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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 July 2006
I was at one of the Earls Court concerts all those years ago and had forgotten just how magnificent The Floyd were live. Inevitably this cannot be fully captured on DVD but this is certainly the next best thing.

After 12 years of watching Floyd tribute bands it was a sharp reminder of just how good the real thing were. As I didn't get a ticket for the Live 8 appearance I suspect that this was my last ever chance to see them live and if that is so this DVD is a fitting tribute as it captures the full majesty of the band live both visually and aurally.

If the guitar solo at the end of Comfortably Numb does not blow you away then you either have no soul or are already dead.

Shine on & on & on & On & on.................
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on 11 July 2006
After years of looking for this on DVD and only finding dodgy bootlegged copies of the VHS and LD releases, I'd given up on the hope of ever expanding the collection beyond Live at Pompeii. Then yesterday I was buying stuff for a stir-fry at Sainsburies, happened to peep at the "impulse buy" display next to the till and saw the 2-disc DVD set of Pink Floyf Live at Earl's Court, 1994. There went my Monday night.

FINALLY one of (if not THE) best concerts ever performed is available to buy on a format that it truly deserves (be quiet LD people, I was only about 12 at the time that was around and nowhere near rich enough to own one. And besides, YOU didn't have it in 5.1). And it's about time. Has it been worth the wait? Have Gilmour et al gone to town and given it the treatment they should have?

Yes. Almost. Well, yes. They have. Ish.

Amongst the numerous reasons cited for the delay of release, chief seemed to be the difficulty in transferring the image from the source material in such a fashion as to do it justice on your common all-garden Big Fat LCD TV. And I for one am not fussed for having to wait now that I've seen the results - the picture quality is ABSOLUTELY. UNBELIEVABLY. ASTOUNDING. The light show that could have powered a small third-world country for a year that Floyd put on in 1994 is blisteringly vibrant when watched on a DVD format, and in comparison the original VHS release (and TV broadcast) looks like a Duracell torch who's battery is running embarrassingly low on juice.

Even better than the eye-bleedingly good picture is the sound. Dear God.

Lovingly mastered in thunderous Dolby 5.1, the soundtrack is quite simply awesome. Not mid-90's American teen drama high five 'awesome', more like the witnessing the power of God and being reduced to a mass of gibbering jelly by it's force 'awesome'. Your fillings may shatter, your ear-drums might burst, your walls might crumble, and your neighbours WILL move out (or come round to enjoy as mine did). Finally, there is a justification for everyone to own a surround sound system. Sell the car. Remortgage the house. Put the kids to work in a labour camp. Anything. It's THAT good. If I had been lucky enough to be there on the night I might even go so far as to say it was even better than being there. I can't imagine how anything could improve upon the experience the sound engineers have managed to produce when this is heard through a half-decent sound system.

So why the "ish" comment above when I asked "is it worth the wait"?

Well, there are a couple of niggles. Bear in mind that I have given this DVD 5 stars and that it is already snuggling in the pride of place, easy access, will never be damaged from having too many "3-for-2" Warner Bros DVDs shoved into the shelf next to it area on my DVD rack; they are minor niggles. But after all the hoo-ha that was kicked up around the release of this musical behemoth, the massive delays, I do feel that they detract from the experience of ownership ever so slightly.

First of all, awe-inspiring though the quality of the concert presentation may be, it is pretty much a straight port from the original VHS release. It would have been nice of the producers, having made some of the fans wait so long for the release that there's a high probability they actually DIED before it came out, to have bumped out the track listing on the first half. The fact that they haven't raises some eyebrows - I hope to God there is not a Pulse: Ultimate Extreme Edition in the pipeline just in time for Chrimbo - and does whiff, EVER-SO-SLIGHTLY, of laziness. OK, so it has been "re-edited" according to the back of the box - but this amounts to a few snips here and there to better cover up the fact that the steel guitar solo in "High Hopes" is actually from the CD release and NOT the night of performance that was filmed (anyone who's got a copy of the BBC broadcast will know that Dave spooned it spectacularly halfway in, and on the official VHS it had already been replaced by the CD track but not re-edited - so what he was playing and what you were seeing didn't quite match up). That's about the sum of it.

The extras are pretty stand-up - the inclusion of the screen projections and the videos made viewable in full screen, in their entirety, are a nice touch and the featurettes are decent. "Bootlegging the Bootleggers" is also an interesting idea, and also lends some explanation as to why the track listing for the first half wasn't expanded (the material may simply have not been available). But again, there's the whiff of laziness - where's the featurette on the night the stage collapsed? Where are the lengthy retrospective interviews with the band? For such a landmark release - one of the most anticipated concert DVDs ever, the last concert that one of the world's most influential bands OF ALL TIME ever did - after watching all the extras, you do put it back in it's lofty shrine within the collection with a few unfulfilled wonderings.

