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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 23 June 2006
National Treasure is a fun, family orientated action adventure, nothing more, nothing less. All the usual bits are here, the romantic interest, the humourous sidekick, father-son reunion but even with all these common elements movies don't always work. This one does thanks to a fun plot and good chemistry between the actors. Not an intellectual challenge, just a couple of hours of enjoyment. Nothing wrong with that!
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VINE VOICEon 2 May 2005
"National Treasure" is probably the first of a string of films set to cash in on the "Da Vinci Code", "Angels and Demons", "Rule of Four" phenomenon that has set the world of paperback fiction alight over the past year or so. Like most of these novels , "National Treasure" popularises some hitherto arcane secret society knowledge and combines this with riddle solving ,treasure hunts and fast paced action sequences.To an extent it works fairly well; the film is entertaining and keeps your attention right to the end ,with the plot a sort of combination of the "Da Vinci Code" and "Rule of Four". However it could have been a lot better ;the cast of the movie were Hollywood "B" team and the choice of incidental music was inappropriate to say the least.While Nic Cage and Sean Bean were entirely convincing in their action set pieces,I thought both of them , especially Bean and his goons, were miscast as quick-thinking, puzzle solving historical scholars. They looked more like heavy-drinking brickies who would collectively struggle at solving the Daily Star crossword. No doubt a really stunning movie will translate the success and style of this paperback genre onto the big screen in the near future; something with the quality of say one of the "Bourne" films perhaps. "National Treasure" falls short of this standard, although it is an appealing enough movie and better than many recent thrillers.
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on 14 April 2005
I am a particular fan on Nicholas Cage, but this film looked like everything that had done before,and i wasnt overly keen to go and see it. I was glad i did however.
A lot of the descriptions of this film focus on the kidnapping of the Declaration of Independance, this is a major part of the plot, but not the only part. After discovering the first clue, the group that all went together, decide to split, as Benjamin Gates (Cage) decides he cannot steal the Declaration of Independance, then realises the only way to save it, is by stealing it first.
From the race to steal this document, you then follow the two groups, racing against each other, working out the clues, and trying to beat each other to the next one. There is barely time for breath, as each team moves on to the next place.
It is very interesting to watch how they work out the clues from money, and other seemingly insignificant items,that will have you looking at things differently in future!!
Not only is Benjamin Gates battling against the other team (a very good Sean Bean leading it) he is battling against his family,who think that the treasure he is searching for doesnt exist.
I thoroughly enjoyed this action packed film, and the ending is a great climax. There are comic moments with Benjamin Gates two comrades, making this an all round enjoyable film.
Children will enjoy it, although may not entirely understand it. A great buy.
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on 6 February 2007
In a sea of movies that bog the viewer down with historical evidence, it's really nice to see a movie that's based on historical groups and events that accepts the fact it's purely fiction. Because of this, National Treasure presents us with an exciting, easy to follow old-school adventure movie with outrageous hidden clues and treasure maps that isn't bound to facts so much that it cannot be original. I would almost go as far as to say that National Treasure is Indiana Jones for the iGeneration. Nicholas Cage does an excellent job of playing the soft spoken hero and is supported by an excellent cast. It was refreshing to see a main character that wasn't all about explosions and dry-cool witted comments.

I sat down and enjoyed this movie from start to finish. This is a great family-friendly adventure movie (though there are a couple of moments that might be scary to small children) that is refreshingly light-hearted to the degree it can accept that a fiction movie is supposed to entertain. Recommend.
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on 27 December 2015
Sort of a cross between Indiana Jones and Da Vinci Code hokum. Nick Cage is not bad in his role as treasure hunter set in the USA. Sean Bean does a by the numbers collaborator turned villain. Diane Kruger is beautiful as the government historian making the movie a lot easier to watch for me. It's a nice safe family type adventure, although it is too long for a lot of kids at over 2 hours and there is at least one too many action scenes such as the one in the Hudson river. It seems like they are trying to make a sort of tourist guide to USA history at times.
It's not a bad story and quite well done but that's about all.
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on 1 May 2014
This 2004 production directed by Jon Turteltaub about the rip-roaring adventures of Benjamin Franklin Gates played Nicholas Cage who is the third generation of the Gates family to look for the fabled Knights Templar treasure, the historical community have ridiculed the Gates family for their belief in the treasure existence but by deciphering the clues Benjamin finds along the way looking for it the goal of finding the family prize gets ever closer the quest for the treasure also becomes a race against time to find it before a group of mercenaries do.
This Region free 50GB disc is encoded using the MPEG-4 AC codec in full 1080p resolution with audio tracks in English Dolby True HD 5.1 (48 kHz 16 bit) along with French, Italian and Spanish DTS 5.1 there are also Dolby Digital 5.1 in the same, the subtitles that on are offer are as follows: - English for the Hard of Hearing, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.
The Bonus features contained on this disc are:-
Blu-ray only feature Mission History “The Declaration of Independence”
Audio commentary with Director Jon Turteltaub and Actor Justin Bartha

