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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2006
The Hitman games have always been a great source of dark humour and graphic violence and Blood Money ups the ante even further than before. Where the previous game relied on very nice but criminally overused rain effects to create a dark atmosphere, Blood Money uses subtle black comedy to unsettle the player in the most brutal of ways. For example there's a lot to be said for killing a mark dressed as santa, or a clown. Or a giant red budgie.

Blood Money is also far more realistic than previous games with the introduction of the notoriety system and the ability to make hits look like accidents. The superbly simple push manouvre is a fantastic addition, as is 47's close combat skills. Caught without a weapon in previous games and 47 was stuffed but now he can headbutt people, punch them and even snatch weapons out of the hands of guards. Another fantastic addition is the way you can upgrade your weapons for extra silence or more firepower.

Raising the bar again is the extremely numerous ways of despatching your targets. Hitman relies on the fact that you are killing people rather than dark surroundings for its darkness and some of the methods are quite brutal. Dropping a piano on someone's head or pushing them into a furnace are particular highlights although it's during the 5th mission that the most brutal death can happen, ironically in a quiet suburban neighbourhood, another example of the games grimly black humour. I won't spoil it for you but i'll just say watch out for the barbecue and the lighter fluid.

Of course the game certainly doesn't lack atmosphere. Beautiful lighting and a great use of sound come together to create a cohesive and believable world and makes the game all the more special. The animations are also superb and one of the games highlights, for example when 47 climbs the stairs his feet actually hit each step as he climbs. The best example i discovered though was during the first Mississipi mission which is on a boat. The mission had gone a bit coffin shaped so i went on a bit of a rampage. Snatching up a shotgun i shot at a guard coming up some stairs and as he reached the top he had a railing behind him so that when i fired, not only did the force of the shot knock him backwards, but as he stumbled he bumped into the railing and toppled over in a perfectly animated sequence. Its this kind of detail that really makes the game stand out from the crowd.

Another fine detail is the AI not just of the guards but of the civilians too. Draw a weapon in a crowded place and pandemonium is instant. The guards will actively seek you out and if you're dressed as a guard but wander away from the patrol routes too far and they'll be very suspicious. In addition if you shoot down some guards and they drop their guns then its quite possible that as you walk away one of the civilians will actually pick up a gun and start shooting you in the back.

Replay value is vast because of the wonderfully varied ways of despatching your foes so make no mistake you will be playing this for ages after completing it.

Graphics: 10 - beautifully designed, wonderfully lit, truly one of the best looking PS2 titles out there

Sound: 9 - great voice acting and neat use of sound

Gameplay: 9 - mighty fine and deeply involving if a little stop start

Lifespan: 10 - open environments and very numerous ways of completing hits

Overall: 10 - easily one of the best ever games on PS2, macabre and violent but deeply satisfying and often very funny
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on 30 May 2006
Much has changed since the last instalment of the hitman series, the improvements make for a much better gaming experience.

The main improvements are the weapons and the artificial intelligence of game characters.

Even the civilians are dangerous now - if you are shooting in the civilians direction and there is a gun on the floor they will pick it up and shoot back!!!

If the guards see a bloodstain on the floor they will investigate it - they follow blood trails, search rooms and become suspicious much more easily than in the last hitman game.

Weapons can be upgraded, add laser sights, scopes, silencers and loads of other stuff to your array of weapons! You can even select the type of ammo you want to use. If you don't select any special ammo you get the standard bullets which work fine.

Like the last hitman game, this game is also too short - only 12 or 13 levels HOWEVER the game is well worth it! It is the kind of game that you can play over and over again!
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on 1 June 2006
If you are a fan of the Hitman series, Leon or any action/stealth game in general-this is the perfect buy for you. Like the earlier Hitman releases Bloodmoney provides a good, thrilling mix of action, strategy and stealth. The graphics are masterfully done and gives the game an eerie, tense feel to it however the character models still appear to be boneless and when shot or being manipulated in any way can amuse you with their strange, jerky movements! The only problems with the game appear to be the above and the instant clothes changing!

All in all this is a great, atmospheric game

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on 10 June 2006
Since the HitMan began on PS2 all the games have been my favorite! And this is no ecception!

