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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 13 April 2012
This can be used horizontally or, by attaching a pair of flexible stands, also vertically. However, if used with the feet attached, connecting or removing a cable will necessitate holding the switch as well as the cable as there is nothing to prevent slippage on a surface. The device is extremely light and it could be dragged from its position by the weight of the attached cables unless they are secured to something solid.

Powered via an adapter, a small green indicator lights up when connected. When Ethernet cables are inserted and connected to another device, a further light is illuminated to confirm connection. Once data is carried on that cable, the light then flashes as further indication. This is provided with 8 ports, sufficient for most home users but you could chain in another if you needed any more. That might prove cheaper than buying a 16- or 24-port professional alternative. If you do not need Gigabit speeds, there is the identical-looking FS series which is substantially lower-priced.

The device uses bi-colour LEDs, green for Gigabit speeds and amber for the slower 10/100. The speeds obtained depend partly upon the device connected and the cables used. For the best and most reliable transfers at Gigabit speeds, I would suggest using CAT6 cables as they are only slightly more expensive that CAT5 or CAT5e. I now tend to standardise on CAT6 simply because it excludes the possibility of mistaking a lower-spec cable for a higher one.

There is a small criticism however, and it applies to all Netgear products that share this design. There is at the rear a fairly wide lip that surrounds the back plate which contains the Ethernet and power sockets. That can rather hinder the disconnection of the Ethernet cables in the event that one needs to be replaced or is no longer needed. Consequently, I have downgraded the rating to 4 stars.

Since installation, it has proven highly reliable in use and has never needed to be reset by disconnecting power - there is no reset switch as such. However, I have found it difficult to sometimes remove some cables as access to their release catch is restricted due to the overhanging lip at the rear.
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on 19 August 2014
....it didn't.

I have (had) two of these switches. They look nice and seem well built, but ultimately both have either failed or got some weird issue which massively limits their throughput in a mixed network.

As with many people with a relatively large home network, I have a wireless router (an Airport Extreme in my case) in the heart of things, with some wired connections out to fixed devices - for me this being AV stuff around the house plus a Synology NAS. Where the wired kit is connected, I use unmanaged switches to multiply the connections.

One and then the other of these switches caused me significant head scratching and stress by suddenly slowing network traffic to a crawl. they didn't do the decent thing and just die, oh no. They still sit and flicker green and yellow lights and make you THINK things are fine, but in fact they are not. We are talking about a movie transfer going from <1min to about and hour, so a serious slow-down.

I have just tested both again while I had a cheap TP-Link 5-port switch handy. With the Netgear switches, files are slowed to a crawl, with the TP-Link swapped in, <1min for a 4GB file

If this had just been one faulty switch, I would not have minded (much) but having the same fault replicate on two separate switches is unacceptable and I will not purchase another Netgear unit. Even if it is some weird compatibility issue, it amounts to the same - an unusable product.
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on 19 November 2014
My other switch went down so did a quick search and decided on this one, partly for Prime delivery which came the next day, Saturday.
Plugged in switched on and up came the green and orange lights. Green for Gigabit connection. Most of my connections in the living room were however the slower orange light, but that's due to the hardware.
I was interested to see that my main gaming computer out in the converted garage was showing up as a slower connection. However I had another hub in the garage, but what I had overlooked was that this was not up to Gigabit speeds. I connected my computer directly to the wall connection and hey presto, green light on this hub in the living room. Noticed the difference in speed straight away while surfing the net. So I have just ordered another one of these to put in the garage which will have another 5 connections.
You can get cheaper versions of this switch but as mentioned in other reviews you do not get the benefit of the dual colour LED's which I think are very handy.
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on 20 January 2014
Have always used netgear routers without an issue and for a year or so had no issue with this hub. Plug and play, auto sensing worked fine. Mine is completly populated with printers, hard drives etc. Began to have a periodic connectivity issues which a power off/on seemed to sort out. But recently internet connectivity was really slow and assumed it was my provider.

Only after realising that my wifi access was faster than hard wired, it dawned on me that it must be the hub. After much checking of cables etc I finally took it out of the equation and hey presto internet super fast. In fact so fast that the hub must have been impacting on the internet connectivity for quite a while.