From the DVD version
Alternative ending with optional director commentary
Deleted Scenes with optional commentary
Seven Featurettes

Comparing the Blu-ray against the DVD the image is blurry on the DVD, the Blu-ray is a sharp and clear image with a greater and bigger amount of colours and the edges of the image is clearer and the actors have a natural skin tone and the shadows are more defined with deeper blacks and greys.
This is a great piece of family entertainment and a worthy addition to a Blu-Ray library with its superb transfer which delivers a sharp image along with an excellent soundtrack which has enough punch and kick for any surround sound set-up.
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on 7 August 2006
An excellent entertaining adventure starring Nicholas Cage as an obsessed explorer whose family have passed down an obscure clue to find a vast treasure. Like his forefathers (but unlike his weary father) Cage is driven towards finding this fortune. The first clue leads to him needing to "borrow" and examine the original Declaration of Independence from a museum and the City hopping, relentless adventure carries on from there...

National Treasure is Indiana Jones with the internet - a modern imaginative adventure where Cage and his cohorts are tracked by a rival explorer - the film's baddie played by Sean Bean. Despite the bad reviews often given to it by others, I think it is a superb, fast-moving and entertaining story which is a serious candidate for my list of Top 20 films of all time.
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on 9 March 2015
Nick Cage is one of several actors and actresses that I love to watch. This is just so easy to watch and I've watched it 4 times and will probably watch it again over the years. If you like 'feel good' films that make you smile at the end, then this is right up there with the best.
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VINE VOICEon 5 August 2008
`National Treasure' stars Nicholas Cage as Ben Gates, a treasure hunter whose life-long dream is to find the treasures from the templar knights. A clue at the North Pole sets things in motion, and Ben must use his formidable cryptography skills to decipher puzzles hidden in the most unlikely places--one appears on the dollar bill, and another is on the back of the U.S. constitution. Ben's unscrupulous former partner (Sean Bean) and his gang of thugs are also after the treasure for selfish, evil purposes. A plot to steal the constitution sets off a 13-colony-wide chase with all the trimmings: cops going after the wrong man, the rescue of a cute female cryptographer (Diane Kruger) who tags along for the ride, along with Jon Voight who plays Ben's disapproving father.

If you're a fan of other adventure films like Indiana Jones then this is a film for you! It's like The Da Vinci Code but a lot more fun. From the opening scenes there are just so many fast-pace, clever and near-impossible action sequences that do not fail to thrill at all.

As well as the action there is plenty of comedy, mainly from Ben's side-kick Riley (Justin Bartha) who comes out with endless one-liners. There's also a good amount of history to be learnt so if young ones are watching this is a perfect way of learning a bit of American history whilst watching an exciting action film, how much of it is true however, I'm not sure!

The picture on this Disney Blu Ray is simply unbeatable - every hair plug on Cage's head have never been clearer! I used to own this on standard DVD and this Blu Ray picture and sound quality is ten times better.

Overall this is an excellent globe-trotting adventure that audiences of all ages can enjoy. Highly recommended for anyone after some breathtaking action sequences and witty script.
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on 4 May 2005
An enjoyable film, for all its pretensions. In the same genre as the forthcoming Da Vinci Code but about something more mundane, its good fun. There are amusing moments, largely due to the self-obsession of the characters, but on the whole, a pleasant film. Sean Bean, as usual, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Nice to see Nic Cage trying something different, although the role of an educated but intuitive fortune-hunter is probably not going to become his forte.
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