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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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I live in Newcastle's City Centre; in a lovely flat that sits in an unfortunate location by the bottle bins of 5 busy pubs. They stay open until 3am every night, and I was at my wits end when, after 3 years, I had failed to have a complete nights sleep.

Each pub sent their empty glass bottles crashing into the metal containers at different times of the night, starting from about 11pm until about 3 or 4 in the morning. Then, at about 5am, the first of 4 recycling trucks would come to collect the glass empties and send them cascading into the back of their growling trucks before reversing away to a constant beep, beep, beep, beep, beep...

The noise was ruining my life. Lack of sleep was affecting me at work and the council seemed unable to enforce any laws or do anything about the racket; even though the pubs were in clear breach of their licenses. I spent months keeping noise logs for the toothless-paper-tigers on the council's noise team, yet still, after years of non-stop nightly noise, I was unable to get a peaceful nights sleep on even one occasion.

That was until I discovered these. These little foam beauties literally saved my sanity (which was ebbing away due to severe sleep deprivation) and stopped me going on a Michael-Douglas-in-Falling-Down-Columbine-High-School-Massacre-David-Bird-style-gun-rampage-killing-frenzy around the local Whether spoons pubs.

All you do is give the small foam ear plugs a twist and a squeeze and then bung them in your lug holes. Then, as they expand to find their natural shape again they form an airtight seal in your ear canal, thus blocking out all the noise. And they really are very effective when it comes to doing their job.

If you're worried about them getting stuck in your ears, you needn't be. The T-shape design ensures they stay locked in place and don't slip deeper into your ear holes and become lodged. This little deviation in design is what, in my opinion, makes them better than other foam earplugs which are mostly just circular in shape.

If you've ever witnessed the din of glass bottles being emptied into metal containers, you'll know how loud and piercing the crashing glass is. Yet, with these in, I don't hear a thing and I'm sleeping like a baby. The bar managers in my local area don't know how close they came to death. It's a fact that their lives were spared due to a steady supply of little pink and yellow foam ear plugs... as was the life of that stupid seagull too.
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on 16 December 2014
I have long been convinced that our flat was built as part of a secret social experiment, carried out by the government in order to study the effects of prolonged exposure to intensely irritating noise upon the human psyche. And how long until the subjects start displaying psychotic murderous behaviour (pretty quickly apparently).

It is the only explanation as to why the walls were designed to let through every noise, every word, every scrape, every knock or sigh. Indeed some of them are completely hollow, and not only do they completely fail to contain sound waves, but in a cruel twist, they seem to amplify them, creating all sorts of weird sound effects. If my next door flatmate drops something on the floor, the noise produced is like a living thing; an evil centipede on tap shoes and bad intentions, creeping up one wall, running across the ceiling and down the opposite wall... Yes it makes my skin crawl too.

Sometimes I imagine our flat being like the big brother house, but with scientists on the other side monitoring our every reaction to the constant assault on our senses. Keeping record of every new twich, every new symptom of psychological disintegration.

And this brings me to these lovely little earplugs! because thanks to them there I am, in the midst of it all, sitting in perfect equanimity, radiating a Zen like calmness within my own bubble of peace (I like to think that this way I'm throwing all their results, completely ruining their experiments... mwahahaha!!!) Of course some noise does get through their foamy barrier, but is less like being hit in the head and more like a distant caress.

These earplugs are so soft and light you don't truly realise how effective they are until you take them off. I love their reassuringly cheerful colours too; looking like two drops of joy and hope in the palm of my hand, sweet enough to eat (but not really. They are supposed to go into your EARS not your MOUTH. An easy mistake, please read the instructions carefully.)
I give them full credit for the fact that I haven't yet murdered my flatmates in a rit of fealous jage or descended into a bottomless spiral of madness. Although I admit the tinfoil hat helps with that too.
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on 30 October 2015
If you follow the instruction video on youTube you will find out how to get the most out of these ear plugs ... they are the best I have used for sleeping... very soft, look great, keep clean and comfortable - they block out all noise ... after I drink my ovaltine, these go in and I fall sound asleep - lovely.

