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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2003
Firstly, I'd like to say "stop moaning" to all who say Streisand was too young to play Dolly Levi. She did an amazing job of it and both her acting and her singing are spot on. In fact all of the performances in this film were great.
This musical is about a young widow,Dolly Levi,who is matchmaker to Horace Vandergelder, the unmarried half-a-millionaire, but decides she wants him for herself and disrupts his and everyone around him's life in a day of much singing, dancing and general mayhem. But, after a lot of hiding, parading, posh restaurants and plotting, all works out perfectly for everyone in a glorious finale.
With great singing, dancing, acting, good script and funny lines, Hello,Dolly! is a brilliant musical, that you absolutely MUST see!!!
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on 19 February 2003
For Years people only knew of oldies like Carol Channing as Dolly Levi and at the time she was the perfect Dolly. When Streisand was cast everyone said it was a huge mistake. Streisand was still in her 20's when she was cast as the middle aged Dolly but she proved that talent can master anything and in this you don't question her age you just accept it as fact. Her voice is in top form and she does justice to the songs, bringing her unique quality and comic timing to a role that otherwise would have been played the way it always had been. Streisand uses her youth by giving Dolly a sexy quality that was missing from the original stage show. Carol Channing could have done the film and a lot of people would have been happier with that choice at the time. However the reason people weren't happy with the films casting was simply that people don't like their favourite shows messed with and changed, but change brings new life to stories and that's exactly what it's done here. This film was one of the last old time Hollywood musical to be made and has managed to stand the test of time, unlike many of the others, the reason for this is Streisand, add to that Walter Matthau as the ever grumpy but lovable Horace and the goofy Michael Crawford who both bring their own individuality to this film. Obviously this is for Musical Fans - if you're not a fan of musicals, then it won't be for you, however if you are a fan then Streisand, like Dolly is Timeless and well worth a look!
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2010
All right so it's a cheesy schumtzy film. BUT on a wet miserable day, when you feel down in the dumps, put it in the DVD player, and I guarantee that within minutes you will feel better, and start singing with the best of 'em ! The costumes are so beautiful, the singing and the songs even better, I think that this is one of the better Hollywood musicals AND it has a happy ending. Worth seeing over and over again, just to watch Louis Amstrong and Barbra Striesand's superb duet. I love it, and hope you will too, go on treat yourself...buy it !
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on 14 February 2008
I grew up watching this movie on VHS and know all the songs, I love the kooky edge Michael Crawford brings to his role, I find his high pitched feminine voice strangely uplifting, and Streisland as always is vocal perfection. Escapism set to music.
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on 10 October 2004
I have a good friend who despairs at my love of Barbra movies but he fell in love with this movie on it's first viewing and it isn't hard to see the charm in this feel-good musical. Barbra shines as Dolly Levi who takes it upon herself to sort out everyone's love life while bagging the well know half-a-millionaire horace Vandergelder, played fantastically by Walter Matthau. This film is truly feel good, nothing bad happens at all though it teeters on the brink. The first time I saw it I was waiting for Dolly's tales of how well known she is to fall apart and yet they never do. When she appears in that gorgeous dress as the Harmonia Gardens Restaurant and launches into the title song the tears spring to my eyes. That is one thing that makes this film so good, even though it is a gentle, happy affair it is still moving even though no great tragedies occur. Part of this is due to the wonderful cast and the direction of THE Gene Kelly. The score contains many wonderful songs, Helly Dolly, It takes a woman and my personal favourite Goodbye. This is truly a film that you can let kids watch, it has the innocence of a bygone age of musical when good things can happen to good people.
