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on 12 August 2017
It works! I can play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on this! Takes a while to do initial set-up because it needs to download so many updates but the interface is really nice, easy to connect to internet/other accounts/etc.
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on 12 April 2017
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on 1 August 2017
This unit can play previous versions games along with the PS3 , but is extremely heavy compared to newer models .
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on 10 May 2017
The System and pad is fine but was sent broken leads and controller charger I want refunds not too happy.
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on 26 February 2009
This was Sony's first SKU that launched in the U.K nearly 2 years ago and in my mind is their greatest system. It has everything. Backwards compatibility, memory card slots, 4 USB ports and SACD playback.

It's such a shame that Sony had to discontinue this SKU but if you can pick it up from anyone who dosn't want the 60Gb model I would suggest you take it, as it's well worth every penny you spend.
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on 17 October 2007
first off, i dont own a 360 but some of my friends do.

any way.

its a beautiful design, bigger than any other console yes, but looks amazing under your big tv. the card inputs are handy for mobile phone memory, digital cameras etc. the four usb ports get used by me regulary. i hook up my sony HD walkman and hey presto i can play it through my tv/hifi set up with nice visuals and complete control. i can also plug in a mouse/keyboard and surf the web with ease (can use pad if you want)
the XMB sytem looks ace, and the background display changes with the time of day, you can add your own background if you want.
the system is quiet in running., more so than my old "big" ps2 and xbox 360.
come with HDMI output and digital optical as well as the Playstation AV standard hook up for older tv's.
wirelss works well, no problems for me, i would say the internet browser is a tad slow.

games wise its not the best at the moment. people moan, but there is plenty of choice just not compared to the 360 (has had a 2 year headstart) playing online is ace and i'd reccomend warhawk to anyone.
programmers say its hard to program for, thats laziness, they said exactly the same thing about the ps2 in its early days, developing for that console soon became industry standard.

comparing it to the xbox elite you get in my opinion a better deal.
£300 for the elite with 1 game. or £350 for the ps3 with 2 controllers, 2 games and a blu ray film (not amazon i add)
ok so you dont get the 120gb hard drive of the elite (you get 60gb) but you do get a far more reliable machine (xbox has a 30-40% failuire rate, my mate andi has had 3!)

plus you get a blu ray player (the ps3 has one of the best blu ray players - fact) blue ray is currently the winning format due to sony owning columbia pictures etc. true xbox plays HD dvd but you need an add on drive (£100) a la sega mega-cd. no thanks.

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on 15 January 2016
I bought one of these 60gb back compatible that was the attraction . Tried to contract seller as system failed after a few uses contacted seller with the problem but after a few months it was the same kind of email send a video of problem ? It switches off immediately after pressing on I said . And I couldn't send video clip via amazon email ? And that was the same conversation over and over . So decided after a couple of months getting no where to take it to a Sony approved repair shop . Just to be told non repairable . So even if thay are great machines in there time ! Be aware the red light of death
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on 19 December 2008
Having had the first generation PS1, then the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox in the second generation; we now come to the "next" gen. The Playstation 3.

If you ignore all the hype and the recent crying and moaning between the so called "fanboys" about exclusives and what not. You will be able to see what this console actually offers.

Firstly, there is the price. If you live in the UK is quite expensive I will be the first to admit but also remember that the PS2 was not exactly cheap at launch. What you are paying for is very advanced "CELL" technology as well as a good future investment in the form a blue-ray DVD player.

The PS3 offers you the ability to access the PSN or Playstation Network. Which is totally free, you are able to download movie trailers, game videos/trailers, demos and game addons. Unlike microsoft's XBL service you are not constantly charged a monthly fee. Download speed's are fast and you are able to make accounts for different regions which means you can access EU, US and Asian PSN items. PSN allows you to create a friends list, send messages. The PSN along with Sony's coming "HOME" will allow seamless integration of the PSN, Games and video/music on the PS3.

Graphically the Playstation 3 so far has matches the Xbox 360 if not surpasses this on some games. Where the PS3 excels is its CPU it can handle far more complex physics and numbers of AI and even more advanced AI if the Cell processor is used correctly than the Xbox 360. It also functions as a computer. You can watch movies, slideshow photos and browse the internet.

The PS3's controller is similar to the fan favourite Dual shock 2. However, it now is wireless (charged via USB occasionally) and is lighter. It also includes the "Six Axis" which for games such as F1 allow you to use the controller like a steering wheel.

Reliability wise unlike the PS2 there have been no disc-read errors, and its failure rate is so far a VERY tiny fraction of a percent. Compared to the 10-33% failure rate of the 360 (Red Ring of Death again).
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on 5 May 2015
Broke down not two weeks after I got it, it kept overheating and turning off inexplicably. Ah well, not much to be done now.
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on 4 May 2017
I have 2 ps3. 60gb which is fitted with 320gb hard drive, And plays 1 and 2 ps games. Ive had for 5yrs. Its kept away from heat and hifi cabinet. I have replaced the thermal paste twice using MX4.9 Months. Its silent and does not over heat. after i got the console because what sony used on there playstation was not up to the job, causing YOLD. yellow light of death.caused by overheating. People putting there ps against a wall so the heat has no where to go, or put it in a tv or hifi cabinet?. I play ps once in a blue moon. Its sony best console every made. Would never sell it Still works and look s brand new. my second ps3 is the 80gb and i use this all the time for games, again i replaced the thermal paste with MX4 and it runs like new. If you are tech minded your playstation will last you a long time. Clean ur lens every 3 months. use a soft brush on the end of a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust in the ps3. After years of billed up of dust in side ur ps3 it dont look good and it will cause your ps3 to overheat, Iv seen a few like this.
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