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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Seinfeld: Season 4 [DVD] [1992] [2005]
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on 9 July 2005
The release of the first three series of Seinfeld on DVD was wonderful. This, though, is even more exciting, as Series 4 is where things completely take off. It's consistently hilarious, even on repeated viewing, and by now the 4 main characters, and particularly our fave hipster dufus Kramer, are all extremely well-drawn and confident. Jerry's arch-nemesis neighbour Newman also starts to make more regular appearances...
If you haven't seen 'The Virgin', 'The Contest' and 'The Bubble Boy' before then quite simply you are yet to experience just how good a half hour (or even a 23 minute) sitcom can be. These are real creative peaks, packed full of memorable lines and moments.
Seinfeld fans out there (and yes, despite what the BBC seemed to believe, we DO exist by the million in the UK), will be happy to know that similar to the first three series on DVD, this one has plenty of extras, which include interviews with the cast, a 20 minute documentary, outtakes and commentaries. The episodes have again been remastered so that they look completely perfect and very sharp and yes, there's audience laughter on the soundtrack - but this has always been present.
Series 4 through to Series 7, which is when (I think) Larry David left are all completely superb and these are the series to get, as they are released one by one, to enjoy the finest sitcom ever made.
Don't hesitate - this will be the best DVD purchase you make in 2005.
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on 17 July 2017
One of the most popular sitcoms of all time, "Seinfeld" probably would not have lasted had it aired today. However, NBC was able to see a small cult audience gathering around the show when the pilot first aired in 1989, and although the first couple of seasons didn't exactly light up the ratings, or were they the best moments of the series, the sitcom eventually began to gather some serious steam.

Of course, as we all know, "Seinfeld" became one of the most influential series ever beamed over the airwaves. Running nine seasons, it pushed all the boundaries, from how the stories were told to testing the strength of accepted taboos. Before "Seinfeld", would anyone have dared talk about masturbation or feminine hygiene products on a network sitcom ? Was anyone ever killed off for comic effect on "Three's Company" or "Too Close for Comfort" ? Not bloody likely!

In the characters of George, Jerry, Elaine, and even Kramer, we were able to let fly with all the things that weren't necessarily acceptable in everyday life. They were our avatars, the ones who were "just saying what we're all thinking." Granted, they took it farther than any of us ever would, even if given the space to cut loose, but that's what made it so funny. Like a fun-house mirror, it took all of our private anxieties and blew them up to a gargantuan public spectacle.

Basically the show centers on neurotic New York stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his old girlfriend who he is still friends with Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), his eccentric neighbour with outlandish ideas and wacky appearance with his upright hair and loud clothing "Cosmo" Kramer (Michael Richards), and his loyal best friend the balding, self-loathing, miserly, dishonest, petty and insecure George Constanza (Jason Alexander). Most of the episodes center around Jerry's apartment as well as many other places out and about New York City.

Many minor characters appear throughout the series including but not limited to Kramer's best friend and Jerry's worst enemy Newman (Wayne Knight), Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller), Estelle Costanza (Estelle Harris), Uncle Leo (Len Lesser), David Puddy (Patrick Warburton), "J" Peterman (John O'Hurley), Susan Ross (Heidi Swedberg), Jackie Chiles (Phil Morris), Mr. Kruger (Daniel von Bargen), Morty Seinfeld (Morty Seinfeld), Helen Seinfeld (Liz Sheridan) and The Soup Nazi (Larry David).

"Seinfeld," in most episodes, consists of four stories that are interrelated. The four cast members live their own lives and get themselves in all kinds of messes just like real people. They are so close as friends that they have each other to fall back own when the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune get the best of them. It is quite understandable why none of the four has ever married. Even though in their 30's, Seinfeld and George are still tied to their parents. Both are also bundles of neuroses, particularly George.

At least Seinfeld has his looks and job as a stand up comic to keep his ego fed. George is fat, bald, basically a loser, going from job to job, living with his parents much of the time. Elaine is attractive, has a decent job, yet is somewhat of a floozy, although she won't admit it to herself. She is also so self-centered that she is unable to give much in a relationship. Kramer, well, who could live with him ? The only friend who can tolerate him for long is Newman, that nobody likes besides Kramer.

