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on 9 December 2016
Didn't look like the image as was all plastic and no metal screwy bits. Sound was dreadful, plastic gears drowned out sound from iPod and it was forever ejecting.
Just wish I'd bought a 1.99 special instead as I wouldn't have felt quite so bad about binning this junk within 2 hours.
No idea if this was genuine Philips. The similarity started and ended with the cardboard it was stuck to. The actual cassette could have been churned out by my local Chinese takeaway.
And all this cos I'm too mean to buy a new player.
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on 23 June 2016
When I purchased my BMW 5 series I was amazed that a car that cost the best part of 30 grand new, didn't have a cd player, let alone a aux in. Now if you no longer have tapes or cds and have moved onto the likes of spotify, you are going to have a problem listening to the music you want in your car if you have no aux in.
So in steps this Philips tape to aux machine. Simply put the tape in your cars tape player, connect the other end to your phone and viola got can listen to spotify through the speakers of your 80's golf. The sound quality is also spot on and there is no noticeable hissing in the background. Would highly recommend for people with older cars who don't want to spend vast amount of money purchasing a compatible stereo with built in aux.
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on 11 February 2013
Having made the leap into the 21st Century with my iPod ... I was disappointed when I found I couldn't listen to it in my Volvo car on a long journey (when I most need it) ... as there was nowhere to plug it in and the car didn't cater for iPods at all. I tried all sorts of other gadgets which either didn't work at all - or had really poor sound quality - or gave off a loud background hum which was too annoying to listen to. I'd given up hope until I got chatting to the really helpful man Glen who came to install our FM ariel at home. He had had exactly the same problem and told me about this device. I did try one cheaper version which didn't work at all ... but then I saw this one by Philips and thought I'd give it one more try. I'm so glad I did as this one works a treat!!! No background noise and easy to use .... and the sound quality (although a shade quieter than listening through the iPod direct ) - is really quite good. I would recommend it to anyone as it's WELL worth the £4-£5 I paid for it. Well done Philips and a BIG thank you to Glen the TV ariel man who told me about it!!
PS - Don't be fooled into trying a cheaper £1.99 version - go for this slightly more expensive one and be satisfied from the start!
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on 9 December 2016
Biggest piece of monkey turd I have ever bought. Firstly, I had to dismantle the thing to take out the "end of tape" cogs in order for my stereo to actually keep it inserted rather than the stereo constantly spitting it out. Secondly, when I actually got it working, the noise of the cogs inside the tape spinning around was actually louder than the noise coming from the speakers and yes I had the volume turned up full whack on my phone and stereo. Thirdly, sound was only coming out of one speaker even though I know for a fact that all the speakers work because I listen to the radio fine. Lastly, this is a piece of monkey turd.

I hope this helps you decide whether or not to buy this item, I know this is only my opinion and I can understand if this works for others (just in case you're wondering, I bought this to use in my Subaru Impreza that still has a tape player).
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on 13 January 2017
It is amazing. I listened to several audiobooks thanks to it and have access to big library of music when I'm driving. There is little noise from constant turning of the wheel inside but then there is music as well. Maybe if you listen to classical bits in piano pianissimo you would be bothered. But then you'd need a soundproof car to enjoy that music anyway. Recommended.
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on 3 May 2016
Sound quality is very decent using an iphone or ipod as a source. Just don't turn the phone or other source up full or it distorts - about 75% is fine then use the car stereo's volume.

This was bought as a stop gap prior to having a proper line-in or bluetooth adapter installed behind the dash. It works so well though that I haven't bothered. The only minor grumble is that in my cassette deck the mechanism whirrs and clicks audibly unlike a normal cassette tape, which loses it a star, but turn the tunes up and you can't hear it :)
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on 19 June 2012
I tend to steer clear of Philips products, I've been very unlucky with them in the past - coming out of the box faulty or developing faults soon after. Still the other reviews were good, it was cheap so I took a chance.

It comes in the standard card backed blister pack and consists of the cassette unit with a fixed lead. You can move the position of this by undoing a couple of screws so that the lead exits the cassette at the back or the side.

In use you just slot the cassette into the player and plug the jack into your MP3's phone socket. The sound quality is fine (but see below), not brilliant, but then I doubt if you'd use this to listen to an MP3 player on a HiFi. The play head in the cassette is sprung, but it does mean its a metal to metal contact with your cassette player's head, no idea if this would result in scratches but there are other ways to connect a MP3 to a HiFi.

For general in car listening it works - ish, though there is a note on the packaging saying it's not recommended for AC Delco radios. The product is made for the US market (the package suggests using dimes to loosen those screws I mentioned) and a 'net search suggests that AC Delco radios are mainly fitted to General Moters' vehicles. However since AC Delco radios don't appear to have anything on them to say who made them and AC Delco make radios and other car components for anyone I have no idea how you find out if your radio is an AC Delco or indeed what would happen if it was. After all Vauxhall is owned by General Motors.

I own a Ford and there is a background buzz if I turn the volume up beyond 7. This does not occur with the radio or when playing normal cassettes. I get the same buzz when using a different manufacturer's cassette adaptor as well - do I have an AC Delco radio? Not a clue. I don't get this buzz if I use the adaptor in my cheap and chearful kitchen radio cassette player.

So it works, but check your car radio's make first if possible. Would be interested if any other purchasers have the same buzz I have.
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on 6 November 2014
I have always owned older cars with tape decks and since I like listening to music whilst driving, I bought one of these so that I could listen to my iPod.

It's a cool little gizmo and is so simple to use. You insert the tape into your tape deck and connect the cable to your iPod where the earphones would usually go and hey presto, we have music!

As far as I can tell the sound quality isn't really compromised, or if it is then it is hardly noticeable.

Would recommend
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on 8 February 2016
Ignore the bad reviews, a cassette converter will never give you crystal clear audio but this one is better than others I have had in the past and if you turn it down on your phone and up on the radio it reduces background noise to negligible. I am a bit of an audiophile but having replaced my last car radio I couldn't afford to change this one, and now I'm glad I didn't waste my money doing so. Would definitely recommend.
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on 13 May 2014
I have an old car with a cassette player. This is the fourth of these CD player- cassette adapters I've tried, and it is the best by a long shot. Others (such as its Sony equivalent) have a low volume and/or a pronounced hiss, which, in a moving car on an Autobahn, loses most of the detail. It's not perfect - only a car CD or mp3 player can do that - but it's the best I've heard.
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