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on 25 March 2015
Listed as in very good working order.....the screen was damaged, there was a chunk missing out of the corner and the original 18 hour battery life has been reduced to 3 hours.. Yeah great thank very good working order in great condition......not!
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on 15 October 2013
Returned as it was not large enough. Received a very fair and full refund for which I am very grateful. I went onto to buy an Apple iPod Touch 32Gb which is superb for my needs..
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on 8 September 2005
Right, well I hope the music labels aren't reading this, but I confess, I was one of the Napster generation. Yes I was downloading in 1997/8, yes I downloaded a lot. All gone now sadly, but I have rekindled my love of MP3's thanks to this mini iPod.
As I said, I original got into MP3's some 8 years ago, back in the day when we had to write our own ID3 tags to ensure the tracks came up with the right titles on WINAMP. Thankfully these days are over and we have programmes such as iTunes to do this for us but it is important to know where we came from in this world. I actually bought an MP3 player in the backend of the 90's, it was 32mb. Yes I really said 32mb, enough for around 8 songs. I mean my phone has more than that and this iPod can hold around 1,500. Granted the units were about the same size but you get the picture.
My iPod is loaded with all the CD's I have in my collection, alongside what I have downloaded from iTunes. It is impossible to review an iPod without looking at iTunes as the two are so intrinsically involved. The iTunes software allows you to manage your music collection through uploading your own CD's and converting them to MP3, or allowing you to purchase music through the iTunes store.
Firstly the uploading process.
With iTunes it is very slick, just put a CD into your drive and if iTunes isn't already running it will open up and ask you to upload it, or if it is it will allow you to enter it to your collection. It takes around 6-7 minutes per CD (dependent on CD drive speed and CD length) so can take a while when you are first firing up but isn't too bad once you are going. The iTunes store also offers quick download but I would offer a word of warning if you don't have broadband. Its gonna take a while...
Once all your tracks are on iTunes you are ready to sync with the iPod. This takes a while if you haven't done it before as the iPod has to move a lot of tracks. Once it has been done for the first time it becomes less arduous. The iPod connects through a standard USB although you can purchase a Firewire connection and docking station to make this a lot faster. I don't really see this as important however, as I have said once the initial sync is done it never really takes that long. What you are far better off spending your money on is a separate charger for the iPod. The iPod assumes you will charge it up through syncing it with your PC through the USB. Now if you are like me you won't upload songs more than once a week / once every couple of weeks and if you are a high user you will need to charge it more than that.
The player itself offers excellent management of songs, a 6gb hard drive, ok battery life (around 8 hours) tiny size, (this thing really is mobile phone size) and really easy navigation. The Click Wheel is such a simple way of navigating around your music.
I would recommend that you get a decent set of headphones as the ones that come with it aren't great and £30 spent here can really improve the quality of the music you are listening too, far more than all the covers / accessories Apple will try and convince you to buy.
Overall and excellent player with the widest accessibility. Unfortunately some software packages don't sync with it but the iTunes software is excellent, and that coupled with all your own music is more than enough to keep you going.
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on 2 March 2005
I was determined not to buy an iPod. They'd become too much of an accessory, and they weren't that good a product.
I was ready to buy the iRiver H10 (at £190), when I saw this new iPod mini.
I has 1GB more storage, 6hrs more battery power (supposedly), and is £20 cheaper. This, coupled with the fact that all my music is already in iTunes changed my mind instantly.
I recieved my iPod mini 6GB this morning. Installation was simple, and iTunes went about loading all my music (about 3GB) onto the device. This took about 15 to 20 minutes. All this time it is charging (it does this over USB 2.0). Please bear in mind that unless you buy the seperate power adapter, you are limited to charging over USB 2.0.
Experiances with friend's iPods meant that I wasn't expecting awesome sound quality. I wasn't disappointed. My Creative MuVo NX sounds better. What does improve the sound somewhat is GETTING RID OF THE IPOD HEADPHONES. It sounds much better through my £18 Sonys, and I would imagine better still through the £25 Sonys I intend to buy soon.
Obviously as I only recieved my iPod mini this morning, I cannot comment on the battery life, although I can quote an online review that said that when they set it on 'shuffle' mode and just clicked 'play', it ran for 26 hours straight. This figure will decrease with backlight usage, etc, but it leads me to believe that 18 hours is a realistic figure.
