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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2017
Good condition Boxset
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on 8 February 2006
As a child in the 70's, Battlestar Galactica was a 'must see' program, not for the storylines or characters, but for the chromed up machines, flashy lights and special effects. When I heard a remake was due, I, like many others, expected much of the same. Thankfully I was wrong!
BSG 2004 is not written with a young audience in mind, it's a whole lot grittier with many of the scenes and subject matter aimed squarely at the now adult 70's audience with great characters, a superb script and the same compelling storyline that made the original so popular.
Admittedly, it took a while to get used to Starbuck and Boomer being female, but having just started watching Season 2, I'm glad I didn't lose faith.
This is quite possibly the greatest sci-fi series I have ever seen, and I truly hope it keeps going for a while yet.
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on 3 August 2006
Well I bought this series to give it a try with Amazon offering a sale price. I thought that if I was making a mistake it would not have been a big one. I liked the original series but it did not stand the test of time and with Star Trek, Star Wars, X-files it was a tough competition. Instead a got the best surprise: this is dark, gritty, twisted, compelling action sci-fi. Moore respects the classic series and there is plenty of references to keep the fans on his side. But then put together references to Space Odyssey, Silent Running (the ship with the green-house domes), the idea of Cylons cloning humans (as seen in the short story of Philip K.Dick - Second Variety) and you get an amazing mix. The last episode has 4, FOUR, lines of story going on, acting is superb and you do not have any of the silly hair-dresser prepared actors seen in Voyager. This is great sci-fi and I loved every minute of it. There are plenty of cameos, references to classic sci (Alien, Aliens, Indipendence Day). Only minus is the lack of genuine bonus material... A must to buy and to cherish in your collection of sci-fi on DVD. You will not regret it!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 February 2010
The first season of Battlestar Galactica follows hot on the heels of the miniseries (it is therefore recommended that you watch the miniseries first), picking up where it left off with humanity trying to out run its children while heading to the 13th colony - Earth.

Season one contains 13 episodes - this was apparently done as a trial run after the success of the miniseries to see if a series would take off in the same way. Fortunately, a large number of people enjoyed the series and so it was picked up for a total of four seasons and a further TV film.

All of the main cast returned the series (Edward James Olmos, Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, etc) meaning that there was no loss of continuity from miniseries to first season.

I had avoided the series for two reasons: firstly, I wasn't particularly fond of the original 1970s/80s series; and, secondly, remakes are notoriously bad. Just before Christmas a friend suggested I give the series a try, so I got a copy of the miniseries and enjoyed it that much I purchased a copy of this season 1. I was genuinely surprised to find that in this case I was wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the series. This is not a remake but a reinvention of the idea of Battlestar Galactica.

There is just one exception to my enjoyment: the repeated appearance of the hallucination "number six" (the blonde in the tight red dress - Tricia Helfer) was over done. Anybody who is suffering from physical and mental hallucinations should never be given a position of power and control; and her repeated popping up started to great after a couple of episodes. She was one character I could have happily sacrificed.

All the way through we watched trying to work out who the Cylon spies were - usually with the "I didn't see that one" result, yet having rewatched it there are tiny little tells in the characters - small things that they say or do that should have tipped me off.

There is always the game "spot the link to the original series" but you may have to be an obsessive fan of all the BSG franchise to win.

There are English subtitles and some deleted scenes but as far as extras go that's it - the US version has commentaries, deleted scenes, out takes, featurettes and more. Shame that once again we in the UK are treated as second class dvd purchasers, especially when you think of the mark-up that we pay here for the Region 2 DVDs.
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on 30 August 2005
This is the "New Battlestar Gallactica" rather than the original 1970's version. The first season follows on from the "mini series" [see below] released a year earlier, and was shown on Sky during 2004.
This really follows the same theme as the mini series, introducing new story lines and interesting twists on the journey to find earth.
Baltar really takes a prominent role in the episodes in the way he is being controlled by the Cylon that exists in his head, and whether he believes in God or not. This is quite a hard thing to grasp, and could either be a interesting thread in the story, or a constant distraction to the action that makes Battlestar so good.
Many of the characters take on more of an active role almost having their own threads. This is well balanced so as not to overcomplicate the story, but creates more rewarding viewing.
I don't watch much TV (watching more DVD's both bought and rented) and so had only seen the first couple of episodes when they were on Sky. I watched most of these back to back either on the same day or within a couple of days of watching the previous one. As a result it's noticeable that there are some significant jumps in time between some of the episodes. Many of the episodes leave bits unfinished and instead of bringing them to completion it just jumps ahead a few weeks / months so that they don't have to finish tying up the loose ends. This is done to keep the next episode focused on the new story, and I'm sure works very well on TV where it's a week before watching the next episode, but is a minor distraction when watching back-to-back.
I really enjoyed this season and can't wait for the next one. Partly because of how entertaining it is, but also because it leaves a major cliff-hanger at then end of the last episode that I want to see how it works out. I strongly hope that there will be a happy conclusion to the cliff-hanger as I'm concerned it may damage the second season if not, but I can't say anymore without spoiling the story.
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on 1 April 2005
I must first say I very rarely have motivation to write an online review for anything. Second, as a general rule I don't like sci-fi that much anymore (since my younger days). I must say that this is the only piece of television I have seen which compares favourably to most movies in its genre.
Its just great entertainment and truly addictive, a lot of programs use pretty girls and fancy FX to woo punters, but fail in the basic sense, plot, character depth. What I find most attractive about this program is its sense of sadness, its depth. In fact the weakest episodes in the set (I bought this because I hope my purchase will mean that the stupid US networks will ensure this series survival) are those that try to be a bit lighter, i.e. 'Tigh me up Tigh' me down and 'six degrees of separation'.
These are however counter balanced some of the best episodes of any program I have watched, 'flesh and bone' is gut wrenchingly honest, the torture scenes are very hard and in my opinion maybe rate this box set a higher certificate than a 12. 33 is very dynamic as are the last two episodes Kobols last gleaming parts I and II. My favourites, though are probably 'Act of Contrition', which deals with loss and responsibility, but the story telling is structure in set of layered flashbacks that is really a more challenging narrative than is the norm on television. And the 'Hand of God', which is much more than just a shoot 'em up, in fact this episodes weak points are the action, as the eye candy for the final scene is not quite up there with the high quality CGI, demonstrated in the rest of the series (including the best space explosion ever in a movie or TV, in Kobols Last Gleaming, I think they must have got some stock footage from 60's of high altitude nuclear detonations for that one as it just looks real). I think the real trick here is that the amount of CGI screen time is not huge and so when called for the effects shot have in some sense much more impact, it also means that budgets are directed at short but well executed scenes as opposed to say lots of poor shots that fill time.
To those who think that Galactica should have stayed the way it was with camp clothes and shiny villains, I say that this is TV as its meant to be, challenging, interesting and intelligent, something the original was not, being essentially a Star-Wars for TV. I hope the US networks see fit to grant at least two more seasons to this show. However I think three is enough, as it is difficult to maintain such high quality with so many shows. Even in 13 episodes, brilliantly innovative and imaginative there are a couple of weak points and weak episodes, 'Water' appears to go relatively nowhere, possibly the reveal at the end of the mini series, doesn't do this episode any favours and the same maybe said of 'Colonial Day', which could work if there were a few more than 50,000 people left, I mean my city Cardiff has a population of 300,000 and doesn't have that much press!!
I say weak, but they are still far better than almost anything else on TV and the sense of reality is at times excruciatingly honest. Thank you Ronald Moore for this program.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 November 2011
One of my favorite television series of all time.