So I guess you get what you pay for. A budget hub which if left powered on all the time will suffer component failure. Hasnt put me off Netgear and have upgraded to a more professional version.
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on 15 June 2010
I wanted a device that could add extra ethernet ports to my ADSL router.
The device is small and comes with a stand to allow the unit to stand vertically on the desk.
It comes with 5 ethernet ports and power supply port on the rear.
I used a standard ethernet cable to connect one of the ports to my ADSL router and the other ports to other devices.
I could access all devices from my PC as if they were attached directly to my ADSL router so I had no configuring of any sort to do. It is as if I had a 7 port ADSL router.
(4 port router and 5 port netgear but one of each is taken up with the connecting cable leaving 7 ports)
I have tried this with two different routers and the netgear switch operates on both with no problems.
I have tried copying files from one device to another but it is inconclusive due to the devices being used but I am getting a speed about 4 - 10 times faster than before, providing I copy from a device attached to the switch to another attached to the switch. It autodetects the speed, showing max at all times when I am using it.
If I copy from a device attached to the router, to a device attached to the switch, it would fall back to the low speed of the router. So make sure that all gigabit devices are attached to the switch and other devices to your router (unless this is also a gigabit router).
Works fine, no problems, didn't need to read any instructions.
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2010
this nice little product does exactly what you want it to do, straight out of the box and with no hassle.
I now have two of these - the first one downstairs and this new one upstairs. They're connected to each other through a long cable and anything plugged into one of these switches can just "see" everything plugged into either switch. It's really that easy.
This new one has a really nice white/silver finish - the lights tell you what is working and at what speed - amber is 10 or 100Mbps, green is 1000Mbps.
This one reduces power by de-activating ports which aren't used and apparently even "senses" the length of the cable connected - which is clever.
Downsides - the power plug has a built in adapter which protrudes to the bottom right of the plug - so might need juggling if you're tight for space - and they can get a little warm - it's fanless so silent in use.
That's it - highly recommended.
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on 18 May 2011
Using for over 1 week now. Connected to GIGe port on BT HomeHub 3, dispersing traffic vua CAT5e to Sony TV, Sony BluRay & NAS.

No instructions required, literally plug in cables to any of the 5 ports, it self-detects speed etc indicates 10/100 in orange and GIGe in green. Nothing more to it. No interface, no software just true plug n play, ideal for simple home networking.

Only mild negative:
The activity flashing on the port numbers, they all "appear" to flash at the same time regardless of which port has traffic. At this price, I don't mind, it works and I'm not watching the lights.

Would recommend fixed IP setting on NAS (or any other key service) for ease of finding services that you may want to ssh onto or port forward to from router.
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on 20 March 2013
First of all I love netgear and have always used these products. It was so easy to install thanks to the plug and play setup. It was an attempt to increase the speed of my music server in my music studio. It actually increased the speed of my entire home network which is about 15 devices. Of course all of these devices are different operating systems such as windows 8 and windows 7 as well as the vista system that it is attached to via cat 6 ethernet. It instantly grabbed my router and assigned itself the appropriate adress and off to the races it was up and running. I simply went to the network settings on the pc and set them to what I wanted as far as sharing and such. It is fantastic and I would like to give praise to this product for those who have a large home or office network that needs a boost!!! Best buy of the year and a great price as well.
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on 7 April 2012
Netgear GS605 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

The gigabit Ethernet unmanaged switch does what it says on the tin! It is simple and easy to set up.

All you have to do is take the switch out of the box, plug it into an electrical wall socket. Insert your main Ethernet cable that is coming from your router (in this example) into one port (which is highlighted for you on the switch itself) and use the other ports to connect your various Ethernet enabled devices. It is that simple, no need to read long manuals or install some silly software on your PC or Laptop.

Once set-up it just does the job.

I have mine set-up downstairs in the living room. I have one port connected to my home Ethernet network and the other four ports connected to the various devices within the vicinity, such as internet enabled television, internet enabled blu-ray player, network enabled media player and Ethernet enable television receiver.

You can not go wrong and it has not failed me till this day!
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on 11 December 2012
I have had Netgear equipment in the past and found it met my needs which is why I chose this Router. I needed to upgrade the home network because the BT home hub with 4 sockets was not enough. Using the advice given in an earlier review to link the Netgear from the GigE socket (no'4) enabled me to have an instant upgrade in speed for the home network, a mixture of Cat5 and Cat 5e cabling is managed equally well with green (Gigabit working) lights on the display, the longest run is 15m. No effort to set up, plug in and go, if only all equipment worked so easily out of the box.
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