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on 16 August 2007
A scary film with the suspense built very well. Not relying on gore for it's shocks. Where it does lack is that there is not enough explanation as to why it all came about. Also I share the input of other reviewers that the ending is a bit weak.
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on 7 June 2013
An old house with a history-it certainly has that! you have to see this film to see what I mean,but this film has it's own message-don't always trust what you can see,it is the unseen that scares you-there is alot more that can scare you!
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on 15 June 2008
boring! And what is happening? Nothing. Tese people go into that house and the whole time they are looking in the rooms and searching around the house but nothing happens. Some people disappear, that`s all. Don`t buy it. Go for The (NEW) Hills have eyes or saw but forget about this one.
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on 12 January 2017
I’ve had a few awful nights in my life – you know the sort – ones where you sit cold, tired, unable to sleep, possible stranded, and waiting daybreak. None however, have been as tortuous as the night depicted in Dead Birds. For this particular night ensures that it becomes almost impossible to stay awake. Eyes are made more and more tired straining to see what is on screen while the brain craves a story, some worthwhile lines, some direction and perhaps the employment of a lighting cameraman who actually knows how to LIGHT. Yes my friends, this is a real duffer. A constantly creepy soundtrack is all that constitutes any sense of dread and even this becomes tiresome because little happens on screen to justify it. The lighting, such as it is, is flat and frequently almost nonexistent, so that when a few flashes of lightening occurred I was up in my seat in surprise – these moments of illumination were most welcome but simply not enough to save what amounts to little more than amateur filmmaking.
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on 13 October 2014
different and good
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on 21 April 2015
I am an avid horror movie fan, I love all types of horror, but I am especially fond of b movies. I have around 400-500 horror movies, I have seen over a thousand. To this day, I still consider Dead Birds to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It's in my top 10 worst.

The acting is poor at best, I don't mind bad effects but my 19 year old little bro can make better ones on his laptop. I've seen better novice effects on YouTube videos. I found the storyline to be boring, no atmosphere or tension. I didn't like anything about this film. I like how most of the best reviews are not Amazon Verified Purchases, this might indicate that people have been asked to boost this films rating, believe it or not, this is rather common. I could be wrong. Either way, I would not recommend to anyone.
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on 25 May 2008
'Dead Birds' is unpredictable, and therefore an interesting horror movie.
It's a haunted house thriller, with ambivalent twists and turns and a rock-sure sturdy ambiguous ending. It's well acted by a cast of (to me!) unknowns, has scary effects, and fair drips with American Civil War sweaty intensity.

The characters are unsympathetic. The 'hero' (ET?) accidentally kills a child in the 'Wild Bunch' style opening scene and thereby opens the obligatory can of worms, without which, nothing in a horror movie can happen.

'Dead Birds' is a bit like Ken Russell's 'Gothic' in certain ways: a brigade of strung-out desperados, stranded in a stormy old mansion, trying to differentiate between what's real and what's an extension of their own individual hidden insecurities and terrors.
While Russell's film is more oblique - the dangers the protagonists face are ultimately harmless in a physical sense - in 'Dead Birds' they're very real. And just as in 'Gothic', the building itself is the true embodiment and personification of the evil the fragile injured souls must face head on.

It's directed by some-one called Alex Turner, hardly a name to get the gore-hounds salivating, but on this showing, some-one with something resembling honest affection and inventive respect for the genre. He handles the action well, keeps the frenzy and hysteria in check, and isn't frightened of cliché or homáge.
Turner throws anything and everything at his film, sees what sticks, then edits and prints. It works for him. 'Dead Birds' is spooky, bloody and suspenseful ~ and it's not every schlocker which can boast all three attributes.

'Dead Birds' is a good strong beast: fattened by the spirits of Peckinpah and early Carpenter, brought to the table in perfect health, and then had it's throat opened before your very eyes.
Definitely something to crow about...
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on 18 July 2010
Set to the backdrop of the American civil war, the story revolves around a group of soldiers who steal a shipment of gold, and on the run from the law take refuge in an abandoned farm. From the second they arrive they are aware of another eerie presence within the house which begins to appear and wreak havoc on each of them.
For a low budget film 'Dead Birds' really manages to punch above its weight, the standard of acting was great for a film of this type, and the special effects were pretty good, with some truly graphic and disturbing imagery which delivered some real scares! Overall, 'Dead Birds' is a great horror movie from start to finish and well worth a look.
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on 20 October 2009
I never write reviews but I loved this film so much that I had to add a comment. Dead Birds is a low budget class act with brilliant performances by a bunch of B-List actors along with a tough and unpredictable storyline. My brother bought the DVD home and it was kissing dust in my sitting room, until one night having nothing better do, we decided to watch it. It was a a valuable use of our time, I was surprised at how amazingly entertaining this movie was and definitely recommend this to the lovers of "supernatural horror/thriller" genre.
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on 15 July 2014
Really quite pants.
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