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on 20 May 2005
Can't be a coincidence that 'Hombre' sounds rather like 'Milkshake'. Think of MIA as a disenfranchised Kelis and it all starts to make sense. This is *raw* like Asian Dub Foundaion were raw when they first appeared. No, rawer than that - positively ragged in places, actually, but all the better for it. In a world populated by airbrushed, Pro-Toolsed facsimiles of passion, it's nice to be reminded of what real indignation and real eroticism sound like on record.
This should appeal to all sorts of people, from those who appreciate the not-so-subtle socio-sexual-political lyrics to those who'll get off on the Plump DJs-meet-Neptunes-in Toytown bleeps and breaks. I have a horrible feeling MIA's follow-up to 'Arular' will feature lush string sections, sampled breaks and a roster of guest vocalists. I hope I'm wrong. But either way, you shouldn't miss out on this.
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on 4 April 2005
Now I never thought I would give M.I.A 5 stars. I saw her first video being played in TopShop ages ago and thought what the hells this. It wasnt the song, it was me thinking theres this south asian girl acting all ghetto and not doing a good job about it...how wrong was I. Like a car wreck I kept watching and thought hang on Im liking this. I looked into and no one knew anything about it or her. I searched the net and started getting snippets of her work. I got my hands on the Galang and Sunshowers single and was hooked. Here was a girl that was flipping out tracks that were something different...no rules no process just music, beats and vocals laid down in such a random way but working on so many levels. Cut a long story short at first listen a lot of people are not gonna know whats hit em but all Ill say is let it M.I.A hit you and let her sound infiltrate you. There is nothing like this out there and trust me its the most refreshing thing out there. This is nothing like Missy Elliots stuff but we all remember when she blew up loads of people didnt know what to make of her well M.I.A is gonna do the same thing.
Beautiful, random, crazy, colourful, heavy b-lines, tropical, ethnic, western, re-inventing, smooth, new, fresh, cool, hot, spicy, electronic, funky... all words that I can use to describe the album and what Ive gathered of M.I.A her as well.
A must for the adventurous of you and anyone whos looking for something new.
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on 2 December 2011
I have loved Bucky Done Gun and Galang so I was interested in this album. I finally recieved it and immediately gave it a listen, and it was brilliant! I'm not sure what to say about it review wise, but every track stood out and there is not a track I could not see as a single. Well, maybe not the skits on the album but they are addictive and fun. Definetly my favourite M.I.A. album and one of my favourite albums ever. My favourite tracks are Pull Up The People, Bucky Done Gun, Fire Fire, Amazon, 10 Dollar and Galang. That's a lot of favourite tracks but the album is just that good!
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on 9 July 2005
It is hard to imagine how marvellous this music is. It is extremely hot just as the look of Maya itself. I firmly convinced that this music speaks louder than even the most persuasive words of one`s recommendation so I am helpless in expressing what I feel when I put it into my CD player. It`s like somebody would try to verbally describe the music of erich zann from Lovecraft`s story. Task highly improbable.
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on 18 April 2005
maybe globalisation isn't so bad after all. here we have a sri-lankan born refugee living in britain, playing cut & paste with modern society, picking and choosing genres and countries of music and toying with the very essence of their sounds. it's plastic, colourful and beautiful in an indescribable way, when i heard that m.i.a. had been a visual artist before pursuing a career in music i wasn't in the least bit surprised; arular is an aural sketchbook, a rich, worldly melting-pot of modern music drawing from dancehall, hip-hop, bhangra and electro. being the postmodern fusion that it is, arular is full of contradictions, east meets west, a party record with a socio-political conscience, and strangest of all, this record is completely out of touch with what's happening in music today, yet at the same time this record is so undeniably 21st century. wether this is the future of music or merely an underground oddity i do not know, but i am certain that it will make your ears happy.
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on 15 October 2007
This is the sound of the 21st century. This is the sound of globalisation (and proof that that needn't necessarily be a dirty word!) This is the sound you'll want to hear again and again and again. If you like your music safe and formulaic, steer clear of this. But if you want to hear something fresh, then this may be just what you're looking for...
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on 28 May 2005
Every once in a while you get an album which makes sense of the zeitgeist, or reflects it or both or deflects it, or transcends it. M.I.A (or Maya, a name that means "illusion" and is this artist's real name) is a big soul in a little body and she rocks it like no one has for a while (I hope she doesn't get corrupted by moving Stateside). She is an artist. She feels prickly and raw and I hope she stays around and gets better. Sing it girl, do it different next time, keep growing, musically, etc. stay true to yourself.
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on 25 October 2011
Despite this being an electronic album it sounds very good on vinyl, preferable to cd.
There's not much to be said about the album that hasn't already been said, except for if you still haven't listened to it, you need to do it now.
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on 31 August 2005
I'm really not into this sort of music usually but after hearing 'Sunshowers' once randomly on a music channel I was very intrigued. I now own this album and can say that I'm not disappointed. Ok, you have to get past a few repeated phrases and a bit of attitude too, but beneath it all is a fantastic album. M.I.A is not just some 'wannabe cool MC' her tracks are infact a clever combination of funky tunes with strong messages attached. The beats are quite edgy and raw which is in no way a bad thing, and her vocals are always strong, the songs are always quite energetic and the lyrics are always good. Particularly good tracks include
'Bucky Done Gun' which is a nice snappy tune, 'Sunshowers' - my personal favourite, with a simple beat but brilliantly delivered vocals and a strange but intriguing chorus, 'Bingo' which has a nicely sung hook and then some good MCing invetween' and '10 dollar' that is an energetic track with a bit of attitude. This album is certainly a grower, but if you fancy something a bit different, good music and a good message then Arular is a must buy. Over and out.
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on 24 September 2006
OK, so taste is taste, but i'm amazed at all the negative reviews for one of the freshest, most original, and goddammit brilliant records of recent years. If you like the sound of a Missy Elliot without the #@!&$ ballads and a London emigre slant then this is for you. Arular is, quite frankly, the Nuts!
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