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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 February 2006
I am disappointed to see the hype this album is generating amongst the metal community. In my opinion, this album is one of the least impressive recordings I have ever heard.

The only aspect of this album I can at all excuse is the vocal work, but this is still only a shade above disgraceful.

Musically, I am not impressed. The riffs are unadventurous; the bass-lines bland; the drumming is oft-times off beat, and the overall feel isn't at all cohesive.

Ironically, there is not a single song, bar or note on this album that can compete with bands such as Slayer, Megadeth or Maiden; bands whom Trivium have obviously drawn influence from, but to whom they have done a dire injustice.

Get back to the roots because, believe me, the soil's a whole lot richer down there.
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on 1 March 2006
Trivium, as you should know as part of your publicduty, are the biggest metal band to arrive in recent years. So when they release an album with roadrunner the combination couldnt be better and the quality of the album is testament to that. The guitar solos are breath taking (or as the french would say epoustouflant) whith such fast fingering its unbeliveable. The bass lines are turly blood curdeling. As for the drums the solos are completely immense with on stopabe aggresion. Combined the bass and drums lock to gether to form an awesome tight pounding heavy metal beat. And finialy the vocals the gut renching screens combined with the melodic pasages truly round off this hard core band that have to be heard to believe they exist!!
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on 19 July 2005
To be honest trivium are relatively new to the big band scene, but my god do they make one hell of an entrance!!! The first time i heard pull harder after someone showed me it, i was blown away by the intence as hell solo, the skin melting drumming and the all round incredible, killer riff. i immediately went and bought both of their albums and i wasnt disappointed in the slightest!! I have now also bought my tickets to the ascendancy tour, which will also kick ass!! i definately recommend this band and both their albums to everyone!!!! you will not be disapointed!!! :-) :-)
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on 30 December 2011
This CD starts off with a wonderful gothic synthesiser chord, then distorted guitars appear, then the drums - which are more Ringo Starr than Carl Palmer throughout the CD- and then the noise begins. I think they are meant to be vocals. Another reviewer comments on the amazing screaming vocals, and that's basiclaly all they are - screams. Music is meant to mean somethging, not just screamed anger at the world. If that's all you want then I suggest you listen to the punk revolution when it started, they did it much better. Why scream when it is apparent that when the vocals are sung normally the vocalist does indeed have a very good rock voice. I think I will wait until they grow up and rerecord this potentailly good CD in a more adult way.
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on 23 February 2007
OMG.... Ilove this album. its sooooooooooo much better than The Crusade. I only got it cos a friend recommended it...and im sooooo glad they did cos its soooooo awesome. OOh...and the vocals are good...so whoever said they arnt is totally wrong!! Hehehe
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on 3 July 2005
Top quality thundering double-bass kicks? Check.
Aggressive roaring vocals with melodies in parts? Check.
Ripping guitar solos? Check.
Decent recipie for an album there I reckon. And indeed, Trivium do pull these things off with aplomb. They have a rich, full sound that is as brutal as it is melodic, often ini equal measures.
But. But but but but but... Something's wrong. Something's missing, almost. I read a review of this album in Rocksound magazine and they're herladed as the future of thrash, but one thing this band are not is thrash metal. To me they sound like a bizarre cross between Killswitch Engage and Machinehead, far eclipsing the former and falling short of the latters sporadic greatness.
This would make a stunning "gateway" album for people wanting to exploring the world of extreme metal but maybe aren't attuned it's subtleties and, errr, extremities. In any case it's a good solid album, very easy to listen to, but doesn't match the billing as the future or extreme music. But then, neither do Mastadon for me and they're still a top quality band.
Parting shot: Not heavy enough for extreme metallers, possibly too heavy for NWOAHM fans. Top quality link between the two.
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on 26 February 2006
And watch it dry, of course.

The answer = Trivium.

Trivium are one of the few bands that you can safely say, without any reservation, is a rubbish band. That's not to say they are rubbish musicians, because they're not. But they are a rubbish band. There is no attempt to take any risks. It is the same very boring few notes over and over again, in every song, with unadventurous and dull lyrics that mean nothing and are also very hypocritical if you read them (a pastiche of hateful words will later be canceled out by a cry for equality and peace). These are all coupled together erratically and unconvincingly with two or three guitar solos per song. And they never vary.

This is the perfect example of a terrible grouping of people without an ounce of original or rational thought between them. Avoid like a homeless person.
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on 9 July 2005
I bought this album after hearing that Trivium are to be the next big thing in heavy metal. The album is definitely promising and worth buying if you like a cross between Slayer, Metallica and Killswitch
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on 26 January 2007
The music on this album is very, very technically competent, tight, well-structured and given that they are such a young band, frighteningly close to being on a level with much older, more established bands who've been doing the rounds for years... BUT, the vocals are simply TERRIBLE... Yes, we all know that Heavy Metal vocals are pretty shouty, screamy and not exactly prone to harmony, but if you listen to someone like Bruce Dickinson or James Hetfield, there is a fair bit of an ability to hold a decent tune in the voice, Matt Heafy, simply lacks this ability.. He just shouts, with no real purpose behind it... Contrast Trivium to Dragonforce, the same wild attention to detail, the same level of technical brilliance in the music, but Dragonforce do Melody, the vocalist can actually SING.... So, if it's a young, modern band who can do it 'old skool' style you're looking for, Dragonforce are a much better prospect than this bunch of American screamers...
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on 19 September 2005
This album is the best i've ever bought. if u like metallica and machinehead then you'll love this band, trivium rock hard and loud and they're awsume live, i shuld no i saw them on 12th sept and they're really kewl people to meet!
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