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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 23 April 2017
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on 23 March 2017
Good series.
Bought this to replace a previous boxset that had got damaged.
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on 27 February 2005
Tru Calling is an excellent example of a television show that was given the chance to flourish. The first season starts of quite slow yet interesting with some stand out episodes like "Daddy's Girl" and "The Longest Day". Eliza Dushku fabulously makes Tru seem loveable and sympathetic, whilst Shawn Reeves's character(Harrsion)lights up every episode with his often halarius antics! The first season takes a while to get 'into the swing of things' but the introduction of Jack Harper (played by the haunting Jason Priestly) stirs the plot to the nth degree! - From his initial introduction Jack and Tru have a boiling chemistry that sizzles on screen. The Season finale is a real shocker. From the moment the opening credits begin to the beautiful cover of "In the Air Tonight" the show presents to the world the magnitude of it strength! This episode left me waiting on the edge of my seat, begging for more! - Overall sealing my entire opinion of the show : brilliance.
Upon hearing of the DVD release it was already 'set in stone'that i would buy it the day it came out! Boasting Tru in widescreen not to mention commentaries(ED,SR & JP), 23 deleted scenes, featurettes and easter eggs pretty much sealed the deal for Tru all the way!
The saddening news of the shows cancelation is only lessened by the notion of this DVD including the 6 Season 2 episodes produced! - After all the American DVD is Called TRU CALLING : THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON whilst ours is called TRU CALLING : THE COMPLETE SERIES. - So theres always hope! All i can say is choose this DVD by its merits - Great show, loads of extras(*cough*charmed*cough*)and fantastic value!
- Tru can save me anyday, let her save you!
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on 25 August 2007
After another day over-spending on films on Amazon I was looking for something to watch while eating my microwave dinners and I came across Tru Calling.But I had my doubts.

A show that gets cancelled after a season or so can't be very good right? Plus it crossed my mind maybe in my mid thirties I may be a bit old for this fantasy lark.And Eliza Dushku I thought at the time I had only seen in Bring It On (I didn't make the connection with the girl in True Lies and This Boys Life!).V pretty but could she really carry a show?
But at the end of the day the price of under a tenner was too hard to resist.

Of course my first concern should have been immediately discounted as studio executives famously don't have a clue.As proved yet again by this show!As for my second you are never too old for well written,well directed and well acted drama and Tru Calling is all three.A word for the support cast who are all very good and very very watchable, especially Shawn Reaves who I thought worked superbly well with Eliza as her wayward brother.
But it is Ms Dushku's show.As another reviewer noted she is on screen for virtually the entire running time yet she never hits a false note which requires a lot more than good looks and charm,though of course she has both.
All in all quality U.S. television.
Not sure if its the best ten pounds I ever spent but certainly the best ten pounds I ever spent online!
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VINE VOICEon 10 August 2007
This is a brilliant show with something for everyone.

I got this box set for my birthday knowing very little about the show other than it having the wonderful Eliza Dushku as the star and watched the first episode with my partner. Usually we have completley different tastes in telly and disagree on what makes a good show but with this show we were both completley blown away!

The first is a brilliant start that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through. The story lines are generally of a high quality with only a couple of episodes being below the grade (they are still good episodes just not the really high quality that you get used to with this show.

The acting in this show is the strongest i have ever seen in a show! ALL of the regular characters are brilliant with no exceptions! Eliza Dushku plays the 22 year old Tru brilliantly and you really empathise with her life and struggles caused by her 'gift'. Shawn Reaves provides a great counterpoint to eliza and brings alot of the laughs to the show (without ever spoiling the atmosphere of the episode) Zach Galifianakis is truly inspired as the geeky morgue boss Davis who helps Tru to save people and Jason Priestley who comes in to the show late in the first series plays the part of jack brilliantly and steals a lot of the scenes he shares with Eliza.

That this show was cut before really finding its format is criminal i have watched all the first season and the first 3 of the 6 season 2 episodes and the 3 episodes from season 2 are the strongest of them all so far (barring maybe season one's finale.

I urge everyone to buy this box set and after you have contact FOX and beg them to get it back on the air!
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on 21 February 2017
Love it!
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on 14 June 2005
Her destiny is calling.....
What if you had the power to change the future.....
by reliving the past?
For Tru Davies,it's not just a possibility.......it's a calling
Tru Calling is a fantastic paranormal series in which the beautiful and talented rising star Eliza Dushku plays Tru Davies who takes on a job working the graveyard shift at the city morgue when her internship at the local hospital falls through.On the anniversary of her mother's death Tru is alone in the morgue and is shocked when a dead woman opens her eyes and says 'Help me',Tru is then propelled back through time to her waking moment that same day,only now she possesses the ability to change the fate of those wheeled into the morgue the night before - if she can
find them before tragedy strikes.
Tru Calling is a unique series full of twists and turns,shocks and thrills,and great storylines to keep you guessing.
Throughout the first season Tru comes to terms with her ability and is guided by her mentor and boss,Davis.Calling or curse,love it or hate it,Davis assures her she's the right person for the job,she was chosen for a reason.Tru's other ally is her brother Harrison who takes a while to come to terms with her 'gift'. In the second season Tru and Jack battle against each other to compete for people's lives,involving a new nemesis whom Davis and Tru are unaware of.Tru begins med school and starts to wonder if she can balance her life,can she cope with med school and her secret job?

