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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 March 2005
EA Sports Rugby 2004 was a huge disappointment for me, so I was immensly looking forward to seeing what this would be like, especially with it being released on XBox for the 1st time.
The noticeable difference is the impressive graphics engine. The players now actually look like their real life counterparts and the teams all have the correct kits.
The playability is good and the game is very addictive.
The AI is a bit dodgy as the CPU rarely gives away penalties, but this is an annoyance more than a real problem.
One or two slight flaws aside, this is a worthwhile purchase for all rugby fans. If you are not a rugby fan then I would recommend you rent it first to avoid being disappointed.
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on 16 March 2005
This is undoubtedly the best rugby game made to date, looks wise and possibly realism and it plays really well, forward play looks well, back play is good altho there is one noteable flaw from what i have seen so far, the backs start from a standing still position not very realistic but it doesnt affect the game play. Which is good rolling mauls, flowing back play side steps, shoulder charging (is funny watching a second row ploughing through a small scrum half!) line outs altho throwing to the back of the line is a nitemare!!! you can pick and drive, wheel the scrum No 8 pick which especially pleased me to see.
In the past rugby games have been difficult to master the Controls for 2005 ain't too bad to master EA have included thorough training tutorials for you try and practice with, these can be tedious kinda reminds of a rugby version of olimpics.
Overall this game is a massive improvement on its predecessors and finally EA have produced a game that can match the likes of the other titles such as fifa or nhl.
I would recommend it to any rugby fan who enjoys the game and has put up with the games of the past not quite 5 Star material yet lads but well on the it and enjoy....hopefully there will more like this and better to come!! Happy Days!
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on 20 March 2005
This game is a superbly made rugby experience. All the set plays are realisticly designed (rucks, mauls etc..) However my only qualm with this game would be the back play. Sometimes your scrum half passes to nobody or simply does a little pop pass and there is nobody to receive it. Another problem is dummying. The AI appears to be able to do much more convincing dummies than the player can as well as the AI being able to perform very realistic inside balls. However the side stepping is brilliant aswell as the hand offs, the controls for these are quite tricky to master in a game situation but make sense and work well. All in all tho this game surpassed my expectations and is a very enjoyable experience. Thank You EA Sports. Rugby really is in this game!!!
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VINE VOICEon 17 January 2007
I picked this up new for a couple of quid recently, and I'm almost aggrieved that I spent that much on it.

The production quality is - in typical EA shovel-it-out-onto-as-many-platforms-as-possible fashion - absolutely atrocious.

The menus are superficially similar to other EA sports games, but subtly different enough to be annoying.

The menu screen doesn't display properly on a 16:9 LCD TV (it looks like it's set to 4:3, but isn't - and doesn't trigger a TV mode change), but the in-game screen is OK. Bars showing the previously displayed game screen remain to the left and right.

When playing, it's all too easy to press the A button to bind your players into a ruck/maul, only to find that you've been too hasty, and several of your backs have tried to do a diving tackle; control of the ruck/maul isn't given quickly enough, so you'll often find that you've run your backs offside.

Passing is unresponsive, meaning that you'll often find yourself running into the opposition; there is an ability to do hand-offs, sidesteps, etc. but these rarely have any noticeable impact on avoiding the tackle.

The computer controlled teams seem to be able to turn the ruck over, and suddenly take possession of the ball - it's not clear how this happens, or how as a human player you can do so.

The good parts? I've been tackled several times where my player has been picked up bodily, and dumped headfirst onto the floor. That's pretty entertaining to watch, although it looks more like a wrestling move.

It's also funny to watch the players chase the ball - *every* player seems to rush off after it, with scant regard for formation or structure... just like school rugby.

It's a travesty that EA can keep pumping out utter dross like this; hopefully one day something will change, and they'll actually put a bit of care, thought and user-testing into their development process.
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on 18 April 2005
This is a brilliant rugby game if you ever liked the old PS 1 game then you'll love this. The graphics a good with players actually looking like there real life counterparts. The gameplay is good once you play a few games as it can be a bit anoying to start passing the ball one too far. Another review was talking about the A.I not giving away any penalties it may seem like that if you constanly give them away but if you takle them hard they knock on sometimes they put there foot in touch and collapse scrums this is very much like the actual game. The music is good and if you don't know the rules of the game or know how to play there's a rugby 101 which tells you how to play. All in all a good game
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on 18 April 2005
As far as rugby titles go we have been let down ever since the day of Jonah Lomu Rugby on the PS1. Rugby 2005 is by far the best rugby game yet.
Ea have finally got the balance i think. In this version you have playabilty and a depth to the competitions etc. In the previous 2 titles one or the other was missing!
The only problems with the game are the penalties and the repetitivness. The comp does not give away many penalties-most of the time they are by accident and the game can get repetitive if you havent got the hang of the sidesteps etc.
On the plus side the gameplay is great and the "master league" section is very good and well addictive!
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on 15 June 2005
i was really looking forward to this game, due to the grand slam success of wales and the british lions tour. i found this game very limited firstly there is a lack of teams availible certain english teams are missing. there is a lack of league modes as you can only play european teams in the european competition, there is no option to play local leagues. and the game play is very slow when trying to pass the ball and passing options to forward from a ruck and maul are very limited and unresponsive. this series is getting a lot better but it needs a lot more work to become a classic
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on 25 April 2005
Where to begin, well first off must by for u loyal rugby fans, my love for rugby has decreased recently(being an england and bath fan!!) and this is just what i needed, superb, not flawless but a great game either way!!! Good to see club sides given the opportunity at last and also finally a rugby game beats jonah lomu which last appeared on the ps one!!!!! challenges fifa in the multiplayer mode, great laugh with four players!!!! support the cause and buy this game
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on 18 March 2005
I just got the game today and I have to say i'm very disappointed. It seems to be impossible to get a penalty awarded in your favour. I have played around 15 matches so far and have not got one single penalty awarded to me. What's more, it's all too easy to give penalties away. The AI just never concedes a penalty - anyone who watches or plays rugby will know that this is incredibly unrealistic. I can't believe that EA has neglected what is now a huge part of the modern game. That being said, it does have other positives, such as the excellent graphics, and the realistic tackling. However there is simply no excuse for leaving out one of the most important aspects of today's game.
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on 24 March 2005
Its no the completed article. Buy definatly a step in the right direction. Sometimes a bit frustrating. And the game does take a while to get used to. However I would definatly recommend it.
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