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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 March 2005
Having heard all of the tracks on the main album and having read numerous rave reviews I decided to buy this CD. What I hadn't realised was just how good every single track is. I could remember loving the big hits such as "Red Alert" and "Romeo", but had forgotten the likes of "Do Your Thing" and "Bingo Bango" (the new tracks don't hurt either). The bonus disc includes less dancy versions of some tracks, and different remixes, as well as some other songs, all of which are perfectly acceptable, and its worth getting for an extra £1, but it never quite reaches the giddy heights of the main disc. Don't be put off by the genre "dance music". Personally I hate most modern dance music with a rubbish "tune" and reedy vocals. This is dance music in the sense that you WILL want to dance to every single track. The samples are catchy, the variation in vocal styles is fantastic (compare "Jump N' Shout" with "Jus 1 Kiss") and the production is beyond superb. You may not recognise the names of all of the songs, but upon hearing the album, you'll soon realise you've heard them all somewhere before. If you're unsure, buy it. It IS better than you think.
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on 24 March 2005
Basement Jaxx, whilst not always being at the forefront of the electronic and dance music scene in terms of taking the charts by storm, have been an extremely influential group over the past 10 years or thereabouts. This compilation of many of their singles serves to show just why. The Jaxx have stayed fresh whilst maintaining their individual style and sound that makes them different to anything else out there.
This compilation is a great way for anyone who doesn't own any Basement Jaxx albums already to get an overview of their work. The big hits such as Romeo, Where's Your Head At and Red Alert are here, along with almost all the rest of their singles. Those who are Jaxx fans already like myself will be happy with the selection given to them on the first CD, and the second Bonus Traxx CD offers a good selection of B-sides, remixes and alternative versions. The inclusion of the Magnificent Romeo mash up (Romeo's vocal mixed over The Magnificent Seven by The Clash) by 2 Many DJ's is fantastic, especially as the Jaxx have taken influence from this great remix when performing the track live recently.
I do have a couple of problems with this compilation. One glaring omission for example is "Get Me Off", of which neither hide nor hair is seen on either CD. I can't see any reason why this great single wasn't included, when less popular singles such as Do Your Thing were included. I also feel the second CD could have been done slightly better. Many of the B-sides included are stripped down versions - I Beg U has been cut from 8:34 to just 3:42. It would have been nice to have one of the great remixes Stanton Warriors have done of Basement Jaxx tracks on the album, and also maybe a couple of remixes Basement Jaxx have done of other artist's songs.
These are minor annoyances in what is a great compilation from a truly brilliant group. A perfect starting point for anyone looking to discover what Basement Jaxx are all about. Here's to many more years of great Jaxx music!
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on 6 May 2005
It's great isn't it. You hear a particular artist for years, but you have no idea what they're called. You love all their singles, but have no idea that it's the same group.
That has been my experience with this lot.
I was in a music store the other week, and heard track 12 playing in the background. "Do your thing" is a real jazzy, funky, up-beat, dancing in the car tune. You can't help but smile when you hear it. So I asked the guy what was playing and brought it.
When I got it home I recognised every track on the albulm. Each one has been a hit at some point, and each stands up on it's own merits. This is not an albulm that only has two/three good tracks and fills the rest of the cd with pants skippable stuff. This is start to finish modern fun, dance and groove.
If you see some mad man dancing in his car around the M25, it could well be me and this cd.
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on 20 March 2005
Having only recently gotten into Basement Jaxx, I knew only a few of these recordings as there own. Upon listening to this, I was shocked at how many of these tracks I knew and loved, without realising it was Basement Jaxx's work.
I found it a delight listening to, from all of the well known tracks such as "Romeo", "Where's Your Head At?", and "Red Alert", to the remixes on disk 2.
A must for all Basement Jaxx fans, whether hardcore or casual, and to all those who wish to listen to some decent electronica/dance music.
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on 5 August 2005
This album is brilliant, there's songs on the album that I didn't even know was by Basement Jaxx but also the album is made up of old songs and new songs all of which are all upbeat and lively, with the limited edition CD you get an extra CD with remixed songs but to be honest it's not that great (although for a couple of extra pounds you might as well buy it). This is definitely an album to listen to if you like Baseman Jaxx music, its great to have an album that has some of their later music on as well as their current music, with classics such as Romeo, Bingo Bongo and Oh My Gosh. Some of the songs on the album I haven't actually heard before but they are still good songs, so its well worth the money.