Most of the games in this series are pretty much theb same sort of thing. Eccept each time a HitMan is released the games gets better and bigger missions, it gets more realistic, better graphics, more weapons, and is practically improved in every way! HitMan Contracts was amazing! So this is absolutley astonashing!

The graphocs have been improved dramatically and are rivals any game at the moment!

Loads of new features have been added, including human-shields, punches, new and more silent weapons (including poison and sedative seringes-many melee weapons and more), upgradable guns, better AI, more blood (someparts are actually quiet enjoyably violent), the ability to push people over ledges and off walls, plus loads more things allowing you to execute the best hit possible!

The missions are better in many ways; they are longer and more complex, they have many more waysto their completion (you can practically make up your own way of finishing a mission in the best way you can), there are better locations and mor realistic surroundings, and more reasons that i cannot possibly fit in a paragraph.

As mentioned earlier, anohter great addition to the game is a feature allowing you to spend the money made your assasination (the better executed the hit is, the more money you get) on upgrading and buying things for your default weapons that you aquire form the start of the game (silverballer, smg, m4, sp-12 shotgun, w2000 sniper). These upgrades include scopes, silencers, alternate magazines, upgraded ammo (magnum, armor piercers), butt-stocks, lazer-sights, 'auto fire', upgraded tools (better lovkpicks, mines, armour ect ect), and many many more things to create the ultimate piece of weaponary!

Another thing i mentioned before is how violent this game is, it may not be anything up-to the standards of other, more bloody, games. But the realism of HitMan:5 goes into making this very violent if you have a 'weak-stomache'. When shot emenies pour more blood, and the increase in melle weapons adds to the blood. (eg, the hammer in the back of someones head, or a screwdriver in a targets throat, or even a cleaver through an enemies skull). This HitManalso gives you the ability to use weapons as close-comabt, as a silent kill(by sneaking up behind osmeone first) or you can throw certain weapons like knives at a victims head! (You can also throw coins or your guns to attract a guards attention while you sneak past him)

Overall this is the game HitMan alwasy wishes it was, it is all the past games put together and made better! This should be at the top of anyones shopping list if you own a PS2! ENJOY!!!
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on 22 January 2007
This game overall is pretty good...much better graphics and missions than the previous two games. You can also play this game over and over, thats why hitman series is so good. Its different everytime :)

However the only downside to this game that I could see was the very easy missions...unless you are in the hardest mode. This meant that I actually completed the game in a few hours. :s

I found the first 2 hitman games were alot more difficult than this, and for the amount it cost, that was the only dissapointment.

Maybe the game is short and relatively easy but the graphics and actual gameplay make up for it completely!!!
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on 10 June 2006
This is the fourth Hitman title,featuring brand new locations and a good in depth look at the current story of 47 and fun and interesting new abilties.

I wont include any spoilers of the ending.

There is about 12 levels and 4 levels of dificulty rookie,normal,expert and pro

Firstly the new added added features of the gameplay are quite many.You can now customise your weapons.You earn money and less money for missions that are completed with less violence and less damage.

At the end of each mission your briefing tells you what money was deducted from your total earnings for explosions or innocents being killed,and even if you retrieved custom weapons,and left your suit on the mission-you are always deducted 5000 for leaving your suit as evidence.

The game is so varied though,now if your caught shooting any1 witneeses are a statistic now and your notoriety(how well civilans notice who you might be on levels) will be increased on futture levels. For example you start at zero out of a hundred notoriety,if a witness saw you on a previous level your notoriety will become 10 from a hundred and a civilan may look at you strangely on the next level.

Its a good thing the game is getting more realistic and this is what hitman should and is being about in blood money.

You can use your money to buy a new identity which wil reset your notoriety to zero or jsut a little by bribing a witneses or a police chief.After each mission is comlpleted you see a news paper article as if your looking at the local paper and its prety intresting the more your known the more acurate the portait of this man in the newspaper is.The article will say how many were killed and if it was mysterious circumstances its presented pretty well I think and its done as well as it pretty much could be for the first time in a hitman game.

