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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£69.99+ £1.26 shipping

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on 24 September 2015
such memories - excellent value and service
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on 19 February 2007
Oh man, this is quite a marathon, I purchased this when it first came out back in 2005 and it has taken me a quite while to sit down to view them all.

Sure the film quality isnt clean and crisp but who really cares, does that matter? Take into consideration the films at your local box office, a fair few are rubbish right? well, you dont sit there and say "sure, that film was bad, but wow, what picture clarity!" no you dont, so please dont bag this wonderful show. Peter Richardson is a God and there's a stack of jems in this treasure box of laughter. Sure, ok, there is the odd dud but nonetheless great viewing.

I am old enough to remember all the classics from Five Go Mad right up to Mr Jolly Lives Next Door and More Bad News but sadly I never got to view anything pass a certain date as they never aired the latter shows in NZ. Watching all the shows I never saw from the late 80s through to just a few years ago was fantastic and there are some really great moments, such as Robbie Coltrane playing Charles Bronson in GLC, starring as the mighty tour de force ramboesque Ken Livingstone, or Adrian Edmundsen as John Major in Red Nose of Courage. Brilliant. Plus The Bullshitters returning to form in Detectives On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown!

The total list of shows are:

DISC 1. Five Go Mad In Dorset / War / The Beat Generation / Bad News Tour / Summer School / Five Go Mad On Mescalin.

DISC 2. Dirty Movie / Susie / A Fistful Of Travelers' Cheques / Gino - Full Story and Pics / Eddie Monsoon - A Life?

DISC 3. Slags / The Bullshitters / The Supergrass (feature movie) / Consuela

DISC 4. Private Enterprise / The Strike / More Bad News / Mr Jolly Lives Next Door

DISC 5. The Yob / Didn't You Kill My Brother / Funseekers

DISC 6. South Atlantic Raiders / South Atlantic Raiders Pt II / GLC / Spaghetti Hoops / Oxford

DISC 7. Les Dogs / Red Nose Of Courage / The Crying Game / Wild Turkey / Detectives On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown / Space Virgins From The Planet Sex

DISC 8. Queen Of The Wild Frontier / Gregory - Diary Of A Nutcase / Demonella / Jealousy / Four Men In a Car / Four Men In a Plane

