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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 26 July 2004
this is what music is all about .someone told me about these guys and i cant stop listening to them now.and i cant listen to anything else but it doesnt matter .people use words like a essential all the time .all ill say is im 40 knackered most of the time but when the wife takes the baby to work and im off work. there on me headphones and im jumping up and down strumming. there not overproduced so you can imagine most songs sounding just the same live there there with me all the time.and the songs are beautiful clever funny sad but most of all relevant.i dont know there history and i dont care im just glad they met made this work of art and if they never do anything else ill got over it .coz i dont think ill ever get bored of this to be honest.you know they make me even want to give the black cats another chance.well see
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on 5 August 2016
Bought for their famous cover. The other tracks are not too bad to be honest.
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on 4 April 2005
I bought this album based on the single, hounds of love. I thought it was a bit risky doing a cover version for the first single, but they pull it off well, and i think this band have a lot of potential.
I havent heard an album anything like this before, but thats maybe what attracts me to it so much. There is such a variety on this album, with some songs boasting infectious guitar riffs, such as 'decent days and nights', 'le garage' and 'carnival kids', and there is also one song called 'danger of the water' which really interests me, as it involves the band members creating individual harmonies with their own voices, to which i think is a very effective. Other songs are more 'fun', with the band divulging in different styles and have an incredible toe-tapping factor to them! And capping it all off, theres 'hounds of love', which i personally think is a great track, especialy with the 'oh oh oh, oh oh oh' at the beginning.
If your into indie/alternative or generally want 2 try something new, i really recommend giving this album a try. If your looking for something more meaningful and perhaps momentous, then your best off sticking to your mainstream bands. Otherwise, give them a try!
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on 1 August 2006
I bought the original version of this album back in 2004. Listened to it twice and thought "Ummm - difficult". Three months later I picked it up and played it again.

Outstanding! I felt that I knew every track. They all fell into place and it became one of my favourite albums of 2005.

I urge all those people who disliked it so much at first to give it another try. Persevere! The best albums can sometimes be the ones the take the longest to grow.
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on 22 January 2005
Lost amongst the hysterical (and a bit ridiculous) hype amongst post punk revival bands like Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, The Killers and soon, The Bloc Party, was this little gem. It's very hard not to like this album; marvellously understated, four humble lads from Sunderland (who somehow make themselves more cool and distinctive singing in their Geordie accents)who sing about the humdrum of everyday life in sarcastically innocent tones. The adrenalin rush speed and brevity of each song means it takes a few listens to appreciate this album. Meantime has been a big radio hit this year and needs no introduction, as does the aggressive stop start brilliance of Decent Days and Nights, or their affectionate, punky take on Kate Bush's Hounds of Love, a song they've somehow made their own. The opening salvo of Le Garage, Robot and A To B are short, sharp pogo blasts, as is First Day, but there is variation in the soothing barbershop quartet acapellas of Danger In The Water, and the pedestrian but cynical The City Is Here For You To Use. He Knows has a dark main riff along the lines of Decent Days And Night.
The Futureheads have profitted this year from the glowing praise of more discerning radio DJs such as Lauren Laverne and are now a big draw on the London scene, and presumably in many of the other cities of Britain. When supporting Franz on their American tour, the Mackems went down a storm. Maybe the "average Joe" theme that bands like the FH's and The Ordinary Boys peddle isn't as "cool" as the disco flamboyance or London maverick personas that are ten a penny these days, but on albums like this, the down to earth realism is a rewarding and refreshing listen.
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on 5 November 2004
So the future and past have decided to join forces and serge towards cynical punk-pop weary ears in a strange roaring four way harmonised creature of Sunderland. And it couldn't get any better than this. The band have already charged manically through angry hook-tastic Le Garage before getting their heads down to rattle through Robot (highlight of the album) and A to B. When you finally come to your senses and realise your mouth is wide open and the floor is swimming with drool, it's time to drool some more! Decent Days and Nights takes everything that was vaguely interesting about 80's punk pop, spits in it's face, steals it's handbag and runs off joyously into the night. That is to say; it is good. This song came on in a well known bar in Camden to an at first unimpressed throwback indie crowd. By the end everyone was dancing with a smile on their face - I did my best to imitate the God-like knees of the 'heads.
I love this band for its sheer honesty; Sunderland accents run naked and free weaving in and out of each other unabashed and unashamed in worked for beauty. Everything about this record, from the odd moans of Danger of the Water to the inspired cover of Hounds of Love, exudes a true passion for what they do. And in true debut style it is extraordinarily energised.
This record is what you have been looking for. Truly.
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on 20 August 2006
Quirky and different is what this album is all about. XTC for the 21st century, all twitchy guitars and great harmonys make for a very cool album.
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on 2 March 2016
Loved this CD what a band
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on 28 July 2004
My life is over, i have found the holy grail, the futureheads have the secret of life in a 15 track format, and it's bloody fantastic. From their early gigs last summer in our local, greatness was sure to follow. These boys are better than i could ever have imagined on cd, the lyrics are quality, humerous heartwarming, bizare and no doubt true and from the heart, the sounds are fantastic. Decent Days and Nights, A-to-B, First Day, Carnival Kids are the best of a fantastic collection of sub 3 minute tracks. The four northern accents are a welcomed change to the stereo of any living person. If you don't buy this, you should steal it, borrow it, lend it, download it, imagine it, sense it, breathe it, feel it. Go on man it's really canny as out like.
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on 14 August 2004
And that's no bad thing as 1979 was a golden year for popular music. Futureheads have obviously got a wonderful record collection as there is everything hear from Adam and the Ants to Wire to The Expelairs. Spikey punk with wit and intelligence. And any band of this genre that covers 'Hounds of Love' by Kate Bush is a class act as far as I'm concerned.Worth your money. Go for it.
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