Like 'The Wire' this is a complex, Dickensian study of human nature,
not afraid of asking big questions, and meticulously plotted like a
great novel, so that each episode is a chapter in a much larger whole.

Just as 'The Wire' used the overly familiar cliché' world of the cop
show to jump off from and shatter our preconceptions, and 'Battlestar
Galactica' uses the sci-fi series, and the idea of human versus robot
wars the same way.

This is thinking person's sci fi, in the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke,
or Isaac Asimov. It's about why we are how we are, what it means to be
a human being, morality under constant pressure in times of war,
fathers and sons, impossible loves, metaphors for modern and recent
politics and real world situations.

My wife, far from a sci-fi fan was hooked after 3 episodes, and we tore
through 5 years of shows in just a few days. It's that addicting.

The acting is all at least quite good, and some cast members are
remarkable, creating characters full of depth, complexity and
contradiction. The writing is terrific, allowing the characters to
change and grow, but always in ways that make sense, creating seemingly
inexplicable conundrums, only to find surprising, sometimes shocking -
but ultimately logical and satisfying - ways to explain where they've
taken us. The special effects are generally very impressive for TV,
even if they're not really why you watch this show.

It also has some of the most tense episodes of television I've ever
seen, and some of the season enders left me completely wrung out and
blown away. I was sad to get to the last episode, just as one is sad to
finish a great book.

This isn't the beginning of the story. For that you need 'the mini-series'
sold separately. So start your journey there.

As far as getting the individual seasons, it looks as though
you can do better buying the box set, although prices fluctuate
quickly here on Amazon and elsewhere, so I'd advise you do the math
and figure out the most reasonable way to own the complete set.
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on 21 February 2006
This might not be a particularly coherent review as I’ve had about 3 hours sleep. The lack of sleep is entirely down to this compelling, addictive ‘re-imagining’ of Battlestar Galactica. Every time I decided that I was going to watch one last episode, there was a maddening cliffhanger and I needed to see the next episode to resolve. Nightmare!
As other reviewers have pointed out, this is intelligent and well-acted sci-fi which builds on relationships between characters, as opposed to big explosions and special effects (although there are a few of those as well) for its taut drama.
The only flaw for me is the way this supposedly alien civilisation is a carbon copy of American culture and moral assumptions. I liked the way the old Galactica suggested common ancient cultural ties with Earth through religion and myth.
Other than that small quibble, I love the new Galactica and look forward to Series 2 when it eventually appears on these shores.
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on 27 May 2006
Not having access to Sky, I had never seen the remake of BG before buying it and had only heard random bits of info. After the months of thinking of buying it one day I decided to take the risk and but both this series and the mini series.

OhMyGod am I glad I did that. What I found was a brilliently crafted series, whilst similar in a number of ways in others a completly different story than the original. I don`t feel I should say to much without giving the any spoliers, the whole thing is a tapestry of sets, acting, story`s The only weakness I found with it is that I`m left waiting for the second series to be published!

If you where like me and unsure whether to take a risk and by this series. Believe me, take a risk and you wll not be disappointed (though by the mini series too. Also breathtaking and a good intro)
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on 8 March 2006
Decent science fiction without cheesy makeup and grade school scripts?? Amazing production values? Good characterisation? Good acting? FINALLY!!
this is great stuff, buy it now before some ijit exec cancels it (see Firefly). PS one of the other reviewers sez the mini series is included - it ain't! you do have to buy that seperately. And that too is highly brilliant. better than most recent schlocky features in the cinema. Enjoy. Really. You will.
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