DISC 9. The Comic Strip Presents - A Retrospective / First Laugh on Four Pt 1 / First Laugh on Four Pt 2 / The Comic Strip (Julien Temple)
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on 20 August 2003
This movie is hilarious, I have watched it many times and never fail to enjoy it. Two idiots go on holiday and pretend to be gunfighters. Two Aussie chicks are on holiday in a combie van. One idiot is wasted and looking for more drugs and a good time. One idiot is a homicidal maniac who thinks he's a matador. They all meet in the end and a great fight is had by all. One of my favorite parts;
a) "I don't think I like this place"
b) "I don't think I like you"
a) "I don't think I heard that"
b) "I don't think I said it"
a) "I don't think, therefore I am"
heehee I love it. Can't wait to receive my own copy.
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on 12 August 2005
This would have been the DVD-release of the decade to me...
until I compared some of the episodes to my old tapes.
I haven't checked the old Channel 4 films yet, but a lot of the later episodes
have been heavily edited and messed around with. Many longer scenes are shortened,
but worse: some of the funniest dialogue is missing!!
I could only check a few shows and discovered these cuts:
SOUTH ATLANTIC RAIDERS 1 - about 2 minutes cut: a lot of the dialogue in Max' house is cut,
including the classic "My cousin's just been let out of a Lancashire cotton mill and the
Southern air and the Chateau Mignon 54 has rather gone to his Northern head";
the airport & prison escape scenes are shorter; some very funny dialogue between Billy
and Stan dressed as his mother is cut)
SOUTH ATLANTIC RAIDERS 2 - about 5 minutes (!!!) cut, too many cuts to mention, the worst are:
the whole intro sequence before the titles; most part of the flashback scenes when Stan tells the story;
some great gags in the airplane; a very funny scene, when Cathy wants to be alone with Stan and Billy
doesn't really get it; the whole dialogue between Stan & Frances, when he tells her he was wrong & loves her;
Cathy & the dead General (she originally says "Sieg heil, my darling!"); the whole scene when Billy
seems to be shot; the monologue from the Newsreporter is shortened; ...
To make matters even worse, the remaining pieces of the episode are messed around with.
The scene where Cathy goes to Frances with an axe is placed after Stan has arrived at the cottage,
which makes it look like a very stupid continuity error. Has the editor been totally drunk??!!
WILD TURKEY - 1 min. cut: the whole intro, where Ruby Wax writes Xmas cards;
the dancing scene ("have you kissed a turkey before?"); when the turkey leaves,
they hug & kiss ("I wish you were a turkey, Sue!") - you can clearly see the sloppy cut!
FOUR MEN IN A CAR - 1 min. cut: dialogue between Jennifer & Peter; the scene where Rik
tries to steal the motorbike is shorter.
GREGORY: DIARY OF A NUTCASE - I don't have an original to compare, but you can see a very sloppy cut!
Shame on the publisher for this unneccessary butchering !!!
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on 26 July 2006
As an American child, I was first exposed to "The Comic Strip Presents" when MTV aired episodes from the first and second series after "The Young Ones" in the '80s. This show, along with "Young Ones" and "French & Saunders" solidified my fanaticism with all things Comic Strip related. As this series never caught on in the U.S., I was delighted to find it being released as a box set in the U.K. So delighted, in fact, that I ran out a purchased a region-free DVD player! Hungry to watched the 30-odd episodes I'd never seen, I was very pleased to find that the series kept up a very high standard of comedy throughout. Considering the wealth of films here, it is extraordinary that so few of them fail. And even the misfires are, at least, interesting and different (something that cannot be said of the many rotten sitcoms being churned out in America). All of the regular performers (especially the unjustly underrated mastermind of the show, Peter Richardson) were/are brilliant performer-writers that have left a legacy of great comedy. The highlights? Too many to mention, though Edmondson & Mayall's slapstick epic "Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door," "A Fisful of Traveller's Cheques," and "Bad News Tour" certainly have left an indelible impression on many's minds. The duds? "War," "Les Dogs," and "Demonella," I'd say (and, in disagreement with the editorial review, I'm pretty fond of "Spaghetti Hoops.""). This is a wonderful box set and I revisit these films often. And, every time I do, my appreciation for what this group acheived in humor and originality grows and grows.
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on 2 August 2005
i have been awaiting this item for years, my tapes are all but destroyed and ready for the bin. However if like me you were looking forward to ditching the VHS , don't be so hasty!! Why take the time to convert all these to disc and then edit them??? come on, the best lines from 'South Atlantic Raiders' - " i'm afraid the champagne has rather gone to his thick northern head" and " i represent a company , Malbora, Rothmans" etc..have GONE!!!i have not yet trolled through them all, but what else is cut? again the question is why??.
The fact that the series has not been remastered , may concern some, i think it keeps the 80's atmos.
Granted there are some duds on here, but the classics more than make up for this.
for the price you cannot go wrong. Buy it now!!!
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on 5 January 2006
This is a great boxset and shows some truely stupid moments in the series, but it is missing 'Eat the Rich', which is a real shame. It is definately worth buying though for 'Bad News' & 'More Bad News', which is funnier than the Spinal Tap spoof. Others like 'Mr Jolly Lives Next Door' & 'Supergrass' are also classics!
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on 15 February 2006
Thirty quid (at time of writing) for THIRTY-NINE episodes of ball-bouncingly classic comedy?!!! That's under 80p per show! A bargain sir!
The ones I have seen before have stood the test of time. And the ones I missed as a kid have been worth the wait. Buy it now! (My only niggle is the packaging: Fancy fold-out petals of cardboard and plastic which I guarantee will come to pieces, just like the Complete Blackadder set. But hey, at this price, you can afford to buy replacement jewel-cases and still be laughing till the final frame.)
I particularly like the animated menus which feature choice quotable-in-the-pub dialogue snippets. eg: "Pop music is not important. Fifty boxes of toilet rolls are!"
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on 20 September 2006
As I was born too late to see the original showings of the comic strip it is all new to me, and it's great! I was a huge fan of the young ones and loved all the characters, so when I found out they had made the comic strip i had to get my hands on it.

I also have a new found admiration for Peter Richardson who is certainly my favourite, but I would have liked to have seen more of Rik in the episodes.

But overall...it is definately worth buying and i'm sure i won't get bored of watching them.
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on 9 February 2006
Not for sale in New Zealand, I was delighted to this at such a great price on the internet - and Amazon delivers outside the UK! I loved Gregory - Diary of a nutcase, and have wanted to get my hands on it for years. That's how I discovered the complete series was being released.
Always loved the Famous Five parodys. I didn't know many titles but enjoyed them immensly. Some required knowledge of UK political history which I don't have, however I still enjoyed these ones (GLC, The Strike etc). My favourites would have to be Mr Jolly, Gregory, Gino, War, South Atlantic Raiders 1 & 2... may be it would be easier saying which ones I wasn't that crazy about!
I have lent my set out to a colleague but can't wait to get them back! I enjoyed the documentary on disc 9 - very informative and some of the live footage in the Comic Strip Club was great to see.
A definite winner!!!
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