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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Price:£7.22+ Free shipping

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on 10 March 2006
This game is truly amazin and is right up there as a contender for best launch title!
Graphics: These really are excellent, the cars look great and there is virtually no pop-up scenery. The drift animations are really smooth too
Sound: There are some very good tracks on the soundtrack (not any real ones) but some are just very annoying. Especially the track that plays when you race against pac-man.
Gameplay: This is the most important thing in any game and I am pleased to report that it is excellent here. It is easy just to pick up and play but recquires real skill to master. Drifts can be pulled off with ease and the new nitrous system means there is a decent reward for going round a corner at 180mph sideways apart from satisfaction! The gameplay is deceptively simple but soon you realise its a deep as hell. Which is great.
Learning Curve: As i said it takes about 5 mins to learn the basics and first of all the early tours are really easy but as soon as you advance to theh pro tour (especially the special 1 on 1 duels) it can become rock hard.
Originality: Its not really original (go round a track as fast as possible, preferably sideways) but it is nice that they have added a nitrous system in (just like every driving game ever).
Lifespan: It does have a very good lifespan and will take you many hours to complete. A nice thing is that you can leave a world tour halfway through and come back to it later which is also handy in many situations. You will also keep coming back to unlock the hyper-cars in this game to (including a cars powered by a gas turbine jet engine and a fan powered car driven by pac-man!).
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on 29 June 2017
Good game 'enjoyed the action
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on 9 July 2014
Great product great value :)
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on 17 May 2005
I bought this game after a couple of sessions on Need For Speed Rivals. That game lacked pure racign credentials but made up for it in the customisation and soundtrack department. Ridge Racer, however, is a pure racer and on the PSP its outstanding.
I'm a racing game addict and its been a long time since I played a disappointing Ridge Racer IV. However, there are not that many racing titles out on the PSP at the moment and this US version has certainly been my best PSP purchase.
As with any game it has to start easy and progression can seem a little repetitive and lengthy but stick with it, this game has hours of competitive gameplay in it. The game flows smoothly, a little blocky on edges now and again but I would rather that than a slowing down of the action. The soundtrack builds nicely to ensure that if the race is going to be close then the music will be loud and fast too, this all adds to the addictive atmosphere generated by the game.
I have not had the opportunity to play any of the link up games, I'd be very interested to see how these fair. In summary, a very smooth racing game with lots of pick-up-and-play potential that showcases the PSP's enormous potential.
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on 16 January 2006
Ridge Racer has been entertaining the arcade masses since 1993, and has enjoyed success on consoles as well as on its home grounds. The first Ridge Racer was released at PlayStation's launch in 1995, and with 4 hugely successful sequels under its belt, it was inevitable that Ridge Racer was heading for PSP.
For PSP's Ridge Racer, Namco have taken a couple of the best tracks from each Ridge game (including arcade-only Rave Racer), thrown in some new cars as well as a great soundtrack and thrown it all into a great big melting pot - and the meal from that pot is Ridge Racer.
For a launch game, the graphics are spectacular - better than that of even its PS2 cousin Ridge Racer V. Each car is loaded with detail, and there are no jaggies (blocky polygons) in sight. Each car has their own original style, but all the cars look a bit sharp - and some of them look a bit ugly.
The 24 tracks (12 going one way, 12 going the other) all have variety, from flat-out city freeways to twisty mountain roads, and each are small enough for a quick burst - perfect for a portable console. Some tracks that had problems in previous games - jumps that send you into the wall, corners that are too tight - have all been fixed, so it's far more forgiving. The track environments are all well detailed - sharp buildings and even cows that watch you as you powerslide past you, but some of it looks a bit chunky. Even better, you can unlock a Mirror Mode that effectively doubles the track number to 48!
Powerslides are the core reason Ridge Racer is Ridge Racer, and they define the gameplay that is so unmistakeably Ridge. By oversteering into a corner or tapping the brake as you turn in, the car's tail goes further out than the nose and the car skids through the corner, evening out with opposite lock. It's the only way to corner in Ridge - and it's very forgiving - unless you'd rather do it the Gran Turismo way and brake, turn in slowly and use out-in-out. Ridge is an arcade racer through-and-through, so don't treat it like a simulation.
