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on 18 July 2017
Works fine
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on 30 January 2007
I have had my 360 for about a year now. the reason why I am writing a review now is that I believe that it takes a while to fully appreciate this console.

First off the graphics are brilliant. I mean Oblivion looks fantastic and Gears of War is out of this world when it comes to realism. A HDTV isn't a must but if you can afford one than it would be a smart investment (my HDTV is the Toshiba 32WLT66 and it is fan-bloody-tastic).

I also have XboxLive which just brings a whole new dimension to gaming consoles. There is always someone to play against anytime.

The accessories for the 360 are great too. I currently have all of them except the HD-DVD drive because they are like gold dust.

The 360 is not just a games console either it is an entertainment center. If you have an MP3 player like an ipod you can connect using the USB cable and play all your songs through your 360 even whilst playing online games. Or even better if you have a windows based pc and windows media connect, you can wirelessly stream all the music from your PC to your 360. You can also stream your pictures and videos.

The upscaling of DVD's is great aswell as it means you don't have to re-purchase your entire DVD collection on HD-DVD.

There are plenty of ways that you can connect your 360 to your TV. When I first got my 360 I had it connected using Component Cables which looked amazing at 720p, but recently I was lucky enough to get a Wii so instead I connect that through component for the 480p and my 360 is plugged in via VGA which still gives a great picture but the colours are not as vibrant (which is also a good point in my book).

I also have a PS3 on order to finish off my collection but I very much doubt that my 360 will be going back into it's box and replaced.

If you want a user friendly, next-generation console then you can't go far wrong with a 360. They are Amazing!!!
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on 13 September 2007
This is my second 360 hence the 4 stars my first one stopped reading the discs after a couple of weeks amazon picked it up and gave me a new one in two days great service as it was in there 30 day return guarentee.
Anyway the new one is ok so far as i have kept it upright and well vented
the graphics on some games are outstanding i have a hd tv on 1080i and the console set to this with the hd av lead the sound is great too just through my telly.The dvd is great i watched lord of the rings and the picture sound was amazing,some reviews have said the console is noisy i have had no problems with this when the console boots up and the game starts it i can hear it then it goes quiet once you start playing, on dvds there is no noise at all.X box live is good there is loads of demos so you can try before you buy which is a good thing.Overall this is a good piece of kit that has a few teething troubles but the graphics and the fun factor from the games more than makes up for this.
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on 11 December 2005
After 3 solid years of XBox Live, I felt the novelty was begining to wear off, at last, perhaps I will have some time to take up a hobby on the weekend !! How wrong I was. I now realise the only reason for the lack of new features was due to the fact that the top developers were putting all of their time into making this magical machine.
The console itself is very neat, not nearly as big as the XBox (as many people were worried about), very good looking, and not nearly as loud as discribed.
The cost, at £280 for a premium pack that includes so much, is a VERY competitive price, I look back remembering that I paid £300 notes for the first XBox, which did not include a headset or remote.
Using the console can be a little fraustrating at first, but this will only affect the die hard XBox fans, such as booting up a game from the machine being switched off, you can sit there through the cut-scenes shouting at your controller as to why it won't skip, and then you realise you didn't turn the controller on....
And if you're playing old games such as Halo2, you will be bashing a blank space on the game pad trying to press white or back to see the scores.
I have Perfect Dark 0 and Project Gotham 3. These games are superb, if you're looking for something new, then this is the place to find it. Gotham has had a mini overhaul, and while the in-car views are nothing short of dazzling, they can be difficult to drive the car, but not to worry, online, you can FORCE everyone in your room to play with that view and manual gears if you so wish. You might lose your friends fast though :)
And finally, if you're thinking of waiting to buy a PS3, I recommend you reconsider your next gen console. Seeing as the consumers have not yet seen a REAL PS3 working, you can be certain it's not going to be released until this time next year. It will also cost a packet with the kind of features they're planning, and if you keep up with the gaming news, you'll also see many Playstation loyal developers are being forced to move and support either XBox or Nintendo due to the sheer costs Sony are outlining that it will cost to develop a game, meaning many of those Japanese games that some people buy the PS for, will no longer be available.
If you are reading this with the mind of buying a new console and are not convinced with the XBox, ask yourself a few things. Do you have broadband? Not something that should affect the buying of a console, but if you're not sure, and don't have broadband, I would advise you to look a bit more at the console.
However, if you do own a broadband package, make no hesitation in buying XBox360. The online side of this thing is for lack of a better word, perfect. The online reputation scheme keeps people in shape, and if it doesn't, you will only meet them once as when people have a bad rep, they play other people with a bad rep, the system works this time.
This console is fantastic.
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on 4 December 2005
Brilliant. Pure Genius. That is what i think about 360. I just played it in Bluewater, playing on Kameo (demo), Call of Duty (demo), King Kong (demo) and Project Gotham Racing 3 (full version). They were running on HD televisions, which really shows 360's power. All the demos were extremely impressive but Project Gotham Racing 3 was the best by far.
The controller is one of the best i have felt and seen - it is really comfy and fits perfectly into your hand. The controller is either wired (cheaper) or wireless (expensive) but that is the only difference between the two. There is also a noticeable green 'X' in the middle which sends you back to the main menu where you cna choose from playing DVD's, CD's or playing games.
If you buy the Core package, you will get a wired controller and a 360 for £210 but is you buy the Premium package, you get a wireless controller, a 20Gb hard drive, a headset, a media remote controller and of course a 360.
But is it worth it? Yes and No. I would extremely recommend buying one with Project Gotham and Perfect Dark Zero and a Premium Pack but not right now. There have been complaints that 360's have been very loud and are often crashing due to overheating. When Microsoft have fixed 360, dropped the price (when PS3 comes out in Spring), introduced more games and stock supplies, i would buy one! Otherwise, wait! Thanks for reading!
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on 29 July 2006
Firstly this is an excellent console the amount of feautres available is unbelieve and not always explained to you when you first look at it or buy it.