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VINE VOICEon 30 April 2005
I bought "Red Alert" when it was first released and immediately decided it was the funkiest thing on the planet since Fred Funk sang "Funky Town" while doing the funky chicken. I danced round the living room like an ostrich on hot coals and it took three hours to pop my kneecaps back in. That song opens up this snorting compilation of Basement Jaxx, s singles output and the most amazing thing about this album is that from that ecstatically effervescent opening the pace never lets up. "Good Luck" has more belting soul tinged vocals and is reminiscent of some of the euphoric house style material Moby produced before "Play" "Romeo" has monstrous stabs of synth replicating huge chunky rock riffs over undulating backing rythmns."Oh My Gosh" is a little too 90.s pop, and its g funk stop start arrangement reminds me worryingly of Five Star. "Bingo Bango" takes Bossanova on a whirlwind tour of every club in Britain while the superb "Wheres Your Head at" is dance given a punky gleam and sardonic thrust that only the Prodigy (Occasionally) has matched. "Rendez-Vu" shuffles ergonomically like a skiffle player skidding on black ice and will make your potted plants sway and then uproot. "Jump N, Shout" is completely bonkers, ragga house with wobble board effects and bug eyed vocals. "Plug it in" is syncopated pop layered under coarse keyboards and a goose stepping arrangement. Dizee Rascal guests on "Lucky Star" where the chorus is filtered in from a parallel universe or maybe a parallel studio and is irrepressibly catchy. THe last third of the album sees the band run out of ideas to a certain extent. "U Don't know Me" centres around a simple bump n, grind riff and na na na backing vocals. "Do Your Thing" is Light weight nightclub fodder with a 30,s swing vibe while "Flylife" is a tired rehash of "Lucky Star" though the cyclic rhythm centre of the song is great and makes me frustrated at the missed opportunity this track represents. "Samba Magic" is most definitely Samba but contains little actual magic being a bog standard samba arrangement overlaid with squeaky keyboards. "Jus 1 Kiss" is better, with a terrific pop harmony and jigging keyboards.
The bonus "Traxx" see various B sides and alternative versions compiled on a separate disc and for the extra quid being asked is certainly well worth considering. Whether it's the plump bass lines of "Magnificent Romeo", the "Egyptian Reggae" sampling "Mere Pass" or the classic disco overtones of "Miracles Keep On Playin" there is much to enjoy . There is a live version of "Good Luck" , a Latin version Of "Rendez -Vu" which bored me to death but many will find amusingly quirky, and most surprisingly an acoustic version of "Broken Dreams" which has overwrought vocals courtesy of Kele le Roc but some nice plangent trumpet. There is also an acoustic version of "Romeo" which is lovely but unfortunately Features Ms Le Roc again. Best of all is the clamorous stomping "Onyx" and the barmy ska and acid tinged "Camberskank". The Isley Bootleg of "Jus 1 Kiss" isn't half bad either.
As with any compilation you can gripe about some of the omissions. Why no "Get me Off" for instance, but overall this is a supremely put together package with at least six absolute classics not just of the dance genre but y,know ,of just music generally and now that dance music seems to be dying a slow protracted but undeniable death we need the likes of Basement Jaxx more than ever.
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on 27 July 2014
For those of you who have never bought a Basement Jaxx album before, this is the one to get first!

The first disc has all the classics (although some are shortened or are radio edits) it's still the best value for money.
The second disc shows you the real world of Basement Jaxx; the way they collaborate with other artists and mix & mashup styles!
Like another reviewer wrote before, it doesn't have any remixes by them of other artists, but hopefully this compilation will inspire you to go out and hunt for them.
I think next I will go and buy the albums: Rooty, Basement Jaxx Vs. Metropole Orkest and then Kish Kash.
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on 22 April 2005
If you watched their electric performance at Glastonbury , You cannot have any doubts that this group is one of the very few that is keeping Brish music fresh and invigorating. There are many well knowm tracks on this CD, but there are lots that you might not feel that familiar with. All I can say is that at 46 years old this music makes me feel that there is still invention without me feeling an old fogey because it excites me. I'v lived through every musical genre you can think of, but the BJ's make me feel that music can keep alive the spirit of youth within everyone. If you fancy throughing yourself around a room for the sheer hell of being alive, then this is your album!!!
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on 27 March 2005
Basement Jaxx doing it again!!
This is a great mix of their new and old tracks with classic tunes such as romeo through things with an upbeat tempo like good luck straight up to their new single oh my gosh ... amazin!!! a must for the essential feel good factor!!
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on 13 June 2009
You might be forgiven for not instantly recognising all of the tracks in this classic album, but a quick flick though the CD takes you on a reassuring trip through epic memories of some of the best nights out of your life. Yes!
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