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on 25 May 2017
perfect quality CD, daughter very happy with it as she loves all the music on the cd. Fast delivery
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on 22 March 2017
Love it
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on 11 August 2017
Not actually Phantom of the opera CD it's a free CD of musicals from The Daily Mail! Very disappointed
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on 8 May 2005
Well, I have the collectors edition, full soundtrack...the whole thing! And, just like the film, this is five stars out of five! It's so amazing. I went to the cinema to see the film, twice! And then as soon as I could, I bought the soundtrack off amazon. I have never seen the show but have heard the songs, and the quality of the music on this CD is so so sooo much better! The singing is also absolutely brilliant. It's definately WELL WORTH you're money buying this. I don't listen to much else. I have also now bought the DVD and I know it's going to be among the most watched of all my DVD's. If you haven't seen the film OR the show, then watch one of them, though both would be better. Then buy this soundtrack, it's well worth it! I even know of people who haven't seen either but bought the soundtrack anyway, and even they love it!
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on 2 February 2005
After seeing the the phantom of the opera for the first time, I was convinced that I HAD TO buy the soundtrack, even if it was only for 'the phantom of the opera' song which I couldn't get out of my head! But when I went to the shop I discovered all the normal versions were sold out (which I was originally hoping to buy) I instead bought this version, and I'm glad I did!
Before getting it I knew there were more songs, but I never realised this included all the talking, and sworfights, and practically the whole film! I was over the moon, and still am, because I love this CD! Their are no bad songs, and not only do you get to dance along to your favourites, there is also the whole story in the film, which really takes me back to the cinema where I first watched it, in my mind I could see everything happeneing again.
The best songs in my opinion are:
Overture/Hannibal - The first song I heard when I went to see it, it is so extremely catchy, and if you have see the film I think you will all agree that the scene where the chandeliar goes up and the screen changes to colour is amazing.
The Phantom Of The Opera - The main reason I bought the soundtrack in the first place, very catchy song.
Masquerade - This is really catchy although very...weird!
The Point Of No Return - I loved this song from the fisrt moment I heard it.
Down Once More - Another song that I keep relistening to, you can really feel the phantoms sorrow in this one.
Learn To Be Lonely - This is such a sad and beautiful song, it really fits in with teh phantoms life, though I can't remeber hearing it in the cinema? Weird.
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VINE VOICEon 23 May 2006

I am NOT a fan of opera at all but like another reviewer said, I saw the film and simply HAD to get the soundtrack! I actually borrowed the single disc version from my daughter's friend, but was left wanting to hear all the little bits and pieces that pop up throughout the movie between scenes.

For instance when Christine first wakes up in the Phantom's lair and removes his mask. She sings a beautiful song which, (in true Andrew Lloyd Webber style!), becomes a very dramatic piece when the mask is gone and the Phantom gets just a li'l bit cross!

Also missing from the single disc version is the piece sung by the Phantom immediately following Masquerade, when he walks in wearing that wonderful red get-up! (It's called 'Why So Silent' if that helps!)

If you are a fan of the film, or Gerard Butler, or both, (like me!), you will absolutely love this edition. This CD set is pretty much the whole film! The film runs at about 130 minutes and this CD runs at 120! All the bits and pieces are here, they've left nothing out!

People have critisized Butler's singing performance and I would like to have my 2 pennies worth if I may. Andrew Llyod Webber and Joel Schumacher chose Gerard BECAUSE of his voice and acting abilities, (and because he cuts a mighty fine figure on the screen too!) A.L.W wanted the Phantom to have, and I quote..."A rock and roll quality"...And also, let's not forget, the Phantom is a man who is just a tad bonkers from living such a deprived, loveless life. If you loved someone as much as he does Christine, your voice might wobble and growl if her fiance kept turning up at inappropriate moments!

Personally, (and I may be biased), I much prefer Gerard's singing to that of Michael Crawford. (I grew up worshipping M.C's version if that says anything). However,now when I listen to Michael Crawford, I can't identify with the Phantom's pain like I can with Butler. It's his raw edges and breath control that makes me listen to Gerard sing time and time again.

If you are a 'phan' of the original stage production, you may be diasappointed by the changes to lyrics and storyline here, but all in all, I think this deserves a look, (or should that be listen?!), regardless.

It's breathtaking stuff, and perfect for doing the ironing to when you can't just sit and watch the movie! (Too many Gerard visuals to slow me down!)

Pop it into your stereo, take the phone off the hook and be drawn into a world where darkness stirs and wakes imagination!
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on 17 December 2004
I saw the movie earlier this week, somewhat dubiously, with some girl friends. Not long after, I found some of the original songs by Sarah Brightman. Well, in my opinion, Sarah has a very operatic voice, but for a little less 'oomph' of a version, Emmy Rossum was fabulous. I heard that the 18 year old beauty did all the vocals herself, and she hits all the right notes and sounds, as the Phantom says, like an angel. Gerard Butler (very handsome once you get over the disfigurement) sings his part of the Phantom with sensuality, at times grief, and a powerful strength sounding equally wonderful. For those who cannot be bothered to sit through the movie (though the casting, sets and costumes were wonderful, some of the songs did tend to drag on a bit, for what you perhaps wanted in a movie), the CD lets you listen to the songs whatever you want. My personal favourites are "Point of No Return", "Music of the Night" and "Phantom of the Opera" (of course!) If you never got to see it at the theatre, as I'm afraid I didn't, the movie offers you the perfect opportunity. And with vocals like those shown on the big screen, I am glad I bought this to that of the original cast. And for the movie, it is definitely one of those 'must see' movies of the year, and is no wonder that it has been nominated for multiple awards already.
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on 14 December 2004
I've been in love with this musical since I was about 8 (ten years now!) and saw it on stage and bought the original cast recording. I wasn't sure about listening to a different version and watching the film but I did and I absolutely loved it. The voices aren't perhaps as strong as the originals but then who would expect Emmy Rostum to out-do Sarah Brightman anyway? This also makes it a bit easier to listen to, especially if you don't like the operatic bits. All in all it matches the 5 stars I'd give the original.
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on 4 January 2005
A beautiful soundtrack to a beautiful film. The music brings back all the memories of the film from the luscious scenary to the way the actors brought the characters to life through the emotionally charged performances of the songs. This applies especially to Gerard Butler who even though he was not a professionally trained singer managed to convey all the emotions of the Phantom from rage to love and hate to pity. A mesmorising performance.
A wonderful reminder of the film.
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on 5 April 2005
This Soundtrack would get 5 stars, but in my opinion there is far too much pointless dialogue in the middle of songs e.t.c. Or some songs are just dialogue with a small piece of background music.You hear virtually the entire film except you don't see anything! On a lighter note there are a lot of excellent songs on this soundtrack, my personal favourites include "Phantom of the Opera","Music of the Night" and "Masquerade".All of the actors do a great job singing their songs. But the entire soundtrack need not be split up into two discs,it is because of the aforementioned dialogue, needless to say, this is a great soundtrack to a fantastic film (one of my favourites from last year)and is definatly worth buying. I would purchase the double disc Soundtrack instead of the single disc soundtrack, unless you don't want to hear dialogue which I am assuming isn't on the latter.
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