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on 9 December 2007
I have been pleasantly surprised by these headphones, which I bought for use while in the office. It's not overly noisy at work, but with two other people, three computers, and an ancient laser printer, the noise can often become loud enough to be distracting. That's why I opted for these closed-back headphones, which help to isolate the outside noise from the inside sound (just to be clear, these are not noise-cancelling headphones, merely one's where there's a solid bit of plastic cocooning your ears and thus separating 'out there' from 'in here').

They do reduce the office noise better than I was expecting, and mean I can listen to my music at a lower volume than open-backs, with the added benefit of not annoying my peers. The quality of the audio is very good for a £35 set of cans. The bass is full, clear, and warm, being neither overpowering nor distorted. They hit low notes that most integrated speakers I've heard would struggle to find (as a reference for how these perform at the low-end frequencies, Micky Finn's "Urban Shakedown" sounds fantastic). The mid-range is clear and detailed, as is the upper register. Audio separation is good with a wide sound stage - slipping these on it sounds as though you are really there.

All in all the audio quality is a step above any other cans or 'phones I've owned in the past, including a few Sony in-ear buds costing about the same, and miles beyone anything that's been bundled with an MP3 player. OK, they are no where near the audio quality of the higher end Sennheiser offerings, but then they are nowhere near the price of those audiophile cans either (one tenth the price in fact).

Pros: Good audio quality (excellent in fact for the price), good sound isolation, decent heavy-weight coiled cord that doesn't tangle.

Cons: being closed back, and totally cocooning your ear, they can become uncomfortably hot after a while.

For £35, I don't think you can do better than these. Highly recommended.
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on 2 August 2007
These headphones are great for cutting out background noise due to their closed back design. The right earpiece can be rotated out of the way (forward or backward) so you can listen to background sound for DJing or hearing yourself sing etc. when recording. They are well padded (so very comfortable for those long recording sessions) and built well enough to withstand some abuse. The gold-plated jack has a screw on quarter-inch adapter which is less likely to be left behind than one of the pop-on types, and you even get a leatherette drawstring bag to keep them in. The sound quality is very impressive, picking up a lot of detail with excellent frequency response over the full range, but then you wouldn't expect anything else from Sennheiser. I was tempted to go for one of Sennheiser's more expensive models, but I'm glad I got these now as they are excellent and great value for money.

I would absolutely recommend these, your ears deserve nothing less. They are probably a little bulky to wear when out jogging and listening to your ipod, but for any other situation they are the business.
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on 23 June 2008
I use these cans with my ipods, Boss BR studio notebook and a number of hi-fi systems, listening to a diverse range of music from classical to rock and jazz. They represent excellent value for money, sounding as good as 'phones costing twice the price.

Background isolation is excellent and for a set of cans which are closed-back and totally ear-covering, I find them to be extremely comfortable. The sound stage is very good with a high separation quality and clear space in the pan. Frequency response is good and improves with time. My advice is to run them in gently from new. Contrary to other comments, I find that the bass response is more than adequate and accurately balanced with other values in the sound spectrum. The construction is plastic but not cheap or unpleasant; they are light to wear and do not lead to the ear fatigue that I get with other cans after using for one hour. The ear padding is very comfortable. The lead is light, coiled and quite long, and can be unplugged; so if you want to replace it with a 5 metre straight 3.5mm stereo-plugged lead, you can. DJs have the advantage of the swivel on the right can, if that is your bag. The plug is a 'gold' jack with a screw-on 6.3mm convertor so the cans can be used in most systems with or without the screw-on adaptor, depending on the female socket size.