The humour throughout the series is cleverly done. It is not over the top nor is it outrageous, yet it relates to everyday events and the writers even incorporated their own experiences and brought it to life in the show. There will never be another show like "Seinfeld" and all four actors will always be remembered for "Seinfeld" no matter what happens throughout their careers. For a show about nothing, it certainly has reaped its benefits for everyone.
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on 23 January 2007
This collection starts with a superb exras documentary titled "The Breakthrough Season" and it's clear why.

The show about nothing suddenly exploded out of the restaurant and Jerry's apartment.

Seinfeld had really pretty much passed me by when it was on but having been addicted to Curb I wanted to explore Larry David's original creation.

I'm so glad I did watching all the episodes in order greatly increases the viewing pleasure as jokes about previous episodes would have just drifted over your head this is the reward for loyal fans of the show.

There are 22 episodes on this season and I disagree I don't think there are many weak episodes.

Stand outs are The Contest - still arguably one of the best episodes ever where the four compete to see who can lasr without reliveing themselves first. Kramer walking out of Jerry's apartment to arrive back minutes later and slap his money on the counter is hilarious no matter how many times you watch it.

The Bubble Boy is a superb George episode, The Outing showcases the perfect double act of George and Jerry and shows that by saying the same line again and again it gets funnier.

The Pick with Elaine's releaving Christmas card and The junior Mint are both timeless.

I think though the real star with this series is the locations by releasing Kramer from out of Jerry's flat the series moves up several gears. Whilst the running plot lines of George and Jerry trying to make a show about nothing for NBC and crazy joe hunting Jerry make you want to watch every episode.

Great value for over 500 minutes of laugh out loud hunour, and how can some reviewers moan about canned luaghter when the show if you watch the extras is clearly filmed in front of a studio audience is beyond me. That's not canned laughter you don't need false laughs when the scripts and performances are this good. That's the sound of people bursting with laughter as you will be too when you watch this.
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on 12 April 2014
After the spectacular 3rd season, Seinfeld top itself with this 4th season which for the first time featured a story arc which filled the entire season as Jerry and George are given the opportunity to create their own TV show.

The fourth season is definitely one of the best seasons in the show's history featuring such classics as 'The Bubble Boy', 'The Airport', 'The Pick' and of course 'The Contest' where the quartet challenges each other to see who can remain 'master of their domain'.
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on 6 December 2012
While previous seasons had some threads that ran through various episodes (George's job woes, Kramer's jacket, various girlfriends and love interests), Season 4 is the first to have a story line that becomes one of the major focal points of the entire season. That's right, this is the year that Jerry and George pitch their own network sitcom, a remarkably familiar show called "Jerry."

I love when entertainers peel back the curtain and show us the goings-on backstage, and I particularly love it when its television, because the tone is usually far more bitter and caustic than in any other medium. The Seinfeld gang is no less biting when it comes to gnawing on the peccadilloes of the network machine than they are with the idiosyncrasies of everyday life. From the two-part opener in Hollywood through the one-hour finale, "The Pilot," the writers have a blast working over the intricacies of the system. The executives are aloof and strange, completely disconnected from reality, while the actors are...well, less aloof, but still strange and completely disconnected from reality. (Watch for future stars Mariska Hargitay and Jeremy Piven auditioning for Elaine and George. In fact, I could do a whole tangent on actors who many saw for the first time on Seinfeld. This season alone had Teri Hatcher, Megan Mullally, Denise Richards, and Jane Leeves.)

Having these particular episodes on DVD, complete with the usual batch of extras, takes yet another hammer to the fourth wall. Having been watching all the supplements as I've gone through each disc, by the time I got to Season 4, many of the anecdotes and the people featured were already familiar to me. The truth and the fiction is so twisted and bent, there is no longer any sense in separating one from the other.

Smartly, the show creators didn't let this story take over the entire season. Though there was a greater cohesion over these 22 episodes--the Joe Davola stalkings, Morty Seinfeld's wallet, George's mom in and out of the hospital--the meat and potatoes were still best in the individual helpings. Season 4 gave us several more quintessential Seinfeld episodes, including "The Smelly Car," "The Airport" (another labyrinthine script about being trapped in a particular place), and perhaps the most notorious of all, "The Contest." "The Contest" is a must-see example of how far modern television can really go. The bet between the four friends to see who could abstain from masturbating the longest is one of the funniest things ever to be put on television, spawning multiple catchphrases through its many ways around saying what the show was actually about. Who doesn't know what it means to be "master of your domain"?

