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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2005
All too often these days bands are laelled with the title "the new Stone Roses" or "the new Oasis". The same has been said of Kasabian, as one glance at the sticker of the CD case will soon show.
The big difference with this band is that they are not trying to be the new anything.
Rarely have I heard a debut album of such quality. One of the truly difficult things for a band to do is meld the standard Guitar/Bass/Drum/Vocal sound with that of heavy Electronica, but Kasabian have pulled it off with a stroke of genius.
Other comments have focused on the lack of real songwriting ability. It is true that the vocals, whilst very well delivered, do lack some substance; but then this band do not seem to be trying to give us Ocean Colour Scene quality lyrics, and have focused more on their undoubted talent at writing songs to pull you in an hook you. And they have done that very nicely, thank you.
The stand out tracks on the album include the storming "L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)", sure to become a festival anthem in the summer, "Ovary Stripe", perhaps the best instrumental I have heard since the Melody AM album by Royksopp, and "Reason is Treason".
The real question, and one that so often leads to disappontment these days, is how good the follow-up will be. Whilst this album sets them apart from so many bands, can their second album do the same? On the basis of this album, I truly hope that there is much more to come.
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on 8 September 2004
I'd not heard much about Kasabian before buying the new album. I'd heard 'L.S.F' and 'Processed beats' and this was enough to convince me to buy! U know how it is though. You hear a track or two off an album, go and buy it and feel let down when the rest is below average.
NOT, however, with this! From the opening 'Club Foot' with its tribal chants, guitar heavy licks and phat beats, all the way through to the epic-sounding (if short) 'Ovary Stripe', this album needs a minimum of 3 spins a day! Their use of conventional music production mixed with the synth based side, and the way it mixes and drops in and out of these different genres makes this a real 'thinkers' record (see 'Reason is Treason). One minute the track is pounding alond, beats-heavy and sounding very rock-like, the next it breaks down into an ethereal swirl of pads and synth stabs before dropping back into the beats once again.
My personal fave from the record has to be 'I.D', it has everything that a song should have. Emotion, drive, decent lyrics and a completely awe-inspiring feel. Press that repeat button!
Tom Meighans vocals slice into you with (dare I say it) an almost Gallagher-esque resonance mixed with the attitude of Shaun Ryder. The rest of the band follow suit, with Sergio Pizzorno's guitar twisting and churning out the riffs. For an album mixed by Jim Abiss (the guy behind DJ Shadow), you can certainly hear the input he's brought to this disc.
So, all in all I highly recommend this disc. Buy it, play it, enjoy it.
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on 27 September 2004
To me, I see Kasabian as a cross between The Music, Kula Shaker (without the Indian influences), The Cooper Temple Clause, and the Stone Roses. And believe me, what a glorious combination that is. Tracks like Processed Beats and the slow-building I.D. simply ooze cool, and demand you to strut along, nodding at everyone you pass, just as The Music do at the best of times. L.S.F. is a wonderfully danceable tune, while I defy anyone not to 'Aaaah' along to the chorus of Cutt Off.
This is a prime slab of quality British music, something the UK needs at the moment to regain our place as the best musical destination in the world. While this album can't and doesn't do that on its own, it sure is a stepping stone towards that ultimate end goal. Recommended for all fans of great music.
Oh yeah, by the way, if you can, get the limited edition of this album cos it comes in a cool all black cd case and is double sided- one side is the CD side, the other is a DVD with loads of nice extras!
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on 1 January 2005
The most interesting band to emerge in the UK for a while I think. Its actually quite tricky to pick the standout tracks. The most immediate are (mostly) singles - Club Foot, Processed Beats, Reason is Treason, LSF and Cut Off. But most of the rest of the album has grown on me to the point where the only things on it I don't like are a couple of rather pointless synth noodles - Pinch Roller and Overy Stripe (the latter being a nice idea but hardly a full length track). Other problems? Well the recording quality isn't as good as it might have been (the self-produced nature of it comes through a bit strongly for my taste) and they over use the sudden stop as a way of ending a piece but, all in all, I reckon its worth buying a copy and keeping an eye on this lot. I shall be very interested to see what they do next. Buy it, turn it up and play it load.
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on 10 December 2006
I think Kasabian are one of the best acts around at the moment. I normally get bored very easily, however I bought this album a good while ago and I still listen to it all the time.