( roll them between finger till sausage like, life tip of eat slighting and gently push them right in there... it will start to expand and fill out in your ear and wallah ! ... lovely peace and quiet .... wear them on the bus if you want so you cant hear all the bloody gossiping ladies or kids screaming :)

20 Pairs for such a great price, I gave out some pairs to my friends and family ... great things to have.

I keep mine clean and safe inside a kinder egg toy capsule .
review image
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on 14 August 2011
These earplugs are fantastic! I live in an apartment block with less than considerate nocturnal neighbours and the noise drives me crackers when its late at night. I couldn't believe how well these earplugs worked, they entirely blocked out the thump thump of the music coming through my floor last night.

They are comfy enough to sleep in although you can still feel them in your ears. It took me a few goes to get them in properly, you need to roll them with your fingers first so they are thin enough to go into your ear canal and then they expand naturally. I find that by pushing them into my ear canal this makes them expand more and this blocks out more noise. I'd say you can probably use them about 3 times before they need replacing.

I could still hear my partner talking to me in bed next to me, so I can't comment on whether they would block out snoring but background noise is totally eliminated. I can't praise these earplugs enough!!
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on 18 October 2014
Great product. I bought these intially because the neighbours dog was keeping me awake at night. Whilst the plugs do not completely block noise, they dull noise enough so that once you are asleep you are less likely to be woken up. I can however hear my mobile alarm in the morning

They are easy to insert in your ear. My tip is to roll them up as tightly as possible, widen your ear canal by lifting up the top of your earlobe and then insert the plug into them. Hold it in for 10 seconds to allow it to expand. Once expanded it is unlikely to fall out. They are very comfortable and easy to sleep with all night

I can get around 5-7 night use out of each pair. After this time they lose their compression a bit which makes them more difficult to insert
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on 20 March 2014
I am from the states and these are easy enough to find anywhere there but if you do not have any other choice but to buy noise protection online than, these are a must have. Unlike sylicone ear plugs, that can build up your ear canal with waxy residue and does not allow for proper drainage and are hard to get that, JUST RIGHT, feel, THESE EAR PLUGS are a MUST HAVE. They fit snuggly but comfortably in the ear canal and STAY PUT! They are hard to get just right if you are useing THIS type of ear plug for the first time, as they tend to fluff up, rather quickly in the ear but once inserted CORRECTLY, they stay put and BLOCK OUT almost 100% noise. I have extremely sensitive hearing and any noise will wake me from, the birds outside my winodw to the trash trucks coming for collection and MY NEIGHBOURS...OMG THE RACKET they make, when having a party upstairs... it makes me want to pull my hair out but THESE DO THE TRICK and block out all of those noises. They are an easy fit for a person who has a, more than avaerage size, ear canal and MY HUSBAND LOVES them too, so we bought BULK and got 3 orders and that... I will guarentee you , if they fit you properly, will last a very long time! I could not find this particular BRAND in England, where I am currently residing , so I bought them from Amazon and having had them in the past for loud concerts back in the states and my husband also used them for his Band's gigs, here in England, after I had sent him some from the U.S.A. , we can both attest, that they do indeed work... IF used properly!! REMEMBER..... everyone has a different sized ear canal and if you have problems with allergies or drainage, just try one pair and you will not be out much money. I have major allergy problems and these seem to BREATHE easier in my ears and tend to let the drainage flow into them and so , if they DO fill while I am suffering an allergy nasty , than I just toss them out and open another set. GREAT PRICE and fast service, for a good nights sleep and an ear hole that does not hurt when you awaken. They do make these in flesh color and they work WONDERS, if you suffer from being out and about or from ,PTSD , like I do and you need to have a liitle bit less noise in your head. I WOULD NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITHOUT THEM!!! I would not recommend FOR children as they are easy to swallow and possibly choke on and if you do have children or pets , make sure you keep them out of harms way. THE BRIGHT color, makes them easy to find if you do lose one. I just bought a cheap medicine dispenser for a pound/dollar, that holds five days worth of pills and since THESE came to me, inividulaly wrapped as a pair, I just popped five days worth into the dispenser and keeps them safe from.... loss, kids,pets and is great if you have to travel and need more then on pair. THESE MAY SEEM CHEAP BUT ARE SOOOO NOT MADE CHEAP (unless you have extremely long finger nails) ! My daughter also wears these while she sleeps, since she has a house full of nosiy people living with her and it helps her block out the noise when she is studying for college. I would however, RECOMMEND, that if you tend not to waken easy with your alarm clock , TURN UP the VOLUME and if the alarm clock scares you, when it goes off , like it does me, then you will find waking up to it much easier than you did before wearing these. I hope this review helped someone out there and TRUST me when I say... suffering from, PTSD, is no fun but at least now, I can go out and about here in England and it does help severly lessen my stress levels. I wear them at all times day or night and like I said ....when one pair wears out just toss it and grab another and you are all set, anytime day or night!!! Good Luck and I hope you find them as TRUSTWORTHY as I DO !!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 January 2016
I've purchased similarly coloured ear plugs before from a high street chemist and they were nowhere near as effective as Honeywell's. What I liked about this product is that there is no superfluous packaging. Each pair comes in a little sealed bag. Use when needed - no fuss.