There are better 'phones; Sennheisers costing a lot more. In my experience, Sennheiser are the masters of the product. The HD215s are excellent value for money from a manufacturer that has stood the test of time. From my viewpoint, if closed back cans and a 35GBP budget are your specifications, these will take some beating; recommended.
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on 31 May 2007
After a carefull research of many available headphones in the market and especially from sennheiser, I had come to a conclusion that this one was the best I could get for the range of 30 - 40 pounds. Indeed I have received these headphones today and I was delighted by the quality of the sound and especially the excellence of the stereo spectrum which reveals layers of sounds and instruments that were not ''visible'' before. It suits my purpose of making music on the PC as errors and weaknesses of sound can be identified very easily. They are very comfortable that it seems I won't ever use again my old pair of headphones and I recommend them especially for musicians or DJ's who pursuit to block external sound noise.

Definitely great value for money.
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on 3 July 2007
I have previously used the HD205s which are a great pair of budget headphones, and rate Sennheiser equipment as the mics are great and the PMX 70 headphones I use for running with my iPod are excellent. I've looked at the HD215s for a while and finally got a pair. They are absolutely brilliant! The response rate is superb for quick changes in beat and tempo and they are a sturdy build. You can hear a pin drop in the sound and the rotating cup is great for live mixing.
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on 27 December 2008
These are just excellent headphones. They have massively improved my music listening experience. The bass is rich and cleanly defined, while the high end is crisp and precise. I hear detail in music that I never heard before. Physically, the headphones are solid and comfortable. Having somewhat large and awkward ears, I often struggle to find headphones that fit well. These are very comfy and secure. I really cannot recommend this prduct too highly. I dare say you could achive some marginal improvements in sound quality by spending four times as much money, but that really is a case of diminishing returns. For everyday domestic use, these are splendid headphones at a very reasonable price.
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on 3 September 2007
These headphones are astonishing for the money. They produce a full, clean and lovely sound that even make mp3 coded music sound great. Full of great detail and precision they are the best I've heard in this price range.

Big but comfortable to wear, they are made to a high quality and should last for years.

If you want a very decent pair of headphones to listen to any source you'd be a fool not to pick these.

An absolute bargain.
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on 22 November 2007
I bought this set of cans on the recommendation of a company that I bought a video camera from. The Amazon price was, as ever, cheaper and so it came from here. The cans are marvelous - the closed ear pieces are really good for usage in areas with a lot of sound; in my case filming during noisy events. They're light, comfortable, and come with a 3.5mm stereo jack with a 1/4" jack converter. You even get a protective drawstring bag to put the headphones in.

Do your research by all means, but in my opinion, this is the best set of headphones in the price bracket.
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on 13 February 2008
Not knowing much about headphones, I was really dubious about which ones to buy but I am so glad that I chose these ones! They are now my pride and joy and they were an absolute wonderful buy.

I just really cannot praise these phones enough! (Can you tell that I like them yet?).

It's been some time now since I bought these headphones, but I still use them whenever I need to use any kind of headphones (even for handsfree on my mobile phone when I am out and about).

I have had many different kinds of headphones in the past (mainly provided with other products that I have bought), but I have given all my other headphones away, or thrown them away, because these are the only ones that I now use for everything.

I really can't recommend these headphones highly enough. They are absolutely excellent for every use I have found for them (including using them with an electric guitar to prevent annoying the neighbours too much). Added to the quality and versitilty, the price just makes them a must buy for anyone that wants / needs a decent set of headphones.
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on 18 May 2008
I was looking for a new pair of closed-back headphones to use with my electronic drumkit, and had Sennheiser recommended to be by a friend who knows about such things. When I started using them, I can see (or hear) why.

Firstly, the fit is superb. I have a fairly small head, but the phones fit really close, so the don't move about when I'm playing hard. The way in which the phones block out outside noise is especially impressive, important to me because if there is too much outside noise when I'm playing, I can hear the sticks hit the pad, rather than the drum voices themselves.

The quality of sound throughout the tonal scale is equally good, with the bass drum sounding deep and rich, the toms have excellent clarity (which was lacking in my Sony headphones) and the snare has great crack and the cymbals crash beautifully.

Listening to cds is just as rewarding, with great clairty of sound and wearing comfort. Although my needs may be specific, I found these Sennheisers to be everthing I needed and more. I wonder what the £400 ones sound like...
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