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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 29 April 2017
great value for money, very enjoyable, the highlight for me is the arcade machine bit...will say no more, don't want to spoil anything, but very good buy.
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on 13 June 2017
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on 11 March 2009
Derren Brown - doing what Derren Brown does brilliantly - illusions and psychological bahavioural observance that leaves the participants jaws dangling and the viewers smiling to themselves wondering "how does he do that?"

I thought the DVD extras might be a little more revealing than they are - behind the scenes - is simply that - a camera crew and prodcution mates haveing a bit of a lark - not much explanation about the hardw ork that must go into preparing each illusion.
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on 29 May 2007
Excellent DVD which nicely showcases Derren's skills. The shows are brilliant, and leave you with plenty of "How the hell did he do that?!?!" moments. Extras are amusing, although I would have liked to have had a bit more behind the scenes footage, and perhaps a slightly longer interview with Derren - the one on the "Inside your Mind" DVD was ace.

To echo the previous reviewer, I too had a faulty disk, which meant I couldn't access the commentary - however, a new disk is currently on its way, so hopefully I will be able to enjoy a bit more of Derren's charming banter. The geezer is seriously talented - buy the DVD and have a look!
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VINE VOICEon 27 January 2006
After reading the reviews I was expecting some really great extras. However I was very disapointed. This DVD is ok but apart from the TV series - which is great, the extras are very brief and you are left wanting more.The deleted scences dont add anything and again are brief.
I love Derren Brown but would have liked longer extras and his latest series on Channel 4 ( after this ) was also a better series- showing more of his potential and wit.So Ok because its Derren but poor marks for the dvd extras.Not a classic, and only really for serious fans ( who have to have all his work )or those who missed the series.
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on 28 April 2005
We've waited a while for this new DVD and it covers the whole of Series 1 of TOTM. For those who are new to Mr Brown's work, the tricks/effects are fiendishly clever and some of them will keep you up all night wondering how they are done, but if you're an absolute "newbie" get the other DVD first. The extras on this disc include a very short interview - with an interviewer who seems completely flummoxed by Mr B's sense of "humour" - and a short "behind the scenes" film of the making of a section of TOTM 2 with Mo Mowlam. The commentary is a bit hit and miss and not as good as with the first DVD. The sound quality of the commentary is also a little poor and dips in places - it's not just your disc or player that's at fault - and you will have to suffer Mr B slurping his "caffeine-based beverage" in episode three.
I've knocked off one star for the poor quality sound track.
Do buy it though. Kick off your slingbacks, open your packet of Hobnobs and relax. Let the master entertain you for nearly three hours. (Don't try the trick with the nail at home though- it's not clever and it's not hygenic!)
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on 25 April 2011
It was this series which cemented Derren as a Channel 4 institution. Of course it follows his definitive special, Russian Roulette, which is perhaps still the routine for which he is best known.

The series would usually get 5 stars but I have given it just 4. This is due to the disappointing amount of extras on the type of DVD where you would expect extras in abundance. I also feel, in terms of the show itself, that Derren has improved with age and is even better now than he was here. He is still outstanding but at times the repetitive 'how many fingers am I holding up' and 'read your mind for 10p' routines get rather tiresome. In addition to this, the DVD version (whereby you can watch episodes in succession) means that you also get very bored of the over-the-phone hypnosis.

Derren Brown is a genius, no doubt about that, and his shows are amazing. I have had the pleasure of seeing him live and was not disappointed. Sometimes, having also watched Series 2, this series relies too much on continued small routines which appear in several episodes (as I have mentioned). The second series is much stronger as it takes longer routines and allows them to be explored in more depth. There is also no repetition between episodes with each having an entirely new routine rather than filling in with previous ideas.

The jury is also still out for me on the Primary School routine. I still don't think the image of the teddy bear really transmitted itself to the kids. As Derren probably now knows, being a genius, those kids just wanted to make a mess with brown paint and probably were not remotely listening to the teacher read the story. Unfortunately this reduced the effect of the entire routine, as the rest of it involving the teacher's interpretation was executed brilliantly. The doll house routine also contained many errors.

Having said all that, 80-90% of the routines are expertly delivered. Highlights are; Stephen Fry Card Trick, Penalty Shootout (Part 1), Martin Kemp picking a random object, the Undertaker routine, the Supermarket vinegar, 'STOP' in the street, the voodoo doll and the invisible man.

Get this DVD, especially at this great price. Also get Series 2 as it is, in my opinion, marginally better.
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on 16 June 2005
Here we see Mr Derren "Russian Roulette" Brown in one of his most recent TV series. I saw the series originally on C4 but bought this DVD as much for the Extras as anything else. Mr Brown has a wicked sense of humour and it is in the commentaries that this shines through.
The effects, tricks, - however you describe what he does - well, you will be wondering forever "how did he do that?" (even after you believe he has "explained" it all) - each performed with professionalism yet respecting the intelligence of the viewer. The celebrity guests add to the fun.
The soundtrack sometimes dips in quality, hence the 4 (not 5) stars. This, however, should not detract from your enjoyment. Here is a confident illusionist showing us how clever he really is - and letting us join in. The first DVD makes a perfect partner to this if you haven't seen DVB at work before but be prepared for a varying appearance in goatee and hairstyle!!
Personally, I'm looking forward to a boxed set with Russian Roulette, Seance, Messiah and The Gathering in it.
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on 17 December 2012
The show is very good and is great to watch for any fans of Derren Brown, you get to see how his tricks was before he became a very well known british illusionist, its fun to watch and leaves you wondering how he achieved most of what he does on the show, however the only thing that let this down a bit was the DVD disc itself the copy which I recieved wasn't able to play on both of my xbox 360 consoles, which would be annoying if i had no other form of media source, luckily it works in ps3 and any dvd players but its just got problems with Xbox.
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on 22 August 2007
After watching Derren Brown you are left think 'how is it done?'.
He explains how he manages to do some of the tricks, but with some he leaves you in the blue.
The one with Grand Master chess players I thought was particularly clever.
He does do some street magic, but this is repeated in all the episodes, I wouldn't say it's boring but does get a little repetitive.
Over all very entertaining, and its perfect if like to have something to think about!
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