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on 16 February 2006
I bought these discs to go with my new Panasonic DVD recorder. Before I bought a recorder, I had never heard of DVD-RAM but am very pleased. The advantages over normal DVD-RW include the fact that you can watch a programme whilst it is still being recorded. This is great for those of us that have to put children to bed and invariably miss the first 10 minutes of something! Combine that with lots of editing features and re-use (great environmentally), excellent price and you have a winner.
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on 2 July 2007
I recently bought a Panasonic EZ45 VCR/DVD recorder. Very pleased with it - though the first one had to go back, as (basically) DOA... It works well with DVD -R/-RW disks and quality is excellent, though running time is not as long as would be ideal (roll-on HD or Bluray!).

But, as recommended by Panasonic, and other reviewers, you only get the best out of the Panasonic machines by using RAM disks. I bought these from Comet - after trying many other stores - for only £9.99 for 5.

They really transorm use of the recorder - effectively giving you a (small) hard disk drive, that can be used for editing (eg removing commercials) and Timeslip (i.e. watching the beginning of a program while still recording the end - HOW???) - both very useful.

The 9.4GB RAM disks are only double sided versions of this type - and they must (it seems) be manually turned over (like an old-fashioned LP!), so no great advantage, compared with using 2 of these (4.7 GB) disks, instead. (More chance of losing valuable recordings if double sided, and more confusing, too..)

So I would highly recommend this product - with two small caveats:

1. Capacity not huge - 4 hrs recording time in LP is actually worse than VHS, tho' quality is probably better, and much easier/faster to find your programs.

2. RAM disks will NOT play in the vast majority of ordinary DVDs - so you need another Panasonic (or similar model from Toshiba, etc) if you want to watch your recordings in the bedroom, for instance.

Hope this review is useful to you.
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on 12 March 2006
I bought these disks to go along with my panasonic dmre55 dvd recorder and i can say that i am very impressed. These disks are of extreme quality and i have had no problem using these over and over again also the write and loading speed is extremely quick. A must have disk for ram dvd recorders.
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on 22 November 2007
The 10 pack Ram is even better value than the 5 Pack (much to my annoyanceI bought 2 x 5 packs without looking properly tut-tut) Just make sure that your recorder is compatible with these discs. If you are about to buy a recorder make sure you buy one that does use them. They are so much more versatile than any other type. You can erase parts i.e adverts,watch the start of a programme while you record the rest. Even in E.P mode where you can record up to 8 hours the definition is better than most vhs recordings. A winner all the way. March 2008. I have recently bought another 10 discs and would just like to add K.K. Electronis are brilliant I had hardly shut down my computer when the discs arrived (well to honest it was the next morning) But excellent service, Well Done.
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on 18 January 2006
This reivew is more useful to those who have DVD recorders. This is my first encounter with DVD-RAM, and I have got to say, I have been missing out. I have recently bought a Panasonic DVD recorder which can burn on to all formats, but the there are limitations to what you can do on the other formats which I learned very quickly. These RAM discs are turely a technological marvel and suprised as to why these did not become industry standard. You can EDIT the discs like deleting scences, chapters, combine chapters, etc.. The picture quality is also stunning, without the loss of quality after over recording many times over. In-fact Panasonic say 100,000 times you can record over without the loss of quality.
This format is ideal for VHS replacement. Once you have inserted a RAM disc into a recorder it is ready, where as other formats require initialising, formating, etc.. Obviously depending on recorder and format this can vary, but I have to say the RAM's are awsome, I use to be a critic of this format before, but perhaps there still some mileage in this format.
The price is also a bonus, one of the cheapest I have seen. Nice one.
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on 21 June 2017
I'm very disappointed. The 3x speed 4,7GB DVD-RAM's are not accepted in my older HD-Recorders brand Panasonic f.i.: DMR-EH68, DMR-EH63 and DMR-EH57. So I spilt money and so I'm disappointed
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on 11 December 2007
Just recently bought the Panasonic EZ47 DVD/VHS Combi recorder from Amazon and am archiving most of my VHS tapes to RAM Discs (supplied by K K Electronics - excellent fast service). Having viewed the discs after copying, the images are superb and the recorder/disc combination does definitely upgrade the image when viewed on a compatible 100Hz tv. The copying initiation with this recorder is simplicity itself and I shall definitely stick to these discs (no formatting etc) for all forms of recording/archiving in the future.
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on 27 November 2010
It may sound obvious but these discs are only usable in a
DVD player/recorder that uses DVD-RAM technology. But what I will say is that this type of disc is in my opinion 10 times better than any of the basic format DVD recordable discs (DVD-R DVD+R DVD-RW DVD+RW) I can only comment about my recorder which has a built in hard disk drive and the the transfer speeds from one to the other is excellent 1 hour recording transfers or burns to DVD in approx 8 minutes. play back function has 5 speeds backward and forward instead of 3. Full edit function allows removal of bits you don't want on ,say, a wedding video/Dvd ,adverts etc. Don't buy these for a normal DVD player ! As this type of recorder plays and records all of the formats as well as DVD/RAM I would recommend buying a DVD/RAM capable recorder when you next change your machine, or if you want to upgrade to a far better system. Downside to consider DVD/RAM discs are far more expensive to buy! But how many DVD's do you burn to keep in a year?
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on 27 March 2011
These are excellent RW discs for users of Panasonic video recorders. They are rather slow but they do NOT cause the recorder to select the finalisation procedure automaticaly as other discs do (especially + R which I NEVER use now). However, if you do finalise them so they can be used on other recorders, then re-formating restores their RW capability.
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on 3 February 2009
I bought these to add to our blank DVD collection for use with our Panasonic DVD recorder. I also have a DVD-RAM drive on my PC. Only problem was that I should have ordered more as a family member was in hospital over the Christmas period and I wanted to record so much! If you have a suitable DVD-RAM recorder or optical drive, then I would strongly recommend them. These disks are not easy to come buy at supermarkets etc.
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