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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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With so many recordable DVD formats around these days it can be difficult not only to find one that works for you but also one that you can have total faith in. DVD-RW and DVD+RW are arguably the most common formats, with DVD-RAM often being overlooked by hardware manufacturers, possibly as it was originally developed for backing up computer data rather than as a storage medium for recorded TV. This is a shame, because RAM has a number of significant advantages over both -RW and +RW that should by now have put it firmly in the lead as the preferred recordable DVD medium.

The first advantage it has is that, according to manufacturers, a DVD-RAM disk can be recorded over up to 100,000 times as opposed to the 1,000 times of its opponents. I've yet to see any firm evidence to back up this claim, and in reality most of us would never need such a capability, but the increased reliability of RAM over its rivals is fairly well documented. Another advantage it has is that RAM recorders verify the data as its written, so you can begin watching a program you're recording half way through recording it - you can start recording a film, go off and make a cup of tea, then come back and begin watching from the start as the recording continues.

The main advantage, however, has to be that information on a RAM disk is stored and read in the same way as that on a computer hard drive. If you record 4 half-hour programs onto a -RW disk, then delete the second and fourth ones, you're left with 2 half-hour slots free rather than 1 full hour one. On a RAM disk, units of information can be spread over the entire disk, exactly the same way as it can on a hard drive, so the two half-hour slots would be seen as a full hour. This also makes editing recorded TV much easier, giving you the ability to assign chapters and to delete easily any unwanted sections without affecting the rest of the recording.

I have used Panasonic DVD-RAM disks in my Panasonic DVD recorder and as a way of regularly backing up the data on my Vaio (and before that my Toshiba) PC for a total of around 5 years. In that time, I haven't had a single loss of information and the quality of the TV recordings hasn't deteriorated in the slightest despite the considerable use each disk has had. I have complete faith in the format not only as a way of storing my valuable data but also as a way of keeping copies of my favourite TV shows. Quite simply, I wouldn't even consider buying either a new PC or a new DVD recorder if it didn't have the ability to use DVD-RAM.
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on 20 November 2007
The only downside to DVD-RAM is that not all players/recorders can use them.They are so good that if you are buying a recorder only buy one that takes these discs. The real joy of these discs is that you can edit out all the bits you dont want that is adverts etc (not just whole chapters)
If you want to record several items during a day just put your recorder into record set the programmes and leave it. Eight hours later you return and have a whole days recordings to watch-then just edit out what you dont want to keep. So much more versatile than RW discs. THe panasonic discs are reliable and produce very clear results even in LP/EP modes.
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on 21 January 2007
I have been using these Panasonic dvd-ram disks for 3 years now,and i have to say they have been so wonderful... I only wish this technology had been around earlier,as i have been collecting things from tv for so many years now...The ram system is so flexible and easy to use, and the need to edit now is so important,thanks to the spiteful way most of the tv companies behave...How anyone can enjoy a programme with the constant,and in my view out and out nasty way they intrude with adverts,and some idiot talking over the credits,about programmes that have nothing in common with the one you have just been watching,is beyond my understanding...Thanks to ram! I couldn't survive without it....
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on 4 October 2008
If your looking for a dvd recorder, make sure you get one that accepts these disc's, they are by far more superior to dvd+/-rw's and last longer and use all the room on the disc just like your hard drive on your pc, also I have found that the picture quality on ep is better than on other disc's too. You also have the convenience of recording a programme and watching it from the start at the same time, just like you would if it had a hard drive in it.
I would'nt buy any other kind of disc now.
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on 22 July 2009
I bought these DVD RAM disks to use mainly with a Panasonic DVD recorder I had recently purchased. This does not have an integral hard disk but these DVD RAM disks mean that it operates as though it does. You can record programmes without formatting the disk and remove it without finalising it. You can also start watching a programme before the recording is complete, and many of the other things that owners of hard disk machines can do.

The only drawback of DVD RAMs is that you cannot lend the recorded disk to a friend unless their player can play RAM disks - and many of them do not. So, it's horses for courses. If you want to record material for yourself and then erase it, use the DVD RAMs. If you want to archive it or lend it to a friend, use a DVD R.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 December 2008
I bought these because I have a Freeview DVD recorder that does not have a hard disc drive, but accepts RAM discs. I bought ten as I thought I would need them to save all the programmes I would be recording, yet because they are the same technology as HDD's and can record a program in any spaces on the disc, so far I have only used three of them.

They are good quality and in the three months I have been using them, I have had no problems with failures to record. When I have filled the ten discs up, I shall not hesitate to by more of these from Panasonic.
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on 24 February 2010
Had lots of problems trying to format them on a PC with XP. Even after I found you had to turn off the inbuilt CD drag & drop writing service, formatting was intermittent. I changed to Nero's INCD UDF packet writing software and had no further problems.

So, the DVD's are great but if you have problems with XP's built in formatter, it is NOT the fault of the DVD's.

AND I came back to buy more when I had solved the problem.
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on 16 September 2014
I have missed these for a while as they went out of production for a few months. My wife and I use these a lot, along with the equivalent Verbatum DVD-RAM Discs we used while the Panasonic ones were out of circulation. As we use a Panasonic Combi we have always preferred the Panasonic DVD-RAM discs over all other types. We use a lot of these and I regularly buy them every couple of weeks. So I am happy to recommend Panasonic DVD-RAM discs as the best format to use. They are good quality, well packed, and reasonably priced.

I have already ordered a ten pack.
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on 27 March 2014
Have had a panasonic recorder gor a good few years have put photos on to the hard drive from a sd card but up till now was unable to retrieve them to a disc,these ram disc's let me do that and transfer to computer excellent.
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on 1 February 2009
Excellent as recommended by Panasonic and avoids the need to format the discs and uses the available disc space wherever it is on the disc.I won't buy any others now !
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