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For anyone that might be pondering over which juicer to buy and want to know if this works well and is durable, the simple answer is a big yes.

Its well made and the design is fit for purpose. What's good about the design is that it's easy to use and assembly / disassembly is very easy. Even without the manual. It's like doing a jig saw with only 10 pieces - quick and easy.

Before you buy it though you will need to take a step back and work out if you really need it. For most people a blender would be a better choice. For the liquid-y meals we make 90% of the time we use a blender and 10% juicer. Cleaning it out can also be a pain - a real pain - very messy and it takes a while.

You don't get much juice from fruit and vegetables, even the watery ones but this really does remove a maximum amount of liquid from your food. Very impressive indeed.

If you are going all organic and are not buying fruit and vegetables when they are on offer its going to cost quite a bit of money. If you have set aside a heathy budget for fruit and vegetable juices and are well aware of that, maybe you have had one before then I would highly recommend this.

Just made sure though that you take your time with the juicing and don't jam in the food fully and process it at full speed - it's not an industrial heavy duty machine. Rather than doing it continuously until the food has been processed it's best to do it in 3-4 second "bursts" as it puts less pressure on the unit and is likely to last much longer.

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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2013
At last, Which? has it got it right. Normally they give a best buy badge & it is no good.
But this is spot on.

-It juices really well in that it squeezes all the juice out of vegetables/fruit
-easy to dismantle & wash & put back again (not fiddly at all)
-attractive design
-good size (not bulky, although it is not petite!)
-has a really cool pitcher to catch all the juice & has a nice touch of a divider inside it so you don't get any nasty pulp in your juice.


- the handle for pushing the fruit inside the machine when juicing, has to be at a certain angle which is annoying when you are trying to quickly push the fruit down but is no big deal. You get it right after a few attempts.

All in all, excellent piece of machinery & good value too from an excellent brand.
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on 2 July 2014
I'm a first time juicer who's never used a juicing machine before. So to use this without even reading the manual and being able to dismantle the parts was a breeze. Also the fact that it's got a big chute is a definite plus.

The annoying part is the cleaning. Most of the parts you can clean just by running them under the tap, however the micro mesh is really annoying to clean. My machine DID NOT come with a cleaning brush. Like others do. I had to resort to using an old toothbrush. Spent about 10mins cleaning, just the mesh. Still got bits of carrot in the tiny holes!! Also didn't realise u can't juice bananas or mangos?!? I live for mangos!!!!! For those reasons it only gets 3/5
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on 27 May 2012
This is my first juicer. I bought this model simply because it was the one with the highest number of reviews. It works well, the waste pulp remains a bit wet which I don't know if it's a good sign or not, apart from that the juice is very good! It's easy to operate and clean, it looks nice, it's not too big, it runs silently, not much else I can say....it's a juicer! We are health fanatics and smoothies and home-made orange juices have always been a part of our daily diet, either in the morning or after training, so it was time we invested in a juicer, now we can have carrot, tomato and apple juices among other things!
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on 15 July 2013
This machine is so easy to use no assembling just a quick wash and off you go, just drinking my celery carrot kale lemon and ginger juice, it's really nice , and you get so much juice I was really surprised. The machine is easy to Clean and the jug holds loads all in all really really chuffed with it, got hubby drinking it too.you get a great juicer for the price
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on 20 June 2017
It ia a vast of money. You put the fruits is and throw away half of them. It doeant squese them properly. Such a brand such a weak tool... very very regretted.
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on 26 January 2014
I am new to juicing and was amazed at the number of juicing machines on the market.
I chose the Philips HR1861 mainly because of the price on Amazon.
I can honestly say that am delighted with it, it juices wonderfully, the pulp is almost dry to touch.
Cleaning is also very quick and easy, if you wash straight after use and if you put a plastic bag in the pulp container, you will not have to wash this part.
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on 12 August 2017
I still use this item and am glad that I purchased it very sturdy and strong and practical
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on 22 December 2010
This juicer is useful. It arrived quickly and we have already used it several times. It has worked well juicing apples, ginger, lemon, cucumber, kiwi and celery so far.

You need about 10 minutes to set it up, do the juicing and clean up after, but if you are OK with that then I recommend this juicer highly. The only negative thing is the pouring jug that juice is removed to seems a little flimsy. If that breaks it will not matter much though as most jugs will do.
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on 17 March 2015
I wanted to give this juicer as a present for my dad sending it back home without checking it my self before hand thinking it was working because the product claimed to be new. But when it arrived and my dad tried to switch it on it never did. So we decided that we are not going to send it back because the delivery cost will cost us a lot more then the actual product overall and he just took it to repairs. Apparantely there as some problem with the wiring. I'm really dissapointed with this purchase.
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