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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 January 2007
I bought this having already had the original version. The new special features include new deleted scenes (excellent),the original short film Peluca that the film was based on (good),some napoleon sightings(various shows John Heder has done as Napoleon)and the screen test for various characters.

However the first disc is pretty much identical bar commentary being added from the actors who portray Pedro,Deb uncle Rico and Kip. The film itself is excellent though if you haven't seen it. If you have and you already own it this is pretty much for diehard fans only.
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I watched Napoleon Dynamite and wasn't expecting to like it as I thought it was going to be another teen comedy in the ilk of American Pie, or some other excruciatingly drawn out brain-dead flick.

But I was really surprised. I watched it and I thought it was okay. Then the next day I kept remembering scenes, the character of Napoleon Dynamite grew on me and I ended up having to watch it again. The same thing happened with my missus, she thought it was a pretty average film, but something about it really appealed to her and now it's one of her all time favourites!

This is a story about the kid at school who was a bit weird, socially awkward and a bit slow. Nobody knows much about his actual life, they just hear his ludicrous stories and mock him. The film explores the home life of Napoleon and his less than conventional family.

The comedy is offbeat, and tends to come from Napoleon's soft cursing ("Gosh!") and physical manner. His loose dangling arms and weird running add to the oddness of the character. There's not one poor performance in the film, but Jon Heder's portrayal of the lovable geek is utterly convincing. And there's the `dance scene' - something which has to be seen to be believed, pure cinematic gold!

When Pedro, a Mexican immigrant comes to the school, it is Napoleon who befriends him, and together they work to get Pedro elected as class president, at the same time there's a romantic interest with Debs - slightly more switched on, but still a social outcast. The dynamic between the three is often awkward, but there's a sense of understanding between them, a feeling that they have found a group of their own to belong to.

There's warmth to Napoleon Dynamite, you feel as though the writers and the production team were really fond of the character and his family. They all exist in very independent worlds, but sheltered by a collective delusion. Napoleon imagines he's a lethal ninja fighter ("who's the only one here who knows the illegal ninja moves from the government?"), his brother spends all his time in internet chat rooms and despite his weedy appearance says he's training to be a professional fighter, and his uncle is convinced that he will be a sporting hero - even buying a time machine from e-bay to try to get his career re-started!

In a nutshell: Some find it hilarious, some find it mildly amusing - I'm somewhere in the middle, but either way it captivates me. I don't know what it is about Napoleon Dynamite that makes it such a great film, maybe it's because despite the outrageous characters - it is still more true to life than most other Hollywood films set in high school. Napoleon is a caricature, but you know that there are more people out in the world like him than there are middle-class, American, glamorous, bright-white-teeth-brigade 2D High school students. You are left wanting more, and with this DVD release you get just that - more scenes, and on top of all the extras you get the short film `Peluca' - on which this full length feature was based (it's less than ten minutes but you can see where some aspects of the film have come from). The extras get an extra star from me, which is why I give this five stars in total.
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on 23 August 2007
I have seen this film referred to as quirky, kooky and weird. It may well be all of those things but above everything it is already a classic in my opinion.
I am not a newcomer to films and have watched many films over the years. I have no particular preference for a certain genre. But every once in a while a film comes along and surprises you. Surprises you in the sense that you go into watching it with very little expectations and then find it exceeds all of them.
Watch this film and vote pedro.
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on 18 August 2006
Here's the best advice you'll ever get regards this film...

Turn it on. Watch the opening few scenes (as far as the "Happy hands club" scene should do it). Now ask yourself if you're amused or even interested. If the answer's "no" turn it off right now. It won't get any better for you. This isn't the film for you.

If, on the other hand, you're amused or even intrigued, sit back and enjoy one of the funniest things you'll ever see. The humour is weird, and it's not easy to say what "type" of sense of humour it would appeal to.

The film bases it's storyline/jokes mainly around the characterisation of the lead roles in particular, also some smaller roles such as Rex, founder of Rex-Kwon-Do. It's the sort of film that makes you cringe & laugh at the way the people behave and what they say, their inhibitions and their mannerisms. Lead character Napoleon is the typical nerd, but with a strange perception on life and a blurred vision between fantasy and reality - "girls want boyfriends who have skills - like hunting bow skills, nunchuck skills...." You get the idea...

The film centers on Napoleon and his 2 friends that he makes over the course of a week or 2, as well as Napoleon's internet nerd brother Kip, and his uncle Rico, a man with some issues centering around his football coach who wouldnt put him on during the last quarter of a match in '82. The film sees Napoleon's friend Pedro run for school president, his uncle trying to make his fortune as a salesman, his brother Kip united with his online girlfriend and Napoleon.... Well... dance. That's what's so great about this film - Nothing that much happens out of the ordinary to Napoleon, it's just funny watching him exist.