Few bad points i will point out though. The accesories or expensive such as the wireless bridge needed if you have wireless internet and the subsciption. Also the playa nd charge kits other controllers sound systems faceplates, all the things which make this amazing come at a considerable cost

My brother for example said he would rather the PS3 i have certainly changed his mind and the PS3 dosnt sound as good and cocsts more and you have to wait! So if i was you i'd wouldn't wait and get the Xbox 360 NOW!!! Do not delay
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Over the years I have had a Megadrive, Amiga CD32, PS1, Gamecube and now the Xbox 360. I am not a fanboy nor am i loyal to one brand. I make my purchasing decisions on the games I like playing and what friends have, so that I can swap games later down the line. I have had the 360 for 16 months now and still play on it nearly every day.

To make the most out of it, just like the PS3, you will need a HDTV, such as an LCD and Plasma TV to display the higher resolution. Trying to watch the game on a standard TV is useless as you cannot see the text on screen and you will be missing out big time. My machine does not have the HDMI socket, so the picture comes through component cables. My TV can only display upto 1080i via HDMI and component, so am not missing out on resolution, it just means instead of 1 small lead, I have a larger lead splitting into 5 smaller leads, no problem because they are hidden at the back.

The positive points:
The graphics are superb when compared to my previous consoles. Oblivion is amazing with the wide open space where you do whatever you want, no linear gameplay. Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty 4 are stunning.
The controller is easy to hold and use, with the numerous buttons. Sometimes you can forget what buttons do what if you keep changing games, but you soon remember. The rumble feature on the pad is essential. It was there on the PS1 and GameCube, so have been used to it. The games make full use if this feature, and it does make a huge difference in playing. Sony take note, please start shipping the PS3 with the rumble joypad!
The online experience is great. You can download demos, trailers, games with ease. You can also talk to friends and invite them to games you are playing. It is far more fun playing against another human rather than computer AI.

The negatives are:
Boy is it noisy. It is not so much the fans, but the DVD drive. When there is no disc is the drive, you can hear the fans, but they are not that loud. However, insert a game disc and it sounds like its ready to take off. A cheap DVD drive probably is to blame.
Online play. Although a plus, the minus is it costs and extra £40 per year. This however is a small price to play for a good fast service. The other drawback is the trash talk from little brats. The verbal abuse you can get when you beat them is unbelievable, and sometimes there is swearing as well.
Reliability is an issue. I have sent mine for repair for the dreaded RROD. It was all back repaired within 8 days and there is a 3 year warranty, but it is still an issue wandering whether it will break down again.

I made the right decision in buying one and would recommend the system if you can see through the faults, because the gaming experience you get will out way the negatives.
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on 17 May 2008
The Xbox 360 has now firmly established itself as the gamers' choice. It has a built a nice little library of games for itself, from Halo 3 to Gears of War to the frankly amazing Bioshock. There is no console out there better for games than the Xbox 360. It's worth getting for games like Mass Effect alone.

At the same time, the Xbox 360 is also the best net console, with the online gameplay far superior to its competitors. The graphics are fantastic and, so far, have outdone the PS3. The gamepad, in my opinion, loses out to the PS3 because you either need a lot of batteries or need to buy a separate charger.

Now for the bad news and it is something that cannot be overstated. This console seems like it's about to blow up anytime. It's so loud it's like having a mini helicopter in your room and your eyes keep looking at it half expecting those three red lights to come on and for your console to be rendered useless. I cannot understand how Microsoft have managed to botch up so many of these machines. Bad design. Bad production.

But for all that you cannot help but feel like the Xbox 360 is a must. The games are fantastic, the graphics are great, the sound quality superb, the online play is unmatched, just make sure you wear the headset when playing games so you won't hear the noise! And now the price has gone down so there is no real reason for you not to own one.
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on 10 December 2007
At the moment the 360 is leading the way in the quality & range of games available to the serious gamer.
This year has seen the release of Call of Duty 4, Project Gotham 4, Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect & PES 2008 amongst others. Predominately the 360 has had the best versions of the multi format releases and also offers the best and highest subscripted online gaming service.
I know the wii is winning the sales battle at the moment but it doesn't really have that many quality games to offer anybody anything that will last you past boxing day.
Also the xbox 360 has the best controller on the market at the moment. It has banished the memory of the poor xbox original in magnificent fashion.
All in all it has made me appreciate gaming more than at any other point in my 30 or so years of gaming.
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on 5 January 2007
The Xbox 360 is a fun console. Aside from transferring your CDs on to its hard drive and blazing around tracks on Project Gotham Racing 3 while listening to them, the console plays DVDs - just as the PS2 does, and the 360 also launches on to Xbox Live via broadband. Some games even offer a temporary pass on to Xbox Live.

As for the comments made in other reviews regarding the noise of the cooling fans: to be fair - the PS2 isn't exactly quiet, and the Sega Dreamcast hums away, but the point is a valid one for those of us living with other people if we choose to play at night.

Games like Gears of War are, as suggested by video game programmers already challenging the capabilities of the console.

The wireless controllers are a lot of fun to use - no more leads on the floor. I've seen what the PS3 can do already, and it is impressive, but games like Grand Theft Auto are due for release on the Xbox 360 too.

As for the battery life of the wireless controllers - a person claimed to only get a few hours out of them - I find they are lasting a long time, even day after day of use.

The use of a hard drive externally is a plus, as owners of the console have the potential to upgrade to a drive with more space later.

In short: the Xbox 360 is an excellent console, with innovative games and a bundle of media applications.
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