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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2005
Man i love this album, i bought this album since the day it was released and it's still in my cd player and i just keep listening to it. To be honest i wasn't expecting Game to be this good, he has everything a good rapper should have and if he continues to do what his doing at the moment, than in a couple of years time his name will be remembered in hip-hop along with Pac, Biggie, Nas, Dre, Jay and all the other rap legends.
But i have to say this album wouldn't have been this good without the magic touch of Dre, no one can match his producing skills, every album he touches or every song he touches becomes a big hit. i can't wait for his new album Detox.
Anyway back to The Game, i love almost every song in this album.
Here's my favourite 5 songs:
Hate it or Love it-This song is the bomb, great production by Dre, great verses from 50 and Game, deep lyrics.
Don't need your love-This is my second favourite song on the album, not many people like this one, i don't know why because this song has great lyrics with a good message, and Faith does a great job on the hook.
Start from scratch-What a track this is, i heard he was drunk when he did this song and you can tell it from the way he raps, but really emotional song with good lyrics and a great beat.
Higher-My favourite on the album, when i heard this song for the first time, i didn't like this at all, but it just grew on me and it became my favourite song one the whole album, i love the beat, this is a magic from Dre, and Games lyrics make this song a classic.
Special-Game and Nate, good combination and a great song, i like the beat, the lyrics, the hook by Nate, i love everything about this song. Again, great production by Dre.
The rest of the songs are great too, Dreams, Westside story, How we do, We ain't, Whare i'm from, Like father like son.
Basicaly this is one of the best albums i've heard in a long, long time. Good to see some great rappers coming out and showing their talents, we need them instead of this fake rappers like, Lil Jon, nelly, chingy, lil flip, all this b***** can't rap they just talk b*******.
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on 24 March 2005
The Game (real name: Jayceon Tayler) has been sitting on the backburner of Shady/Aftermath for over a year & a half now. During that time, he's been releasing mixtape material & taking shots from Jersey MC Joe Budden. Finally, though, around the middle of 2004, we got a chance to hear "Westside Story", which is undoubtedly one of Game's best tracks. At the end of '04 we saw him in his first video (the remix vid. for "Certified Gangstas" by DipSet's Jim Jones) & then soon after "How We Do" dropped.
When I picked up this album i had read several reviews saying one thing "the beats are hot, the lyrics are not". I was told this was an average album with great production but lyrcially couldn't hold up to any other G-Unit member. I was also told that Joe Budden's album was better (which i believe it is, but Game's isn't as bad as its being made out to be).
Game's album has several high points. Yes, the production does carry some tracks through that otherwise would've been trash ("Put You On The Game", "How We Do", "Higher") but Game shines lyrically on so many other tracks its hard to notice. The uptempo feel-good 50 Cent collabo "Hate It or Love It" comes to mind in this category, seeing as how Game outshines his G-Unit partner throughout the entire track. Other tracks where Game lyrically shines are "Westside Story" (which suffers from being almost a year old before the albums release), "Dreams", "No More Fun & Games" & "Like Father Like Son".
The thing about The Documentary that makes it good, though, isn't the high-standard lyrics but rather the entertainment. On "Start From Scratch" he raps an entire song flat out drunk & it comes off as the best track on the album. Why? Because its entertaining, its something we haven't heard before & its emotional. Another track like this is the title track, which is basically just him linking together classic LP titles in the chorus & name-dropping several times throughout his verses. One way or another, though, it comes off as a really good track.
The only low points on The Documentary are Tony Yayo's verse on "Runnin" (flat out horrible), the fact that Busta Rhymes is only on this album as a chorus singer and the Mary J. song being too dull. The rest of the album is above-average due to its entertainment factors, Game's lyrics or the stellar production.
