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on 24 April 2006
Firstly let me clarify some points about Total Overdose made by another reviewer. The fight moves are excellent and it can take alot of ammo to take down some opponents, but the bullets do not pass through them, plus it's only a game, if it was a real life game then one bullet would take down Ramiro as well. To say it takes 3 head shots to down one of the baddies is ludicrous, that is for the bosses. All the weapons vary, as does the damage they inflict, for example the bazooka does not do the same damage as the hunting rifle (which is rubbish). The handgun is one of the best, but for melee fights the assault rifle or double submachine guns are recommended.

You only carry a tiny amount of ammo for each weapon at the start, as the game progresses and you complete more challenges you weapon carrying ability is upgraded, especially when you achieve the highest score for the challenge. This is something I seriously liked about the game and having completed it yesterday I am now content with replaying some challenges to upgrade the main character.

There is also loads of ammo available in the game, especially if you collect it from downed baddies as well.

There is no need to complain about the lack of a map, when the radar is sufficient enough. This game is not GTA, so do not be fooled into expecting it to be, it's a step aside from GTA and more like the better aspects of True Crime Streets of LA mixed with aspects of Vice City and Max Payne.

The loading screens are seriously annoying, but bearable, as this is a decent game. The vehicle speeds do vary, the fastest being the motorbike, the police car and the sports car with the truck as the slowest. The racing missions can be annoying due to traffic and the fact that the vehicles are prone to over steer if you do not control them properly, it takes practice.

There are alot of glitches - disappearing cars and on two occasions falling through the ground, but no more than in the GTA games or most games.

The hidden save points are annoying at first, but after 30 minutes of driving around the game you get to locate most of them, so that is not a problem and advisable to do when you first try the game, as you are best to save your progress frequently.

The game does not suffer from the "where on Earth am I supposed to be syndrome", it is all clearly shown on the radar.

The graphics are similar to San Andreas and they are in no way brown, if anything the graphics are very clear, with gorgeous sunny blue skies while you drive around the place.

Regardless of all the glitches this is an essential game with a truly amazing playability factor and the story really draws you in the same way as Vice City. The music is excellent and the wise cracks come thick and fast from Ramiro.

The story is about two Brothers who infiltrate a gang to find out what happened to their Father. The first Brother, Tommy is badly hurt at the start, so his "loco" Brother Ramiro has to take over the infiltration. Excellent missions, a great story and seriously entertaining combo moves make this an amazing game.

Some of the best bits are the Loco moves such as the Golden Gun, El Mariachi, Piñata (crazy), the funny Mad Wrestler and for me the most frequently used Tornado.

This game is all about fun, laughs and all out action and it delivers all of that and more. It may have a high difficulty level, but it is aimed in my opinion at the more seasoned gamer, hence the 18 certificate. Ignore the bad reviews and buy this game.
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on 25 November 2007
Don't take this game too seriously!
Its a fun ride. It doesn't have the best gameplay, or the best graphics, and has a very derivative story, but it is great fun. The free-roaming aspect is always fun, fighting and missions are ok. Yes, there are glitches, and longish loading times, but these are not that bad.

Play the game, enjoy the Latino vibe, have fun, and just chill, Amigo!!
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on 25 June 2007
I popped this game into my ps2 on sunday, not expecting much - but was surprised to find a quite good game there! sure, it's not GTA or Max Payne but nevertheless... it's good fun altogether. sure, the cars handle badly, but this together with the lack of a real map (blips on the radar really just aren't enough) are the only complaints I have right now. The missions are quite funny (I had a blast wiping out a drug plant, destroying first three smaller tanks and then tipping over the large one, all the while performing mad stunts and tricks in bullet-time). After completing this and bringing the drug dealer's car back to my boss, only to find him blowing the car up, all my character had to say was: "Man, I'm so glad I risked my life for that car!" LOL :-) ok, gotta go and play some more Total Overdose right now.
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on 22 August 2015
Surprized they still not making this title today? Work art this game but once its completely done like most older games it makes you lose interest it does so how what copy not totally other games but I put this down as the game that got me playing them like max Payne as its not my type of game! This is a really fun game sounds are good can take you Deep into the story controls are good but you have to take awhile to learn the driving around and skills are available I would go into more depth but my review is off owning the game back when it came out then pulling it back out in 2011 am literally buying it again definitely say one of them titles that done the ps2 justice
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on 21 September 2005
Total overdose is a game of 2 halves, its funny very funny at times but theres just too many glitches to make the experiance as enjoyable as it could have been.
The shooting with its Max Payne dives is done well, the combo system adds some spice to this tried and tested formula, but after you have completed 10 levels of this you have seen all the game has to offer. The driving sections are crap and as for the exploration, you have intrusive loading times every couple of minutes, i think we have been spoilt by GTA.
Overall i think you will enjoy this game if you are looking for a mindless shoot em up with some funny story elements 7/10
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on 24 April 2016
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on 13 October 2005
well worth the money if you are unshore then read this game play is fresh there are some glitchis but all games have them just look at vice city. the grafics are crisp and the game is fun and vilont all at the same time apart from the loading it is a must have.
ps if anyone hates this game go to hell, best game iv played it ages
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on 28 February 2006
Anybody looking for a Max Payne-alike turn away now, Total Overdose is possibly the shoddiest third-person-shooter and sandbox game to worm it's way into the PS2's innards. There's so much going for it - the mexican setting, the crazy wrestlers, the exceptionally cool special moves, and an endless array of ways to kill a man sounds so good, and should be, but the initial fun is absolutely destroyed by irritating glitches and poor design.
Here we go:
1 - Trying to hit an enemy is like doing surgery with butcher's tools; no matter how accurate you are, the bullets will often times go straight through an opponent.
2 - Enemies have far too much health even on the easiest setting where sometimes you'll need THREE HEAD SHOTS to sink a duck.
3 - All the weapons are the same. The sawn-off shotgun does the same damage as the pistol, the assault rifle is as crappy as the hunting rifle. It makes no difference what you use, each weapon is as inefective as the last.
4 - This game encourages you to waste ammo as you rampage through Mexico, but there just isn't enough - you can only carry a tiny amount of ammo for each weapon ( ten extra shells for 90% of the weapons ) and there's barely enough to collect.
5 - There's no map on the radar. They couldn't get a simple thing like that right.
6 - You get two long-winded loading screens every few minutes.
7 - The driving, oh the driving. All vehicles handle the same, go at the same speed, and THEY ALL OVER-STEER. The handling on the vehicles is abysmal and the racing missions are apalling.
8 - You can easily get stuck in scenery, especially while driving.
9 - Save spots are rare, and they're HIDDEN.
10 - Points-bonus missions are way too short to warrant having to sit through four loading screens.
11 - It often suffers from the famous "where on Earth am I supposed to go ! ?" sydrome.
12 - The graphics are average at best; brown and sub-PSOne at worst.
On the plus side, the story missions are more entertaining than the side-missions by a long-shot, and the brilliant incidental music is sorrowfully wasted here.
And there was such a lot of promise, too.
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