EPISODES: * The Trip: Part 1 (audio commentary with writer Larry Charles) * The Trip: Part 2 (writer Larry Charles) * The Pitch / The Ticket * The Wallet * The Watch * The Bubble Boy * The Cheever Letters (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards) * The Opera * The Virgin * The Contest (Jerry Seinfeld) * The Airport (writer Larry Charles) * The Pick * The Movie * The Visa * The Shoes * The Outing (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards) * The Old Man * The Implant (writer Peter Mehlman) * The Junior Mint (Jerry Seinfeld) * The Smelly Car * The Handicap Spot original version/The Handicap Spot syndication version with Jerry Stilller (including a new introduction by Jason Alexander) * The Pilot: Part 1 & Part 2 (production designer Tom Azzori and director/producer Tom Cherones)
review image
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on 13 June 2005
A must have for anyone on earth. The ultimate series of Seinfeld. Seeing the introduction of Frank and Estelle Costanza (Georges previously unseen and much talked about parents, the most annoyingly perfect comedy couple of all time. With such legendry episodes and characters like the Bubble boy, a foul mouthed youth trapped in a rubber room divide. With many hilarious occurrences such as the obstruction of handicap parking spaces and a chocolate covered mint that finds its way into a abdominal cavity of a hospital patient in surgery this is the perfect way to spend your evening. Genius at it absolute best!!! If you buy anything this year buy this!
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on 11 January 2017
It is the last of the great comedies. Way before the reality shows and talent shows, we had the last of the great comedies. As really after the show left NBC, it was about the beginning of the end for the Peacock Network.

Jerry Seinfeld really stars as himself but despite being a comedian. He is there to play the straight man routine for his crazy three "friends!"

George (Jason Alexander), a lovable loser who can't manage a job, much less a girlfriend. Love struck on again and off again girlfriend Elaine (Julia Louise Dreyfuss), and side stealing lanky everyman, Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) played with wit.

Show about nothing really was something as it left a lasting impression and reruns of the show still going strong in syndication!
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VINE VOICEon 28 January 2011
Season 4, another fine season - sees the introduction of George's girlfriend - Susan Ross, who, becomes an integral part of the Seinfeld friend group. Some of the funniest episodes are on here, like when the girls think George has a small manhood, to a rather lewd competition (guest starring Jane Leeves) - it's a roller coaster ride through the life of one comedian, and certainly more than just nothing. This is the season where "Jerry" gets pitched to NBC.

My favourites here are nearly all of them, especially the contest, as it's wall-to-wall laughter. I also liked the pick, as someone who got accused of picking their nose as a kid when not doing so, I can sympathise with Seinfeld over this. I also like the mint episode where Kramer accidental gets a mint stuck in a patient.

Again, this is well written comedy, Larry got really into the swing of things, and Seinfeld's acting got better. The star for me was the extras, like when Jane Leves turns up. I like the fact that this series played more on older series, like bringing back Kramer's scent "The Ocean" and finally having Wayne Knight as a permanent actor paid off.

The DVD set is 4 disks, with all 24 episodes - all in 4:3. The menus are still fun, with the Seinfeld set as the main feature. There's still plenty of good stuff, like out takes, commentaries, animations and inside looks, so this can literally entertain you for a week or more.

Another excellent season.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 August 2015
The show about nothing goes from strength to strength.

Well written and acted it is still very funny.

The characters by now have developed well and begin show a little more depth.

Even Newman starts to get more screen time, which is a good thing because he could could have played a much greater role than he ever did.

Some classic and hilarious episodes.

Even the extras are extensive.
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on 1 February 2008
By season four of seinfeld the show was in full flow mode,the characters had been fleshed out,there was nothing to do but go out and have fun with them and thats what we get here,a very consistent series with some great laughs and very memorable moments.
The four main characters of the show jerry,elaine,george and kramer all have key roles here and it must be noted that the supporting cast gain some freedom as well to come into their own,the episodes are all solid with some being better than others but an undoubted sense of belief in itself remains.
Co-creator larry david writes the majority of the finest episodes and i do enjoy larrys work and he makes cameos as always,a great series and im looking forward to whipping season 5 into my dvd player next so i am.
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