As with most albums the first few tracks are definitely the strongest songs, but the entire album is very strong.

I would not skip through any o fthe tracks on the album......and on the last track if you let it play on theres a banging version of Reason Is Treason which will blow you away!!!
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on 31 October 2004
Upon reading song titles such as Lost Souls Forever, Club Foot and Ovary Stripe it amazed me on first hearing just how easy this album is to listen to. The spirit of the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays certainly does loom fairly prominently over the record, but the overall sound is more akin to the latterday Primal Scream and The Cooper Temple Clause at their most listenable.
Stand-out tracks? Every single one of them. This album really did blow me away, and every track is fantastic. In a way, it seems like one continuous track with countless twists and turns. The lyrics are pretty acerbic throughout, but I found myself not paying a lot of attention to their content, instead paying attention to the razor-sharp beats, vicious basslines and mellifluous keyboard washes.
At first I found myself completely nonplussed by this supposed 'New Rock Revolution' - Jet, The White Stripes, The Vines, Kings Of Leon and the rest all leave me cold. However, I have sinced realised that I was simply looking in the wrong place. The amount of homegrown talent we possess is beginning to make me think the future is more than orange - The Libertines, The Cooper Temple Clause, Babyshambles, Franz Ferdinand, The Futureheads, Adem, Gravenhurst, Razorlight...the list just keeps growing. Well now Kasabian can be added very high up that list. I will certainly be making every effort to catch them live.
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on 13 January 2005
Kasabian are unargubly one of the finest and most innovative new bands to come onto the scene for years. Their innovation of giving indie rock an electronic flavour makes for some interesting listening and make the music suprisingly danceable at the same time. The Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and Stone Roses influences are evident throughout the album. The songs released as singles are the immediate standout tracks, Lost Souls Forever (L.S.F) and the irresistibly catchy Processed Beats being my personal favourite tracks. However unreleased tracks such as I.D and U Boat also caught my attention. Kasabian have all the makings of a great band. This debut shows promise for the future, the follow-up should be interesting to see. I recommend this album to any indie/rock fan who likes danceable innovative rock in its purest form.
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on 8 September 2004
Thoroughly enjoyable debut. Kasabian take a relaxed yet militant approach to songwriting and create a sonically diverse and challenging album, whilst being as accessible as Britney Spears' ring finger. The whole record smacks of post 2000 Primal Scream, but seems more concerned with the songwriting than the afore-mentioned, borrowing a songwriting style similar to that of the stone roses, not to mention the vocal swagger of singer Tom Meighan. This is what "Second Coming" should have sounded like. Expect this album to thoroughly confirm the fantastic trend of great music coming from the U.K at the moment.
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on 8 September 2004
4 blokes from Leicester competently take up the legacy left by the Stone Roses and the Happy Mondays. A finer example of "neo-baggy" grooves you'll not find anywhere.
Sporting infective hooks and beats that will have you shuffling like Ian Brown, Kasabian have surely got to be the antidote to Coldplay and Keane.
Evidencing clear influences from the aforementioned muscial heavyweights, Kasabian weave an intoxicating brew of fine British music. Their style is not limited just to Manchester's flavour though; Ovary Stripe could easily be found on a DJ Shadow album.There's even the odd obscure nod to Kraftwerk in some of the synth lines too.
Outstanding stuff, a compulsory buy.
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on 16 August 2006
I'd only give 5 stars to an album which truly made the hairs on my neck prickle up like quills. But this is a very, very good album. In fact it's a staggering effort for a debut.

If you're a big fan of thumping, confident, catchy, indie-but-melodic-and-without-the-angst-&-thrash tunes, then you're in luck. If you're no such fan then maybe you'll appreciate the musical quality anyway. Vocals are good too. One of the reviews on the album cover says something about effortless swagger, & that's probably a pretty apt description of the music. There's also enough variety to hold your attention & indicate the potential versatility that these guys have. I've no idea what they're like live, or if they're cursed with Liam Gallagher's baseless cockiness, but if this indicates the immediate future of post-Oasis, post-Artics British rock then we're in for a good time, and the Telegraph would've been right in calling these boys "Truly the hound's testicles".
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