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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
The Emancipation Of Mimi
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 29 December 2016
Great album, in perfect conditions, like new.
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on 24 April 2005
This album signals a return to Mariah's winning style. For the younger, less discerning of her fans..treats like the current radio-friendly "It's Like That" and Neptunes-blessed follow-ups like "Say Something" are there to satisfy. However the true jewels are tracks like the love-lorn "Mine Again" and idealistic "Fly Like A Bird." Her emotive voice evokes a feeling of sweet melancholy, the type of feeling when you're sad and wallowing in it. "Joyride", "I Wish You Knew" and "Circles" also resonate on the heart and serve as an excellent vocal playground for Mariah's inimitable voice.
Note to detractors: When purchasing a Mariah Carey album expect the following:
1. A Lesson in Vocal Versatility and Range. - Don't buy it, and then complain that she uses her voice to its optimal potential. Buy a Britney album instead!!
2. She likes Hip Hop Music - Get used to it!! It adds diversity to her album, so don't hate that she hasn't collaborated with Oasis or some other useless UK non-entity.
3. Ballads (Love Songs) - Too soft for you, she's been doing it for years. Don't buy a Rolls Royce and expect a Ford engine!!
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on 20 November 2005
Wow! Another superb album from Mariah Carey.
She has been bringing us chart topping singles for 15 years now, and her talent is as good now as it was in 1990 when she released her first single "Vision of Love."
I can honestly say, this is one of her best albums that she has released so far. Almost every track is a delight to listen to.
It features 3 hit singles "It's Like That" "We Belong Together" and "Get Your Number"
The top ballads in my opinion on this album are "We Belong Together" "Circles" and "Fly Like a Bird"
The top fast tracks are "It's Like That" "Shake it Off" "Get Your Number" "Your Girl" "To the Floor" "Sprung" and "We Belong Together Remix" which makes in total 10 brilliant tracks out of a possible 19, not bad.
This album is a real must have for Mariah fans
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on 2 June 2005
I have to say im not the worlds greatest Mariah Carey fan, but i decided to buy 'The Emancipation of Mimi' album anyway and she has won me over. What an amazing album!! She really does have a fantastic voice. There is nothing negative i can say about it, really is a good album. Good variety of songs which makes it interesting to listen to.
I wasn't really sure whether to get it or not but im so glad i did!!
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on 18 July 2005
Well Mariah's back, and boy is she back. After the slight come-back with 'Charmbracelet' and a dissappointing two singles released from the album (the strongest, 'Bringin' On The Heartbreak' was withdrawn for some reason), she really has crossed the line once more in terms of being the biggest female name in the music industry today.
Like any Mariah album, there're tracks where you have to turn the volume down to prevent windows shattering, and the usual whining like a lost puppy (note 'One and Only). 'It's Like That' was a fantastic choice for first single, and a highlight on the album. Her biggest hit single of all time, 'We Belong Together' still has me hooked with its melodic chorus and smoothe verses. So, any other potential single releases? Well, 'Shake It Off' is soon to be released in the States, it's another highlight, a funky number, whereas the new single in Europe is 'Say Somethin'', a fabulous callaboration with Snoop Dog, and one of my personal faves, a mid-tempo old-school sound. My personal fave, and hopefully a future release, it 'Get Your Number' featuring Jermaine Dupris... CLASSIC! This one'll get you moving on the dancefloor, and has the potentil to have some killer remixes.
Other than those mentioned, 'Stay The Night' and 'Circles' are worth listening to. 4/5 as it's not perfect, but also not far from being perfect, a couple more killer tracks would have given it the extra point. But word has it that the album will be re-released with some bonus tracks in December.
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on 1 April 2005
Well I have been waiting for this album for ages and its brilliant. I am a Mariah fan for sure, even though she got panned for the Glitter film, the soundtrack was actually very good indeed.
More recently Charmbracelet was not as good as I had hoped but by no means bad.
This on the other hand is what she does best. I had managed to get 4 tracks from the net before now and had played them all to death so I was really hoping the rest of the album would be of the same veign. It is, and should definately put Mariah back up there as a credible artist. Now i'm a fan for sure, but I think half of her problem is the way she puts herself across. If she did not look so in love with herself half the time (i hate saying that but come on, she knows it) then most of the girls wouldn't write her off so quickly. This is why people like to see celebs fail and jump on the bandwagon of hatred. Come on Mariah, sing your songs, make your vids and do your concerts. Best tracks are Circles, Mine Again (i had heard it was good and it is), We Belong Together, and Get your number. Anyone that dismisses Get your number is missing the point. I'll be damned if they were in a club or bar and didnt start movin if it came on!
Stay the night was a slight disappointment for me. Probably because of the hype being the Kanye West produced track on the album. Its great, but its not fantastic!
Fly like A bird is another wicked track, typical last-on-the-album ballad with a choir stuff but that really is Mariah in "if it ain't broke then don't fix it" mode.