47/hitman now starts the game with 2 doses of poison and 2 of sedatives,this is extremely helpful and better than before on the other games,where hitman is fuly prepared to deal with inocent bystanders you may not want ot kill and also the poison is just plainly realistic to have brought with you for a an organized contract professional.It was prety anoynig looking for it in sewers in the last game and a bit silly.1 other standard starter weapon is a small explosive mine which sadly cant be droped anywhere but can be placed inside key devices such as suitcases and maybe a mechanical device which holds up a ceiling ornament.In other words a un detectable bomb.

Kitchen knives can now be thrown,you can walk with your handgun behind your back.On more advanced settings guards will now folow bloodtrails.Bodies can be disposed off in dustbins,crates and even thown over walls into the sea-Ive done this so im not making it up.

You can get more than 1 silencer for some guns, buy body armour,gets laser sights and even buy scopes for your handgun and sub machine gun.

You can even do some hand ot hand combat wen your not holding a weapon and even take hostages even you no how to do it.

the manual is very nicely presented,in a classic style of "the professional" a sort of how to guide,and theres very nicely laid out diagrams on how to do each maneuvere in hitman blood money.

Some of the locations are california,paris (which is acutally the level the end of contracts is based upon)Missisipi,las vegas,the rocky mountains,There all new locations every country they added in to the game.

The graphics have been improved upon and hte game uses a new engine called the glacier engine,some of the water up close looks truly amazing.Theres plenty of attention ot detail like in the rocky mountain level outside you can see the characters breahtes in the air becuase of the cold.

Im currently trynig to finish the game a second time and this is 1 of the major positives of this game and the other hitmans.

Replay value is big if you like this game becuase theres endles ways really to go about doing a mission.

Some targets it feels a bit hard to maybe kill them without detection but if you use yourhead and your money wisely you can continue on with a low profile and still have plenty of cash for buying things.The open ended style of this game really gurantees myself anyway to come back and paly it multiple times to see what I might have missed before and just find another fun way to get about taking out the targets.

Theres certainly plenty of nice weapons if you dont care about stealthy kills too much,the spas shotgun m4 can all be upgraded with laser sights and other types of ammo.

I think thats enough info on the game,if youl iked the previous games im certain youlll like this,though it does take a bit more getting use to,you ll see its at least as good as the other games,it certainly not a bad game.Its not as straight forward in some ways as it use to be if you want silent assasin type hit but thats becuase its more detailed and realistic than before.Id recomend this game to any1 that likes shooting games,but not dick cheney.
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on 19 January 2008
The fourth game of the major hit series, "Hitman", never fails to engage! Full stop. "Hitman Blood Money" is the latest epic 'Hitman' video-game from Eidos and IO Interactive, which will keep any gamer, hooked. Once again you play as the smooth, dark, mysterious Mr Agent 47 on a hunt to ward off the world's evil and therefore you're paid in blood money.

The Story:
The game starts off with a training level, but based on a 'hit'. You must hunt a theme-park tycoon whose rides once became faulty, and then fatal which killed many innocents. The level includes all the basic skill features that 47 can do, but YOU must be able to find all of the other skills. Furthermore... Agent 47 is a world-renowned assassin at the time of the game due to his high profile hits and the whole game is based around another Agency tracking him down, and finally 'killing him'. The main antagonist tells his story of his search for Agent 47 and his 'hits'. When this happens, you play 12 action-packed, or sly (depending on how you approach the) missions, with superb-graphical cut scenes explaining each hit and how it interacts with the story. Each individual level is cleverly made to create the ending scenes and 'twist'.

As you play as a Hit man, it is all about you and your approach on engaging on your target. You may simply want to go blasting in with guns-ablaze or mysteriously sneak past (with a disguise) all the armed guards and silently take out the target with a fibre wire, or cut that rope that holds a chandelier to drop it onto the target to create an 'accident'.
What you do during the mission affects your 'mission rating'. You are paid a certain amount after you kill the main target, but the quieter and better you do it, the more money you are paid. This means not getting caught on camera, not letting any one see you, not using guns, use a good use of disguise etc... The money you are paid can be spent on upgrading the weapons of your choice (to create a more silent, accurate weapon) such as Agent 47s trademark Silver Baller 45s, and many more.
That's basically the main parts but there more features (than its predecessor 'Contracts') such as head butting, punching, throwing knives, using people as human shields, rigging bombs to pieces equipment which can be blown to kill, a new HUD, new camera mode (you can see right way around Agent 47 now, not just his back), a completely new look to Agent 47, and all round much more interesting missions and targets.