Best songs:
-Westside Story
-Hate It Or Love It
-Start From Scratch
-The Documentary
-No More Fun & Games
-Like Father Like Son
Overall Rating - 4.5/5
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on 28 January 2005
When I first heard of The Game and all the hype he'd accumulated I thought he'd release one of those terrible commercial albums and fall into the same category as Obie Trice, 50 Cent and G-Unit as opposed to real good Hip-Hop. On the surface this looks like one of thos albums too - production by Eminem & Dr. Dre, guest appearances from 50 cent, Eminem, Nate Dogg etc, it's the usual entourage and producers from the albums by 50 Cent (and similar artists as mentioned before) so I thought it might be another awful album that will only serve to let you down.
I was thankfully wrong. Game is nowhere near his full potential, it still seems like he's warming up, but he still expresses wide knowledge of Hip-Hop, a good sense of structure in his rhymes and also managed to perfectly mix street thuggishness with more personal, sensitive songs. Most rappers wait a good few albums before they start to open up.
If anything, the guest stars bring the album down. Some do seem to gain from The Game, 50 Cent sounds pretty good on Love It Or Hate It, and people like Faith Evans and Nate Dogg are reliably good but if he wants to be respected he needs to lose G-Unit to be honest and get a wider range of producers.
This album is the first chapter in what could turn out to be a really succesful career. It's not mind-blowing, but it's solid and worth a listen. Much better than I anticipated.
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on 30 January 2005
Before buying this album, i had only heard the track Dreams, and this was for the sole reason it was produced by Kanye West. It was to my surprise just how strong the rest of the album was! In my opinion there is not a single weak track on the album, although there are most certainly stand out tracks. Personal favourites, Westside Story, which was a great choice of track to start the album with. This is then followed by Dreams, which for me is definitely the best track on the album. Being such a big fan of Dr Dre, his trademark beats are all over the album, such as Higher, which another stand out track on the album. Eminem also continues to show his production talents on We Ain't, which again is a very strong track.
In short, this is album shows The Games clear vocal talent, along with production from the best in the industry.
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on 16 January 2005
This is an album i have been looking forward to for quite a while and it does not dissapoint. Got a few appearances from 50 cent and nate dogg. As well as appearances from eminem, yayo, mary j and busta rhymes. Bit suprised the rest of g-uni arent on there, but i'll get over that. Not really a song on there that i dont like. The production is really good as you would expect with 9 dre tracks as well as kanye west, just blaze and timbaland producing tracks. Even eminem produces a decent track.
The subject matter is quite diverse, not just about money etc... Talks about his son quite a bit(namely on like father, like son with busta). Also talks about his life in general and getting shot(thankfully doesnt mention it loads like 50).
The songs that i'd already heard(westside story, higher and how we do) are all really good tracks. Other highlights are dreams(prod by kanye), Hate it or love it(feat 50 cent), We Ain't(feat eminem) and the heart felt start from scratch. That track is about his 'homies dying' and you can almost hear his voice cracking as if he on the brink of tears. There are several upbeat bouncy tracks like the songs i had heard before as well as Put you on the game. At the end of dreams he gives a shout out to the murdered sister of venus and serena williams. There are also a few one liners aimed at the sauce magazine(who eminem has beef with), i didnt know of game having beef with them but obviously he does.
Overall i think this is a damn good debut album and i would recommend people go buy it, i've already ordered my copy.
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on 16 January 2005
With Lloyd Banks and Young Buck both putting out strong albums last year, expectations were high for this album before it was even made. Thankfully, it doesn't disappoint.
One potential problem for this album is the amount of guest appearances might take the shine off the actual artist, as what happened with Obie Trice last year, but Game is not outshone once. As 50, Jay-Z and Jada have discovered, keeping up with Eminem on record is a tough job, but on the excellent 'We Aint', he adopts Em's rythm and jokes in the final verse 'Em just murdered me on my own song'.
The Game has a way with words. Not like Nas or Jay-Z's storytelling phenomenons, but his flow is incredible and the beats (mainly from Dre and Just Blaze) are obviously top notch. On songs like 'Dreams' produced by Kanye West and 'Start from Scratch' he is inspirational, and on songs like 'Westside Story' and 'Higher' he gives the best gangsta rap since the NWA days.