Wi-Fi multiplayer is very easy to set up, with up to 8 players racing smoothly side-by-side on any of the courses in the game.
A new addition is the Nitrous System. Powersliding at speed builds up your three Nitrous meters, with each boost more powerful than the last, and it fits into the gameplay well - nothing beats pulling a long, fast slide and activating a newly-earned boost to pass a few rivals.
Ridge Racer has the usual Single Race and Time Attack modes, as well as World Tour, a structured championship mode. Players are taken through several little 'Tours' - basically mini-championships, and use different classes of car to clear the races - some use high-performance race machines, others use cars that are a bit on the slow side. Handily, in a nod to the 'Portable' in PSP, you can leave a Championship and come back to it later - handy if the train's just pulled into your stop and you're halfway through a championship.
Eventually you will unlock more powerful cars and new tracks, and eventually reach the bonus cars, which - in typical Ridge fashion - are exotically styled, and the tradition of Namco including one of their characters in their racing games continues, with a car driven by Pac-Man himself. No joke. However, as you unlock the more powerful cars, the difficulty curve becomes far steeper and the game suddenly expects your skill to have suddenly increased, so it's worth taking time out in Single Race to practice.
The soundtrack is great. It spans over the whole Ridge series, from original tracks to remixes and brand-new tracks made for the PSP version - and its ace. Custom soundtracks are not available for Ridge Racer, but who cares when the music is this good? The sound effects are standard fare - lots of screeching and engine revs - as is also the usual Ridge tradition of a slightly annoying commentator. The new announcer coughs up the usual phrases of "Great start!" and "Pass him, now!" but sometimes these snippets grate a bit, and can be repetitive.
When you've mastered the sometimes-tricky gameplay, there's loads to do in Ridge Racer. Try out that new car or track you've just unlocked, or give a championship another go. With over 30 championships, with 2-8 courses in each, there's much to unlock and win.
Ridge Racer appears to have some rivalry in the form of Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus, TOCA Race Driver 2 and Need For Speed Underground: Rivals, but none of these opponents stand a chance in bettering Ridge. Namco's arcade classic has been bettering its arcade rivals ever since '93, and has never been beaten in terms of quality and gameplay. Ridge Racer for PSP has taken the best of the entire series and crammed it together into one ultimate package. It's the perfect launch game for PSP - demonstrating what the new machine can do. Getting a PSP? Get this in too.
Graphics - 4.5/5
Gameplay - 4.5/5
Sound - 5/5
Lifespan - 5/5
Overall - 5/5
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on 4 September 2005
This was the second game i pre-ordered for my PSP, and it was worth every penny.
Ridge Racer isn't a new game, but takes tracks from all of its previous games, improves the graphics to make them look crisp and sharp and puts all of this on a small disc for you. Obviously, the aim of the game: Win the race to unlock the cars, tracks and rewards that the game has in store.
The graphics are beautiful, and its amazing to see how far the series has come (the first track is taken from the original Ridge Racer seaside town level) The backgrounds are all well drawn, and incredibly detailed, such as the city and the cobbled streets that you drive through. The visual effects of the sky is really good too, sunsets, night-time drives, its all there. The cars are incredibly detailed. This game looks good enough to be on the PS2, and there is no pop-up!
So how does the game play? Amazingly easy to get into, (i.e. there is a brake and accelerate button) whilst you can choose to either use the analogue or the d-pad to steer. Skidding increases boost which you can later use to get ahead of rivals. And, if not enough, there are two views to choose from, (inside car or following car.) There are numerous tours to unlock, cars, stages, and rewards. And, if thats not enough, the opening video is incredible. Its video quality and shows just what the PSP can do.
