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on 20 May 2014
Excellent print but the whipping scene at the start with the girl on the alter is edited otherwise the rest of the movie-including the love scene-is fully intact. So far, the old laserdisc version is the most complete print even if it was rescored!
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on 25 March 2005
Do yourself a favor and check this title out. The cast is really good. The movie has some creepy graveyard scenes complete with dense fog. Altogether a mystery of sorts. Barbara Steele looks superb in her green makeup and costume. Karloff is a real gas! Check out his man-servant Clive. Lee and Karloff's scenes together are very well done. Some really tripped out sound effects complement some dazzling optical effects throughout, they are real treats. Overall not the bomb it is made out to be. A fun and a solid mystery. A few creepy scenes. Includes a good interview with Lee which is pretty informative. A minor classic!
The soundtrack/music/dialog/ suffers a bit from top end clipping. The image is anamorphic 16x9 but is not taken from a negative or interpositve. Looks to be a pretty clean theatrical print. It is as good as it has looked since the release, so get a copy now. If Anchorbay or Blue Underground get it they may be able to secure a better print.
Warning: Current MTV generation Avoid! Does not contain CGI effects, mindless dance music, jumpy editing and a politicaly correct message.
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on 13 October 2014
When I first saw this film at the cinema I wasn't impressed, but strangely it stuck in my memory and much later I bought it on DVD, and now I have it on this Blu-ray. It certainly is a curious little film of cult status I would think, based on a story by H P Lovecraft (The Dreams in the Witch-House). There's a strong cast, Boris Karloff is magnificent, Barbara Steele Visually stunning, and a fine performance from Virginia Wetherell. This Blu-ray has a great picture quality, doing justice to this atmospheric movie but I would of liked an audio commentary much more about and sympathetic to the subject matter. The film gets a lot of flak from some quarters so I feel I must write this to defend it.
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on 22 October 2014
The PQ is beautiful and the sound good & clear. And for the first time ever on home video, it's the full uncut version! The German DVD had the opening whipping footage as an extra feature but wasn't included in the print itself whereas OEG have included it! Special features are plenty including recent interviews with stars Mark Eden (Robert Manning) & Virginia Wetherell (Eve). Fantastic!
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on 22 July 2012
I remember seeing this back in 1970 (it was made in 1968) on a double bill with HORROR HOUSE (THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR) which featured Frankie Avalon. Both were released by American International in America but were made by Tony Tenser's Tigon Films, the company responsible for WITCHFINDER GENERAL. The movie was billed as Boris Karloff's last film which is why I went to see it but even with a "cool" party scene and flashes of nudity, I didn't much care for it then. Today, over 40 years later, I find that there is more there to admire than I did the first time around.

While the story really doesn't make sense (it's supposedly based on H. P. Lovecraft) and Lee & Steele are underused, there are compensations. The use of color especially during the witch scenes is Suitably artistic and the overall lighting is moody and atmospheric. The location shooting at W.S. Gilbert's former estate Grim's Dyke (now a hotel) is remarkably effective as is the rest of John Coquillen's cinematography. Then there is Boris Karloff. Nearly 81, crippled by arthritis and suffering from emphysema (he did most of his scenes in a wheelchair), he still manages to give a performance by using his distinctive voice and his facial features.

This DVD edition contains the slightly censored version that was released in Britain but contains Peter Knight's original orchestral score. The American VHS version released a few years ago (as THE CRIMSON CULT) is uncut but features a forgettable synthesizer score composed by Kendall Schmidt. The DVD comes with an informative booklet on the production and the British film industry at the time and reproduces the movie's color scheme better than the tape. Not a great film by any means but worthwhile for Karloff's presence, an intelligent use of atmosphere, and the appearance of Michael Gough.
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on 5 November 2014
Very enjoyable horror starring horror greats Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee. Lee again plays the bad guy as a devil worshiping son of a...... and Mark Eden better known as Alan 'Tram' Bradley from Britains long running soap Coronation Street plays the good guy, who believes that his brother has been one of Lee's victims during a worship.

Lee is terrific and so is a very aging Karloff, indeed Crimson Altar would be one of Karloff's final films. The film is certainly lightweight though a few psychadelic scenes are sprinkled throughout (this was 1968). Watch out for the scene with Eden who when referring to Lee's house being something out of a horror film, then mentions that he expects to bump into Boris Karloff any minute. Seriously good for the horror fan.

This DVD comes with a superb booklet and a Lee interview talking about Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. It's side spilttingly funny and gold for fans. Though Lee does call this film a disaster. He was always very harsh on the films he made mind.
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on 31 October 2016
Not a great horror film or even a good one. But with this cast I'd stand in the rain to watch it.
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on 5 March 2017
Great Movie!!!
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on 24 July 2014
great product
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 October 2014
One of my favourite "bad" films. Here given a splendid tranfer 1.66.1 from OEG (Odeon) )2014 release) Good picture colour and soundtrack. The film stars Karlofrf, and he IS the star. Just watch his facial reaction as his vintage Brandy is slugged down by Mark EDEN! Priceless! Lee does Lee, which is always watchable. Virginia Wetherall as a party girl turning good girl is sexy and fun. Mark Eden makes a good stab at a hero. Only Michael Cough and sadly Barbara Steele can't do much with their parts. It all rattles along nicely and whilst not a classic, it is fun. Recomended if only for Boris (Do watch his face!)
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