This album is potentially better than 50 Cent's, because it doesn't just talk about guns and sex. Quite a lot, yes, but Game is also inspirational. He raps like a pioneer on his debut album, which is quite an achievement.
What sets this CD apart from Banks and Bucks albums are that he knows he can't sing choruses so gets the likes of 50, Mary J BLidge, Nate Dogg, Marsha and Busta Rhymes to do it for him. There is also no filler whatsoever.
50 had better watch out. The Game definately has the potential to be the G Unit ringleader with this incredible debut.
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on 20 September 2005
this a great debut by the game. my fave tracks are
westside story- great beat, great verses and great chorus how all songs should be
how we do- amazing beat which makes this song good the rapping good but the beat holds it together
hate it or love it- love it
Start from Scratch- i really like his voice on this as he rapped the song drunk and is very emotional
Like Father, Like Son- great song and a brilliant ending to the album Busta Rhymes really shines on the chorus
the dvd with this is a documentary about the gangs of comptom and is a good watch. it worth paying more fore for this cd as it comes with a dvd.
i would recommend this album to anyone who likes eminem, 50 cent and gunit, etc
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on 13 August 2005
Besides Dr Dre , The Game is possibly the most talented rapper to have come out of Compton .I first heard The Game rap on 'how we do' with 50 Cent . On the strength of this song alone i braught the album .Although many say that it is not possible to like every song on an album , i strongly disagreee , this is a fantastic album from The Game and i am proud to say that there are no songs on this album that i dislike . The Documentary is definately better than 50 Cents The Massacre and so i strongly reccomend that if you want a true hip hop / rap album that you buy this .With slick production from Dr Dre , Kanye West , Scott Storch , Eminem and Timberland this is certainly the rap album of the year .The Dre produced joints such as Higher , Westside story , How we do and start From Scratch are certainly the best songs on the album with tight lyrics and sick beats .The Kanye West blazer 'Dreams' is a song to memorate the death of the Williamse'ster and pay homage to influencial names such as Left Eye , Martin Luther King and Biggie .Softer songs such as Hate It Or Love it and Runnin' make the album a very mixed genre album which would appeal to hardcore rap fans as well as general music fans . The Game is a lyrical genius and despite the number of guest appearances to slightly distract away from his phenominal rapping and beat making skills , the documentary should appeal to all . I hope that The Game continues his next album using the same formula as this , unlike 50 Cents The Massacre . I think 50 Cent threw Th Game out of G-Unit for the sole reason that The Game is better than him , i am interested to see how TheGame turns out in the future without the G-Unit record label .
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on 14 July 2005
This Album is pure class and everything that you want a Rap album to be about, unlike 50 cents recent release the Masacre, which was filled with R&B tracks, after he sold out on his first album where he rhymed about everything that has happened to him, and left nothing for the second album, if u get me. The Game isn't just a another artist who was spotted by a big name producer i.e. Dre. He is rapping about real things in his life, although you do get the mandetory rapping about how many times he has been shot. but this does not stop it being a great album, start from scratch being the best song on the album just listening to the album isn't enough, listen to the lyrics and u'll see the feeling going into it.
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on 21 February 2005
a had herd quite a lot of his stuff downloaded an thot a wood give his album a look in
pleasantly surprised, although i don't think it is strong enuf to take rap back to the west, the east, even with jay gone is still much stronger, although its nice to see sum1 attemptin it
solid beats,(what else wood u expect with dre/timbaland etc on deck), lyrically slightly inferior to 50's album, but personally i feel bettr than banks or buck. stand out tracks...dreams (w/ Kanye West..higher and like father like son w/ busta rhmyes. it does seem tht hes stronger with sum1 behind him or at least supportin rather than on his own. will no doubt sell millions cos of the names and faces behind it, not revolutionary, but a solid first effort from Comptons latest protege...
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