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on 17 April 2013
After a very poor release to DVD - Hello Dolly has finally been remastered with excellent picture quality and sound as it makes it debut to Blu-ray. One of Fox's big movies of the late 60's, it's surprising that the DVD release was so poor, given the fact that the laserdisc version was so good. Though not perfect as the sound quality varies a little throughout, the DTS-HD master audio is wonderful. A perfect example being the finale, where you can hear nearly all the instruments crisply. It has the Entr'acte and the exit music and is 6 minutes longer than the DVD (148 compared to 142 on the DVD). It also has special features - these being Directing Dolly: Gene Kelly remembered;1969 featurette and trailers. This is one of my favourite movies and I am thrilled to finally have a copy that is rich in colour and sound. Don't hesitate in purchasing this movie if you are a Streisand fan. I know the movie has its faults (why Walter Matthau?) but it is a fun, feel movie!
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on 19 December 2008
As Hollywood musicals go, this is a true classic. Even in the days when money was no object, this movie was extravagent with even an entire town - complete with trams! - created. The lush sets and magnificent costumes create a brilliant backdrop to this excellent film. And then there is Barbra Streisand who is, for me, one of the finest singers and comedy actors the world has known. Co-starring Walter Matthau and a young Michael Crawford, it is the story of a match-maker who finds herself working hard to make her most difficult match: her own. Under the direction of the legendary Gene Kelly and including the songs of Jerry Herman, this 1969 movie is brilliant if slightly overcooked at times. So, buy it, pick up a bag of popcorn and relax in your favourite armchair while you immerse yourself in this extravaganza of glitz and fun. Enjoy!
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on 17 May 2009
As this is one of my favourite films I knew what I was getting. Every minute of every scene is a delight - Streisland and Matthew are brilliant and when they are on the screen you know it will be excellent. When Dolly returns to the Restaurant near the end of the film, and Louis Armstrong sings 'Hello Dolly' it is excellent - a Wonderful Musical. Rita
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on 12 April 2013
Hello Dolly (1969) Blu-ray released this April, is often referred to as the "last great Hollywood musical", certainly it marked the end of an era of big budget musicals. This film has always been popular with film fans, though the plot is a bit weak and perhaps overlong, but this musical is full of razzmatazz, corny humour, a large cast and plenty of glitz and colour. It was meant by the 20Th Century Fox to be another `The Sound of Music' but was neither the financial nor the critical hit that the Studio had hopped for. The film was shot in 65mm Todd-AO and this Blu-ray transfer is up there with the very best high definition transfers such as Zulu and Lawrence of Arabia. Though I am not a Barbra Streisand fan, my audience and I really enjoyed this release, made so much more enjoyable by the fantastic picture quality, I very much doubt whether a 35mm projection print versus this disc shown on my Panasonic 6000 High Definition Video projector viewed alongside on a 12ft screen, could match either the outstanding picture quality of this disc nor the price of £11! Oh and the documentary `Directing Dolly: Gene Kelly Remembered' is really interesting. A must buy, unless you hate whimsical musicals!!! Incidentally of the same period Rex Harrison's `Doctor Dolittle' (1967) is available on Blu-ray from Amazon.de, strangely an Italian release titled `Il favoloso dottor Dolittle, [Blu-ray] (strangely not available on Blu-ray in the UK or USA!!) ..It does have English, Italian and German dialogue and costs 16.49 euro plus postage. I have ordered quite a few discs from Amazon.de (it recognises your E-mail address and password) and in my experience the service and delivery is excellent; there are of course no problems with region coding or import duty!
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on 22 September 2013
I have loved this film since I saw it at age of 17 in cinema screen. After that, I had all versions available; videotape, DVD- and no one has good picturequality. This blue-ray just jump to the ayes and sounds very good. Colours ar shining in balance, picture is very sharp- and movie itself; lovely. I don't understand those some critic of Streisand casting to the role of Dolly. Perhaps Caroll Shanning was good on stage, but Barbra is a filmactres, with legendary singin-voice, rhytm of comedy and she create an sexsua woman, not an old "machmaker" like a "Fidler on the roof", not a stereotype.
Hello Dolly presents unbelieveble dancin-numbers, thanks legendary Gene Kelly. Walter Mathau and Barbra Streisand dominate a screen in every second- even when they are not in scene, you are waiting them. But other cast do their job well too.
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