In short, what is there not to like about Ridge Racer? Its just a pure arcade racer, and the only reason not to buy this, is if your after total realism, (i.e. car damage and feel) other than that, this has set the standard for all racers to follow. A must buy for any PSP owner.
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on 22 January 2006
Really enjoyed playing this game. Still am playing this game well into January from Xmas as there are so many tracks, cars and the need to up your skill through experience
Superb graphics and with it being a hand-held game, it feels like you are there in the car on the track.
Good value for money compared to other titles in the PSP library and I've still go loads of playing time left before it's completed - if I ever complete it
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on 5 June 2005
The most impressive thing about this title is that you forget you are playing on a handheld after very little play indeed. The game runs at a fast framerate and the graphics and lighting effects are superb - comparing favourably to conventional console titles like Forza and GT4. The handling works brilliantly with the analogue stick being used to drift around corners. This really does show up games like Need for Speed on the DS which are a constant battle of wrestling with archaic controls.
The menu systems are brilliantly constructed with options to create your own world tour of courses randomly generated according to how much time you have. The single race and time attack modes break up the conventional world tour racing.
The PSP screen shows the game of perfectly in widescreen and the level of detail in the environment is breath taking with planes taking off, flocks of birds flying by etc. The sound is spot on and the commentary in the background is hilarious. It is really difficult to see what someone could want beyond this game on a handheld. Things have come a long way since Outrun! I have no hesitation in recommending this.
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on 25 October 2005
There is something about this game that keeps me coming back for more. It is after all a driving game, and they shouldn't really be that addictive. There's only so many ways you can keep them interesting - some tight bends, a few faster cars etc.
Ridge Racer is a game however where every level can go down to the wire. You think you've got the race won only to find the 2nd place car hits its nitro and fires past you on the line. This will make you determined to play the level one more time, this time paying more attention to the last corner where you lost valuable time.
The early rounds on the basic tour are a little easy - the gameplay doesn't feel fast, and you can crash into every other corner on the track and still qualify for the next round. Stick it out though, because the Pro Tour is worth the wait.
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on 10 September 2005
This game is amazing.
I bought my psp 10 days ago on launch day in UK & chose 1 game & 1 movie. Finally got my shinny new PSP home & charged it up before playing Ridge Racer for the 1st time. I've always been a fan of the Ridge Racers series & have never been disapointed with any of the games from the series so far (although i must admitt Ridge Racer 5 on PS2 was a little short for my liking) I turned my psp on and it started with an Astounding Intro movie which made my jaw drop, I could not believe that such a tiny hand held console could produce such beautifully rendered & realistic graphics as I watched "I knew the rest of this was going to be some special & I was in no way wrong!!!!!"
Everything in this title is so stylish & expertly pressented right down from the incredibly simple & flashy menu screens, the token cheesy but instantly catch techno music, the enthusiastic but occassionally anoying commentater. The main event though is the first time entering a race reving your engine & taking off from the starting line up, in each race you start placed No: 12 & work right up to a qualifying position of No: 3-1. The first thing which will hit you when you catch your vision of a race will be the stuninly sharp visuals which blew for six on fist viewing, PS2 quality I thought when reading magazine reviews but trust me they are amazing. Every little detail in the game are just amazing right from the reflections on the sexy cars, city scapes in the background, the flying helicopters flying over the tracks & even grazing cows in fields by the course side. The second thing which have to make this game feel so fantastic are the controls during the race which will be instantly familiar with anyone who has played a Ridge Racer game before & are quite simple to get to grips with even if you are a newcomer to the series, after a couple of minutes i guarantee you will be hooked on the rush this game has to offer the best of which has to be catching up to a competitor on a sharp corner & pulling of an insanely huge power-slide moments before hitting the Nitros button & leaving them for dust. If you are after quick racing andrenalin fix look no further this is easily the best race game on the PSP so for & has plently of tracks, cars & tournaments to keep you going for a long time. Namco have definitely produced a gem of a launch title with this game & in my opinion this belongs in any proud owners of a PSP
Go out & buy it now, you wont be dissapointed
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