Unfortunately the second season was cut short due to the show's cancellation in the US.Thirteen episodes were originally ordered but was then cut back to six.In the six episodes produced the writing has improved dramatically and proves itself as a worthy TV show but were shelved before even given a chance.
Towards the end of the first season,in a late season twist Tru's 'opposite' makes an appearance to put a stop to Tru's meddling,to 'preserve fate'.Tru's nemesis Jack believes those who are fated to die should stay that way.She saves lives,and he.....takes them.Aswell as the shocking revelations of not only Jack and matters within her family,Tru is devasted as the season finale ends in tragedy as she goes head to head with Jack.But as the season reaches a dramatic climax we see that Jack's meddling has only made her stronger.
The series is amazing and is well written with fantastic opening credits and a great theme tune and a great cast.Buffy fans will be enthralled as we see such a contrast of characters from the character of Faith which Eliza played in the Buffy and Angel saga in which she was portrayed as a bad-ass vampire slayer with attitude and a lust for the kill to Tru Davies a young caring,intelligent woman who not only will do anything for her loved one's,but will stop at nothing to save those who were once fated to die.
There are 26 episodes in total and are spread out across eight discs containing 23 deleted scenes with optional commentary by creator Jon Harmon Feldman,optional episode commentary by crew and cast,'Somebody Help Me' music video and four featurettes.The set is nicely presented featuring Eliza Dushku on the spine and Jason Prestley and Eliza Dushku on the front cover of the set.

Featurettes include 'Finding The Calling - The pilot','The Tru Path - Season One','Evil Comes Calling - A Late Season Twist','Tru Calling - Opposing Forces'.
Exceptional episodes include Pilot,Star-crossed,Morning After,Murder In The Morgue,Reunion,The Longest Day,Valentine,Daddy's Girl,D.O.A.,Two Weddings and A Funeral,Grace,In The Dark,The Last Good Day and Enough.
This one in a million show will leave you DYING for more!
Highly recommended.
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An American drama, I'm not a big fan of these as they often seem formulaic and contrived.

This one has the clichéd ensemble of a `too-beautiful-for-real-life' cast, (Tru's brother looks like a shorter blonde Tom Cruise* and her sister looks Botoxed to the max). In these stereotyped American drams you have to have a quirky character - this is fulfilled by Davis, her gaffer at the morgue.

There are cheesy phrases used and very quick editing - so far very typical of an American Drama.

BUT - it is very well acted, the quick editing which normally seems a bit patronising to European audiences (as well as "action bits" we quite like "talky bits" too!) enhances this programme as it intensifies the feeling of running out of time.

The concept is a clever one - a girl gets a job at a morgue and discovers she has a hidden `gift'. She hears a corpse cry for help and then wakes up the next morning but it's the day before. She relieves the previous day and is able to stop the corpse she saw the night before from becoming a corpse.

There's a back story to show how she lost her mum earlier in her life and so can `feel the pain' of others who lose someone close before their time. The whole aspect of these people dying before their time is rammed down your throat in the pilot, so if you miss it first time - the second or third time will hit the message home.

The episodes are enjoyable, it is a pretty dark show (apart from the often cheesy endings when she realises she has saved someone's life), the producers make sure there are shots of Tru running through the city to pounding music (ala Run Lola Run) capturing Eliza Dushku's bouncing `assets'.

I've made a lot of comments about the negative aspects of this series, but this isn't a copycat or conveyer-belt TV series, it shares aspects with so many, but it has a charm of it's own.

It's fascinating to see what Tru is going to do to save someone's life when she knows that no intervention will lead to them dying. How will she tackle it? Who will she meet on her journey? She has a mini-network of colleagues/friends who help her out, what will their input be?

I never liked shows like Buffy as I always thought it was a bit wooden, and eventually became a show which was trying to be sexy and quirky in order to become trendy rather than a show which had soul. This however feels less contrived and more genuine, the fact that it ends with no real conclusion due the series being axed is a real shame.


*I know what you're thinking - a SHORTER Tom Cruise!? Trust me.
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on 9 June 2017
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on 8 June 2017
Just okay.
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