Gripes about the completeness of the extras and moans about expanded content however are, as I said, minor detractors. The reason they exist is simply that what we ARE given is so good, you can't help but wish for more.

In conclusion, the wait is over, and if you don't own this as soon as you can afford to spare the cash - then quite frankly, you're an idiot.
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on 17 July 2006
145 minutes of a superb concert in brilliant digital format - high quality visuals and sound capture an astounding musical and visual concert. For the money the rendition of DSOTM in it's entirity is reason alone for buying this DVD. There is also a great mix of live performances from other Floyd albums and I personally loved One of These Days. Great musicians - great everything. The two CD's last for about 4 hours and there is a plethora of extras - but who really cares about those, all I wanted was the concert! On a technical note, the Dolby 5.1 can be streamed at the standard 448 kbps or at the higher resolution of 640 kbps which gives a higher audio quality - fortunately my DVD set up allows use of the 640kbps - well worth it! So stop reading the reviews go out and buy the product.
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on 3 March 2003
When I bought this video i wouldnt of imagined that this concert could of been any better than the Wall concert in the 80's, I was wrong. The stunning sound and lighting and the quality of the band is impecable.
Even though Roger Waters is no longer a member of the band, Dave Gilmore, Nick Mason and Richard Wright have certainly met and some may say even surpassed the talents of Roger Waters. With songs such as High Hopes, Sorrow, learning to fly and of course some of the classics, shine on you crazy diamond and another brick on the wall.
The songs to look out for would definately be 'one of these days', where pigs emerge from the walls, 'on the run' in which a plane is seen crashing inside the hall, 'run like hell' and of course 'comfortably numb' (I wont spoil that one for you! Its a must watch!!!!)
Even if you arent a Pink Floyd fan or youve only heard a few of their songs, you should still buy this video. I have read quite a few of the reviews on this item and agree totally that the pulse concert is definately Floyds greatest concert and even possibly the best concert ever.
There is little more I can say except BUY THIS VIDEO!
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on 6 May 2004
I finally gave in and bought the VHS tape of the concert because you can't get it on region 2 DVD (yet). So I can't get to the beginning of a favourite number with a single click. In the case of this particular concert that doesn't matter. Every song on this video is a favourite and I love them all so much I couldn't possibly decide which I love the best. Just in case you're wondering what's included in this concert, there's: Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Learning to Fly, High Hopes, Take It Back, Coming Back to Life, Sorrow, Keep Talking, Another Brick in the Wall, One of These Days, Speak to Me, Breath, On the Run, Time, The Great Gig in the Sky, Money, Us and Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse, Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb, Run Like Hell. That's 22 fabulous songs, all played and sung to perfection by the absolute, top of the range, number one, experts on keeping the likes of us entertained and ecstatic. The light show is beyond description ... but I'll try anyway. The colours look solid, they pulse and surge like oh, psychedelic, liquid sun-light. Have you watched any of those nature programmes about the deep-ocean creatures that rapidly change the colours and patterns on their skin when they get excited? Well, it's like that only far far more intense. The sounds and visuals seem alive in their own right. Then there's the atmosphere of the concert, generated by the band and the audience. It's magic. You can't actually be there again, but this is the very next best thing. If you've stowed your old video machine away in the attic and replaced it with a brand new DVD player, you might like to consider dusting off the old equipment and connecting it up again, because you can't get this concert on DVD for this region. But honestly - it'll be worth getting covered in dust and cob-webs for this one video alone. This is a classic!
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on 26 July 2006
Now, I wasn't there; heaven forbid - I was only 13 when the concert was filmed - but, after years of playing my Pulse CD, miming the guitar solo to Comfortably Numb and managing to buy a pirate (?) DVD of this concert from a certain internet-based auction company, I can't think of any other concert DVD which has the same impact as this one.

I consider myself to be fairly learned (and varied in taste) in music and, even though I have seen/heard some fairly amazing musical sights (U2 and, more importantly, Sigur Rós to name just a couple of recent ones), I fail to see how this DVD/Concert could have been bettered; it (well, at least the DVD I bought) has crystal clear sound quality, interesting and varied extras and manages to bring to life the Earl's Court gig of 1994.

With regards to the setlist of the concert, it would have been impossible to please all Pink Floyd fans by including their entire back-catalogue on 2 DVDs (with extras - including an interesting editing of bootlegged films of thier concert performances and the videos used on stage) plus, in all fairness, it was the tour to promote their album The Division Bell, therefore there was only a certain amount of room left for "crowd-pleasers". I feel the ones they chose, i.e. the ENTIRE of Dark Side of the Moon and some classics from The Wall, make for a full and varied concert.

The likes of this will NEVER be seen again - in fact, since 1994 it NEVER has - even U2's PopMart, although infinately impressive, was not in the same league. Buy this to reawaken the experience you had in 1994 (if you were lucky enough to get to one of their performances) or simply to listen, and watch, a GREAT rock concert.