My last comment is on the artwork and all this rubbish on how she is looking like Beyonce. Beyonce is wicked but for crying out loud, the albums photo's are coloured and is nothing to do with wanting to darken her skin! Look at the main pic! How odd would she look if she was made paler than she is! It is purely design and for that it looks wicked!
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on 5 April 2005
THE VOICE IS BACK, AND I'M GLAD TO FINALLY HAVE A NEW ALBUM FROM MARIAH! I only just got the album on the 4th April but after listening to it it's denfinately growing on me :)
1. It's Like That - 5/5 (The first single)
2. We Belong Together - 5/5
3. Shake It Off - 5/5 (My Fave right now)
4. Mine Again - 5/5 Great Vocals
5. Say Somethin' featuring Snoop Dogg - 4/5
6. Stay The Night - 3/5
7. Get Your Number featuring Jermaine Dupri - 4/5
8. One And Only featuring Twista - 3/5
9. Circles - 4/5
10. Your Girl - 4/5
11. I Wish You Knew - 4/5
12. To The Floor feauturing Nelly - 5/5
13. Joy Ride - 5/5
14. Fly Like A Bird - 4/5
Unfortunately the limited edition digi pack doesn't include the bonus track Sprung :( Great Album Mariah, Shes back and even better! U Better Know The Voice Iz Back! ;)
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on 14 November 2005
With the added tracks and Videos this is the ultimate MIMI!
Dont Forget About Us 9/10, an updated "We Belong Together"
Makin It Last All Night 9/10 really good song, very catchy.
So Lonely 10/10 this is FAB!! No1 writen all over it.
The only down side is the interview isn't really an interview just some random mariah moments, and it can only be accessed via the internet.
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on 3 March 2005
As a long-term fan of one of the greatest recording artists of all time, I am very enthusiastic about the release of this album. The general quota is that people are expecting this album to imitate the strength of 'Butterfly' (1997), the album that most Mariah fans would agree to be her last great album. That was 8 years ago and so it is high time to repeat that success. However I believe it is unfair that Mariah Carey after 'Rainbow' (1999) has been blasted for loosing her 'shine' as an outstanding artist. I am tired of people summarising her as a 'has been'. People need to understand that it is nothing more than 'music industry propaganda' that has spoiled her chart success along with her credibility as the greatest talent in the music world. When Mariah Carey released 'Glitter' (2001) with Virgin, it flopped not because it was a bad album, but because of bad promotional and marketing mistakes surrounding the release of the movie in conjunction with the album. In addition to this, the bad press she received as a result of the huge deal with Virgin and the critics' scorn of Mariah's acting abilities certainly didn't help. Contrary to popular and established beliefs due to the critics, 'Glitter' was actually a fantastic album, dare I say slightly stronger than 'Rainbow'.
After Glitter's unexpected flop came Mariah Carey's much publicised breakdown. This again caused a field day with the many critics who love to hate her. Instead of wishing her well and congratulating her on her recovery after the ordeal, they decided that they would contribute to the failure of her next album 'Charmbracelet' (2002). It was by no means her strongest album, but it was good enough. 'Charmbracelet' contains some excellent R&B tracks.
This brings me to express my glee that 'The emancipation of Mimi' is free from external controversy and that Mariah Carey has been left to do what she truly does best...to make excellent music. The debut single 'It's like that', a collaboration with one of her faithful producers Jermaine Dupree is an excellent song! Those perfect silky smooth vocals and that inspirational modern sound should ensure that once again Mariah Carey is at the top of her game and that it is she who will continue to lead the way. Other songs from the 'emancipation of Mimi' that I have heard are 'Tonight' featuring Nelly and 'Say Something' featuring Snoop Dogg, both co-produced by Mariah and the Neptunes. They are also two of the freshest sounds I have heard for a while, and I am just delighted at Mariah's selection of collaborators and producers. I mean Mariah Carey and the Neptunes - that voice and those beats! You cannot get much better than that! The executive producer is said to be LA Reid, which for me is a remarkable 'seal of quality'. Other producers rumoured to be collaborating with her include Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis along with Damizza who have been producing successfully for her since 'Rainbow', and Swiss Beats. A new venture for her will be the work produced by man of the moment Kanye West. Again I am expecting this to be a brilliant combination.
I am so happy that the focus of Mariah Carey stands primarily on her music, and so subsequently she should receive the success she thoroughly deserves. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE WHOLE ALBUM!
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on 13 July 2005
When i got this album i wasnt sure if i'd like it, i sometimes find Mariah can be a little frustrating with her high pitched screeching but this album has none of that. When i heard her 'it's like that' track i got up and started dancing and then the 'we belong together' made me sit down and get emotional!!!! this album has a real mixture of moods in the songs but i like them all. i would advise people to buy this album if you like Mariah because it's got something for everyone (apart from the london person, hell no - hell yes i say!) It's a great comeback - Mariah, well done!
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