Definitely the marmite of films - You will love it or hate it.
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on 28 April 2006
I'm not the 1st reviewer to say this, but it's so true : you either hate it, or love it.

For my part, it had me laughing during the whole 90minutes. Americans aren't usually well-known for making fun of themselves but this was amazing. The actors stick to the characters throughout the whole film, and I really don't know how they manage to keep their faces straight. I wish they had put the outtakes among the bonuses because it must have been a really fun film to make!

The film owes a lot to the actors, mostly Jon Heder and his zany character, Napoleon Dynamite. Actually, this may sound weird, but i really got attached to the characters (Pedro, Deb, Kip, Uncle Rico, Tina the Lama...). Note the appearance of Hilary Duff's sister who plays the part of the American bimbo (wonder why? =P )

The soundtrack in its weirdness adds a lot to the film, and so do the rather cheesy (but deliberately so) 80s props.

A must-see for any weirdo.
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on 12 January 2013
It's hard to describe this film in a nutshell. Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere, it is a warm, sunny afternoon, very quiet, and you have a lot of time to kill, but don't know what you should do. That is pretty much the exact demeanour that Napoleon Dynamite presents. Set in Idaho (or was it Utah?), this film mainly revolves around four socially awkward characters and their daily life. Mostly this film is about socially awkward situations, but the few actual gags this film has come entirely unexpected and have you burst out laughing when you were completely quiet just a moment ago.

Those people who already see the complete loser and social outcast in Napoleon will be sniggering throughout the film. On the other hand, those that do sympathize with him, or even are reminded of their own high school years, are equally entertained, albeit in a different way - they find Napoleon interesting, intriguing, and try to 'figure him out' - although that is almost impossible.

As mentioned before, everything about this film is bathed in a surreal atmosphere - it's hard to imagine that a town like the one portrayed in the film really exists, and that the characters portrayed therein are the actual sort of people you might meet in a small community in the American Midwest. In fact - when Uncle Rico mentions the year 1982, it did dawn on me that the entire film has an extreme 1980s feel to it - you can't shake it off. The cinematographers have done a fantastic job in this regard, as the film was shot in 2004. Hard to believe, isn't it?

There isn't much of a plot in the movie, in fact the movie doesn't have much substance either. Its sole goal is to take you, for 90 minutes, away from your busy, hectic, daily routine and plunge you into a dreamlike world that consists of high school memories, "that summer" feeling, social awkwardness (remember the prom scene?), and a simple "wow, I feel like doing nothing today" demeanour. Three solid stars, out of five, for a movie that accomplishes just that.
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on 4 May 2005
What a great film this is. Highly recommended. Geek lives life of quite misery in dysfunctional, disjointed family. Beautiful creations of home and school and realtionships bring painfully funny reality of small town American life to the viewer - it was actually filmed in the writers home town. Napoleon tries to help new class mate Pedro become class president. I promise you will cheer Napoleon as he does his all for Pedro. Its not a fast paced action movie - but it is a very funny, wistful look at geeks. And by the way, don't buy a time machine off e-bay!
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on 5 November 2007
Excellent! Loved it and now buying it. Totally understated and sincerely frank. Couldn't help but empathise, sympathise and laugh out loud. Not weird, not elitist, just honest.
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on 14 June 2007
seeing as this is Jared Hess' debut film, it's absolutely superb. There couldn't be a much better actor to portray a few days in the life of Napoleon Dynamie than John Header.

Napoleon starts off as quite a lonely high school student but he gradually increases in popularity, mainly after something he does towards the film (not going to give it away, but it involves some music from Jamiroqui). He's a very exxentric person, with a huge orange afro, tucks his T-shirt into his jeans and wears moonboots.

After watching this film though be warned, you will begin to use some of Napoleon's quotes in everyday conversation such as "Sweeet!", "GOSH!" and "I like your sleeves". One of the best films I've ever seen
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on 23 October 2008 either love it or you hate it! A typical B movie - you either get it or you don't. I thought it was a fantastic off-beat comedy with some of the wierdest comedy one-liners in a long time but it's subtle so don't buy if you like Adam Sandler. Is this "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" for Nerds, maybe? I think ND is a slice of genius but I sent a copy to a friend with similar taste (or so I thought) who didn't get it at all. As I said in the beginning...this is Movie Marmite!
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