5 stars awarded - as I can't see any better way of making the CD come to life...
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on 10 November 2005
Okay, first of all I haven't seen this edition of the concert as it hasn't been released yet, though I have seen the VHS version. I have to say this an absolutely unbelievable concert and my only regret is that I wasn't there to see it live. (Being only 12 years old and ignorant to the ways of the Floyd at the time!)
I have been EAGERLY awaiting this dvd release ever since the first mention in Storm Thorgerson's book in 2003, and the extra's that it promises look superb. I'm especially looking forward to the bonus recording of Marooned!
As for the main feature: it has without question the greatest lightshow ever seen on this planet, it has the whole of Dark Side of the Moon, and THE greatest encore ever (!!!) in Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb (with awesome extended solo) and Run Like Hell.
The camera work is excellent, showing great close-ups of Dave Gilmore's guitar playing. (You could tab most of the solos off this!) And the sound quality will be second to none, especially considering how long's been spent remastering it!
This is an awesome setlist, and bound to be a great package. The only thing, in response to the previous reviewer, you will not need a widescreen TV as it is in 4:3 ratio!! A decent sound system isn't a bad idea though! :-)
This dvd would be great value at twice the price! BUY IT!!!!
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on 4 March 2003
I never would of thought that any of Pink Floyds concerts could of compared with 'The Wall' concert in 1980, I was wrong.
Pulse is stunning, with its spectactuar lighting, sound and band performance, you stand back in amazement thinking that it was all a dream.
Even though Roger Waters is no longer a member of The Floyd, Dave Gilmore, Nick Mason and Richard Wright show that they have certainly not lost thier touch, with songs such as 'High Hopes', 'Learning to fly' and 'Sorrow'
There are obviously such classics included such as 'Shine on you Crazy Diamond', 'Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2' and 'Money' in which they display an outstanding variety of effects and lighting which will quite litterally blow you away!
The whole of the Dark side of the Moon album was performed back to back for the first time in Pulse, and for all Floyd fans, it is a must!
The songs to look out for would with out a doubt be, 'One of these Days' in which pigs emerge from the walls, 'On the Run' in which a plane is seen inside the hall crashing and exploding into one of the walls, 'Run Like Hell' and of course 'Comfortably Numb' (I wont spoil that one for you, its a must watch!)
I agree with all the other reviews that Pulse is certainly a must buy video and even if you arent a big Floyd fan or havent heard much of them, this concert will still grab you. I read in one of the reviews that 'a deaf woman would enjoy it!' and I quite agree!
I cant say much more other than to BUY THIS VIDEO, it is unbelieveable to say the very least and i am sure that whoever buys it, whatever taste in music, will enjoy it very much.
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on 10 July 2005
I first saw this on the Beeb in 95, and recorded it but (stupidly) lost the tape, I missed it so much that I bought the official video.
If you read the other reviews, you already know that it's something special, but until you have experienced the phenomenum of Earls Court on 20th October 1994, you aint seen the "pink ones" at their very best.
A presentation of live music you would never believe could sound so right, better than the original album versions in many cases... "yeah right?" you might say, but if you aint listened, you wouldn't know would ya!
The mix of on stage films and special effects tell a story of madness and a troubled misfit childhood and adulthood, finally to a reprise; the booze and drug induced stupor of a rock/tv star who can no longer function without stimulants. Comfortably numb, halucinating, self harming, paranoid. Schizophrenic?
Ah but before this, I sat dumbstruck, bursting into tears when the three backing singers took it in turns to lament, wordless sorrow and horror, no need for lyrics, I felt it, I'm there with them, helpless. I'm embarrassed, but cannot stop those tears, they flow, because they must.
If there was a better Pink Floyd gig, it was never recorded, p.u.l.s.e. was, so get it!
No it's still not on PAL DVD but I have seen US (NTSC) DVD's advertised.
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on 26 October 2005
OK, so I'm an unashamed Pink Floyd fan. If you are too, just go and buy it. There's none of the chat that interupts the flow in the Live at Pompei and DSoTM DVDs, this is wall to wall music.
The DVD is made from a recording of the shows at Earls Court in October 1994. The quality and production are excellent - what you would expect of Pink Floyd. For those of you who were lucky enough to be there, it'll bring back great memories. For those of you who weren't there, unlucky!
Unfortunately, the cost of buying the DVD might not end at just the price of the DVD itself. I can highly recommend that you get a good quality widescreen TV, a new amp and a decent set of speakers that the neighbours will appreciate - about £2000 should cover it all...
For those of you who were lucky enough to be at the recent Hyde Park concert, or were sitting in a pub all misty eyed at the time, this will be a real treat for you.
Ummm... just don't ask me how I know all this stuff... OK??? Thank you!
Unfortunately the rating system on this site only goes up to 5. There should be a special exception in the case of this one. I'd give it 6/5
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