythm changes really steal the show, and the bass keeps them in check.
1.Rhythm change
2.Amazing lyrics
3.Knowing that another album should be on the way!
1.The album is only 38 minutes long, though not much of a con
Songs to listen to when you buy this:
This cocaine makes me feel like I'm on this song
Violent Pornography
Sad Statue

So, if there is any doubt left in your mind and you havn't bought any System of a Down albums before, put those aside, this album isn't as scary and goth yelling crap, it is proper music.
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on 20 May 2005
This album seems perfect for a generation with MTV attention spans (it clocks in at about 38 minutes - shorter than an episode of 24!) but it is the first disc of a 2disc set so that may explain the short running time. There are moments of sheer genius on this record - 'Revenga' is one of the best modern rock songs I've heard and 'Lost In Hollywood' is truly haunting - but as a longtime fan of System I can't help missing Serj Tankian's presence as the overall frontamn.
Daron is all over this album - guitars (obviously), songwriting, lyrics, vocals, production - and while he's clearly the biggest creative force behind the band the fact remains that Serj is simply a more unique and quite frankly better vocalist. It would have been nice to have Serj still singing the majority of the lead vocals (for all his claims to have moved more to the musical side of things, the cd sleeve only gives him music writing credits on one song).
However, as an album Mezmerize is simply fantastic. The overall sound is massive and heavy as hell (although its disappointing that they've finally given in and started using Autotune more heavily) and the songs are leagues ahead of what most other bands are putting out these days.
If you've been a fan of System since the beginning you may have reservations about Daron's frequent lead vocals but you'll still thoroughly enjoy the album. Everyone else should just buy this immediately (followed by all their other releases) and get up to date with the greatest hard rock band in the world today.
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on 8 June 2005
When i purchased this album when it came out i wasnt sure what to expect , i only had the album ''Toxicity'' which i was in love from the first sound with , so i listened to this album with caution , only having heard track 2 (B.Y.O.B)on Kerrang! Tv , being that i listened to it first , the first thing i noticed while reading the lyrics along with the tune ,i suddenly relised the clear shot at the political system , casualy grinning in my head laughing at how they get away with this ,i switched to track seven (violent pornography) this is a track that i couldnt make my mind up on ,it soundedalot like something bloodhound gang would sing , in a way like phycho (toxicity), over the next hour, or so i constantly listened no stop to the music , The album is amazing
i think everyone should own this album!
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on 21 June 2005
I love System but this album disappointed the hell out of me when I first got it. I'd heard BYOB and Cigaro and thought they were excellent but after getting this album I found that most of the other stuff was completely different to their previous work. Then I remembered thinking the same about Toxicity when I first heard it and that became my all time favorite album.
I gave it another chance and lo and behold the songs really started to grow on me, especially Radio/Video with its polka beat and beautiful harmonizing between Serj and Daron. Other highlights are Revenga (sounds like Queen) which they performed amazingly when I saw them at Download, the aforementioned Cigaro (Best opening line of any song ever) and.... hell the whole thing rocks like nothing else, get this album now if you love anything out of the ordinary, this band deserve your money.
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on 20 May 2005
Mezmerize is a coming together of all of that made System of a Down produce 3 great CDs into a fourth coming which is simply a triumph. The adrenalin, and quirky stop-start song mechanic of SOAD and Steal This Album! have been combined with the sheer ferocity and anthemic qualities of Toxicity to produce an astonishing collection of songs typified by anger laced with black humour. After their first 3 CDs (all worthy of at least 4/5 stars individually) I couldn't see a way forward for SOAD. There was a danger of becoming a parody of themselves. Instead they grasped the nettle and the result, Mezmerize, takes everything further - intensity, melody, production and humour - to surpass everything that has gone before. If there is one remaining predictability it is that most SOAD songs conform to
a simple template: bludgeon the listener to within an inch of their life during the verses and them soothe them gently during the choruses. Mezmerize uses this template but just when you think you know what's coming next the template is inverted (Radio/Video) or simply thrown away altogether (Lost in Hollywood). There are no disappointments on Mezmerize but for me, the standout tracks have to be Radio/Video - which is so off the wall it defies description - and Sad Statues which manages to be both fiercely brutal and melancholy. SOAD have truly taken on the space left vacant by the Dead Kennedies - in some songs there are distinct echoes of Jello Biafra - and probably surpassed them. By these standards, Hypnotise, released later this year, should be phenomenal.
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on 31 July 2005
Is it just me but everytime I listen to Mezmerise i change my opinion on what song I love the most. With such a diverse range of sounds and vocals system never fail to amaze. If indeed you are a massive fan, like myself or just getting into system the album really does offer something for everyone. Whether you want to chill out to the melodic tune of "Sad Statue" or rock it to the feel good vibe of "Radio/Video" this album will leave you speachless. The haunting truth behind the song "B.Y.O.B" will transport you to a higher plane of musical appreciation pleasing the most hardend fans.
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on 27 December 2012
it was bought as a gift for xmas so i can not really comment on if i liked it or not
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on 19 July 2005
This band has yet again produced a superb album. This has to be the best album of 2005 (until hypnotise I presume)
The way this band changes tempo is quite frankly, astounding, one moment they can be going all out, my neck aching with all the headbanging, and all of a sudden they have slowed it right down to a calm, relaxed pace.
I cannot wait for Hypnotise, and I can assure you that when it is released, I will be the first in line eagerly clutching my copy.
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