The foam plugs expand to fit the ear canal once inserted. One of the perils of working from home is that I can hear the builders next door. When these babies were in, I could barely make out any hammering or drilling. The only noise they did not block out was my partner's snoring. The noise was muffled but still noticeable. But since that was not the reason I bought the plugs for, and I believe at this stage, only a separate continent can help my sleeping situation, I award these ear plugs a value-for-money 5 stars.
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on 12 April 2016
Having tried a number of different foam earplugs to try and block out my partner's snoring, I was at my wits end.
Reluctant to try yet another pair of potentially useless earplugs I left this item in my shopping basket for ages.
Eventually I figured, they're only a couple of pounds, what have I got to lose? When they arrived I thought, great, these are going to be rubbish. They're really soft compared to ones I have previously tried, and I did struggle getting them in my ears. HOWEVER, on trying them at night I can confirm they are fabulous! They actually fitted so well they stayed in the entire night (not pushing them in too far is the way to go). Being so soft they are comfortable to lay in, and they actually do block out sound! Ok, they're not perfect, but an earplug never will be. I'm so relieved, I won't have to smother my partner with a pillow after all.
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on 5 February 2016
Needed these as I had very noisy neighbours. As I live in a university town and the neighbours often have very noisy parties into all hours of the morning these were a necessity. These worked a charm. To start off they are very easy to use, all you have to do is roll them a little in your palms to thin them out a bit then pop them in. They expand to fit your ear to get a good seal to cancel out noise and I am pleased with being able to get a decent nights sleep. They also help with bass noise. We get lots of loud vibrations and although it wont stop you feeling them on your person (if it is that loud) but it does stop you hearing it. I would add that although I'm not sure if they should be reused, you can wipe them off and use them a few times, but they will eventually loose shape and you will need to use another pair. Which is fine as you get lots for cheap. Very good product.
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on 29 March 2011
I get by on ear plugs. I don't get on with my flatmate, she's in the room next to me with thin walls so I can hear every time she moves in her bed, and to make matters worse, she plays her music like nothing matters. Earplugs keep me sane!

I would buy the quies mousse comfort ear plugs (the 3 pack in different colours) over this product. Both quies and the howard leight ones you have to roll into your ear to get the full effect. The negatives of buying the Howard Leight - they're half as effective as the quies earplugs. They don't block out sound. They're luminant yellow at the back, so can't really wear them out in public. They're also hard to squeeze into your ear compared with quies. However, I wear these ones to sleep; because the quies ear plugs hurt after an hour, whereas Howard Leight ones are soft and can be worn until the next morning. In sum you get more for your money (come in a pack of 20) and can sleep all night with comfort, they're so soft. But they don't block out sound effectively. I'm used to the quies ones which are much better.

However, with the quies every bit of sound is blocked out because they're much more firmly fitted in the ear which can feel sort of 'spacey', these ones muffle sound instead of get rid of it.
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