To sum up:
It is a great design that is easy to use, simple to set up and is very small. Sound quality is mediocre, but can be improved with better headphones. The price is competative and the features are very good. Also, there is a plethora of accessories, so don't feel limited to what's in the box.
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on 4 February 2006
ok so at first i thought my iPod was brilliant, it had all I wanted; the software was easy to use and it was easy to download from iTunes. It is a nic eplayer, its unbelievably huge downfall is the battery life. Ive had m,ine for a few months and already it keeps switching itself off telling me there no battery when i know full well there is battery life remaining. Like i said, its a lovely player its just the battery life that makes me hate it.
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on 15 May 2005
I am not normally given to writing a review of purchases, but the ipod mini is deserving of a good review. I previously had an Iriver 256mb flash player and, more recently, was using my sony p910i phone as a convergence mp3 player. Neither did the job anywhere near as effectively as thie ipod. Reluctant though I was to carry around an extra piece of equipment, the ipod mini has proved to be a fantastic piece of kit. The sound quality is excellent (don't believe all you read about needing to replace the headphones). For anyone who has never used an ipod, it is very user-friendly - the control interface is genius. I recommend going for the larger 6gb capacity - I am already at 4.5 without really trying, but that is at 160kb bit rate and is still 1,000 songs. In all: great sound; good capacity; tiny size; and great useability. Highly recommended.
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on 21 March 2005
i got this to replace my iriver, which got stepped on and is now awaiting parts. heres a basic list of pros and cons:
1) iTunes is a breeze to work with. fantastic piece of software
2) Its tiny, it holds 6gb in a tiny tiny space
3) it takes only seconds to transferr songs over via iTunes
4) It is so easy to use. the click wheel interface is fantastic
5) battery life is now rated by apple at 18 hours but actually reaches 22 in good conditions!! brilliant!
1) sound quality, sound quality and again sound quality.compared to my old iriver it pales in comparison, but its not terrible, just a lot less than i was expecting.
2) built in equalizers are useless and do more harm than good. to be avoided at all costs.
3)cant copy music off the ipod( you can actually, but you have to do a bit of research and downloading of 3rd party software to do this.)
3) it doesnt like bit rates lower than 160kbps, which i know is a minium nowdays, but i have a lot of 128 kbps from years ago that sound way better in the iriver than the ipod.
4)no wall charger included. you have to charge via powered usb, which meant i had to buy a powered usb hub as my laptop has no powered usb port.this is a bad way to cut costs.also means your pc will have to be on when charging and this is bad if you charge at nite, when your pc is off.
5) easily scratched and you will need a case to keep it looking good.
thats a short list of pros and cons. id definately recommend it but you really need to buy new headphones to make the most of it.
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on 19 February 2006
My Ipod Mini is great! It stores loads of songs and is gives good sound quality to the music, the only thing is the Ipod sticks alot and you have to reset it alot. but its really quick to do so it doesn't really bother me.
The only thing now is that their is new-er ones out like the the black and white smaller nannos ipods, but i still prefer these... i think nanos are too small
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on 11 March 2005
I love this!!! I did have an IRIVER H120, which is a nice machine but it broke sadly.
I used to hate Apple because of the ''POSER'' image that is associated with the Ipod. However having bought this Silver 6gb mini, i have to say that i am very impressed. It was between this and the Iriver H10 but i know i made the right decision.
Great battery life
Great looks
Great sound quality
Nice and small
Nice sync software thanks to Apple
The fact aht i did'nt buy one earlier!!!
Seriously im not Apple mad, i don't like the Macs but this is a nice bit of kit!
H10 is also very nice though.
(Great service by the way THANKS AMAZON!!!!!)
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on 6 June 2005
For me,a 38 year old father of three,i was unsure about getting an i-pod because of being unsure how difficult it would be to set up but with a little bit of guidance from my 19 y/o it was a breeze.I've now downloaded 900 songs and the quality of this is fantastic.OK,i've not heard the other makes but i'm well happy with this !!
Cost,i don't mind paying it it's worth it !!.Size of the I-POD,
General quality sound & the 18hrs + Battery !!
As someone said earlier....not getting one sooner !!
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