SFX, Music and Graphics:
The sounds on the game are far beyond brilliant. The guns sound more realistic and every sound is very varied depending on different situations...this means relaxing music and SFX when you are sneaking, and if you are caught it can turn into an explosive situation with very fast paced, jumpy, electronic action music brilliantly composed by Jesper Kyd. The music is so good I bought the soundtrack!!
Graphics are excellent, but when zoomed in for example on a persons face, it's a little distorted, although all the human movements are very fluid and life-like

The Rundown:
"Hitman: Bloody Money" is a brilliant game. It is fast paced at times, engaging and incredibly enjoyable for any gamer! Although at times it feels like it is too short. "Hitman Silent Assassin" has 21 levels...If Blood Money did it would be the best game ever! "Blood Money" is one of my favourite games. I still go on it even now a year later and there are still so many thing I've found I didn't realise existed, and I try new things I didn't do before. A lot of fun is to be had with this game. This is a must buy for any Splinter Cell, Terminator or Manhunt fans!

Graphics: 8.5/10
Game play: 9/10
Music: 10/10
SFX: 10/10
Addiction rating: 8/10
Story: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
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on 29 May 2006
Well done to eidos.The first 2 hitmans were good but the 3rd was a dissapointment.Thank god they resurected it with this amazing game.I bought it this morning and am totally hooked on it.All the new features are great and if u liked the first 2 and felt let down by the 3rd this is a game u must own!!!!!
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on 13 August 2014
It's been out for years now (2006) but now and then i still go back and thoroughly enjoy playing Blood Money. it's a deffo Hitman Classic and yes its a Ps2 title, the graphics a tad dated but what really matters is the playbility and a very good benchmark to compare other Hitman Titles. The detailing and black comedy element are my primary elements to make this i feel a classic game in the computer game genre, you can either stealth your way thru the game or pile in guns blazing either method effects the outcome of the level completion.
Other reviewers have added their opinions my humble addition is from the "sand Box" angle where you have completed the game and you can go back and approach the game from a different perspective, using the various implements laying about to facilitate the demise of your victims, placing bodies in prominent areas to attract more victims and maybe then booby trapping the corpses by adding a Mine.....other implements found are-Nail guns (loud but useful), kitchen knives, screwdrivers, hammers etc, the death sequences can be quite stomach churning but a constant row of killings using the same item will gain you a "Title" at levels end--the kitchen knife constant usage will earn you a "Sushi Chef" accolade for example.
You can see broadly where the later 'Hitman Absolution' has direct influence from with a few tweaks added in, but Blood Money is one of my favorite games, a Golden Oldie. "A Vintage Year" "Flat Line" "Death on the Mississippi" being personal fave levels. the variety of unlocked and upgraded weaponary is astonishing and fun to try out during gameplay. A violent game but good playability and a Classic. recommended.
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on 6 July 2006
Well, after playing on te previous hitman games, i didnt know how Io-interactive could better, or even make this game any different to the others, but how wrong i was.

I have had this game for a few days now, and i have hardly been off it. It is a realatively short game, with only 12 missions, but i havent nearly finished yet. This is due to the ability to replay a mission, always attempting to do it another way, for example. In the second mission (my favourite so far) i have found 7 different ways of completing it, and i am sure there are far more. Each vary in the speed taken, and, ofcourse, the amount of blood spilt.

A real star of this game is the ability to buy upgrades to your weapons, and obtain weapons from missions. This can severely affect the next mission, e.g, you could opt for the twin hand guns, with laser sight and long barrel. This may be extremely deadly, but makes ranged silent kills next to impossible without a silencer.

Many other gamers and magazine reviews have dicreditied the scenes as you (if you) die, with it being extremely slow. However, myself and my friends have come to the decision that this is soooooooooo fun as enables you to see how many agents/police you can take with you before you suffer the ultimate fate.

I would reccomend this game to anyone buying (those over 18 that is) as will provide months, if not years, as im sure it will for me, of fun and excitement.

I hope this has helped with any queeries.
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