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Crying In The Chapel
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Price:£3.96+ £1.26 shipping

on 27 April 2015
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on 9 January 2016
bought for an elderly neighbour is is an avid Elvis fan she loved the design of the cd.
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RCA began 2005 with a big bang for British Presley fans - weekly releases of 3-track 10" Vinyl and 5" CD singles covering all eighteen of The King's UK Numbers ones. I can remember buying them one a week at £3.99 each (supposedly limited editions). The presentation and audio was top notch and by 25 April 2005 (Number 18) - the complete box set could be proudly displayed on my shelf at home. Here are the details for each UK CD single reissue and the 'complete' box set...

Released January 2005 - "18 UK No 1s" is a 18 x CD Single Collector's Box Set on RCA 828766665628 (Barcode the same) and breaks down as follows:

1. All Shook Up b/w That's When Your Heartaches Begin
USA 7" single 22 March 1957 on RCA Victor 47-6870
UK 7" single 28 June 1957 on HMV Pop 359
CD single reissued 3 January 2005 on RCA 82876666562
CD bonus (track 3) "Heartbreak Hotel" (7:32 minutes)

2. Jailhouse Rock b/w Treat Me Nice
USA 7" single on 24 September 1957 on RCA Victor 47-7035
UK 7" single 24 January 1958 on RCA Records 45-RCA-1028
CD single reissue 3 January 2005 on RCA 82876667152
CD bonus (track 3) "Treat Me Nice (Movie Version)" (6:51 minutes)

3. One Night b/w I Got Stung
USA 7" single 21 October 1958 on RCA Victor 47-7410
UK 7" single 24 April 1959 on RCA 45-RCA-1100
CD single reissue 10 January 2005 on 82876666682
CD bonus (track 3) "One Night Of Sin" (7:03 minutes)

4. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I b/w I Need Your Love Tonight
USA 7" single 10 March 1959 on RCA Victor 47-7506
UK 7" single 23 January 1959 on RCA 45-RCA-1113
CD single reissue 17 January 2005 on RCA 82876666582
CD bonus (track 3) "(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I (Alternate Version)" (7:27 minutes)

5. It's Now Or Never b/w A Mess Of Blues
USA 7" single 5 July 1960 on RCA Victor 47-7777
It's Now Or Never (O Sole Mio) b/w Make Me Know It
UK 7" single 3 November 1960 on RCA 45-RCA-1207
CD single reissue 24 January 2005 on RCA82876666592
CD bonus (track 3) is the US B-side "A Mess Of Blues" (8:01 minutes)

6. Are You Lonesome Tonight? b/w I Gotta Know
USA 7" single 1 November 1960 on RCA Victor 47-7810
UK 7" single 19 January 1961 on RCA 45-RCA-1216
CD single reissue 31 January 2005 on RCA 82876666602
CD bonus (track 3) "Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Laughing Version)" (8:20 minutes)

7. Wooden Heart b/w Puppet On A String
USA 7" single November 1964 on RCA Victor 447-0650
Wooden Heart b/w Tonight Is Right For Love
UK 7" single 9 March 1961 on RCA 45-RCA-1226
CD single reissue 7 February 2005 on RCA 82876666612
CD bonus (track 3) is the US B-side "Puppet On A String" (7:01 minutes)
PS: the song was a belated release in the USA - didn't appear until 1964

8. Surrender b/w Lonely Man
USA 7" single 7 February 1961 on RCA Victor 47-7850
Surrender (Torna A Surriento) b/w Lonely Man
UK 7" single 25 May 1961 on RCA 45-RCA-1227
CD single reissued 14 February 2005 on RCA 82876666692
CD bonus (track 3) is "Lonely Man (Solo)" (6:43 minutes)

9. His Latest Flame b/w Little Sister
USA 7" single 8 August 1961 on RCA Victor 47-7908
(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame b/w Little Sister
UK 7" single 2 November 1961 on RCA 45-RCA-1258
CD single reissue 21 February 2005 on RCA 82876666702
CD bonus (track 3) "(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame (Alternate Version)" (6:45 minutes)

10. Rock-A-Hula Baby ("Twist Special") b/w Can't Help Falling In Love
USA 7" single 1 October 1961 on RCA Victor 47-7968
UK 7" single 1 February 1962 on RCA 45-RCA-1270
CD single reissue 28 February 2005 on RCA 82876666732
CD bonus (track 3) "Can't Help Falling In Love (Movie Version)" (6:56 minutes)

11. Good Luck Charm b/w Anything's That Part Of You
USA 7" single 27 February 1962 on RCA Victor 47-7992
UK 7" single 10 May 1962 on RCA 45-RCA-1280
CD single reissue 7 March 2005 on RCA 82876666752
CD bonus (track 3) "Good Luck Charm (Alternate Version)" (7:03 minutes)

12. She's Not You b/w Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello
USA 7" single 17 July 1962 on RCA Victor 47-8041
UK 7" single 30 August 1962 on RCA 45-RCA 1303
CD single reissue 14 March 2005 on RCA 82876666762
CD bonus (track 3) "She's Not You (Alternate Version)" (6:46 minutes)

13. Return To Surrender b/w Where Do You Come From
USA 7" single 5 September 1962 on RCA Victor 47-8100
UK 7" single 29 November 1962 on RCA 45-RCA-1320
CD single reissue 21 March 2005 on RCA 82876666772
CD bonus (track 3) "Girls, Girls, Girls" (6:53 minutes)

14. (You're The) Devil In Disguise b/w Please Don't Drag That String Around
USA 7" single July 1963 on RCA Victor 47-8188
UK 7" single 4 July 1963 on RCA Victor RCA 1355
CD single reissue 28 March 2005 on RCA 82876666782
CD bonus (track 3) "You're The) Devil In Disguise (Alternate Version)" (7:55 minutes)

15. Crying In The Chapel b/w I Believe In The Man In The Sky
USA 7" single April 1965 on RCA Victor 447-0643
UK 7" single 27 May 1965 on RCA Victor RCA 1455
CD single reissue 4 April 2005 on RCA 82876666802
CD bonus (track 3) "Milky White Way" (7:13 minutes)
Note: although not noted on the card sleeve or inner bag - the CD itself credits the bonus track as (Alternate Take 3) of "Milky White Way"

16. The Wonder Of You b/w Mama Liked The Roses
USA 7" single 20 April 1970 on RCA Victor 47-9835
UK 7" single 11 July 1970 on RCA Victor RCA 1974
CD single reissue 11 April 2005 on RCA 82876666812
CD bonus (track 3) "Let It Be Me (Je T'Appartiens)" (8:56 minutes)

17. Way Down b/w Pledging My Love
USA 7" single 6 June 1977 on RCA Victor PB-10998
UK 7" single 13 August 1977 on RCA Victor PB 0998
CD single reissue 18 April 2005 on RCA 82876666822
CD bonus (track 3) "Way On Down (Alternate Version)" (8:38 minutes)

18. A Little Less Conversation (Radio Edit) b/w (Long Version)
USA 7" single June 2002 on RCA 07863-60575-7
UK 12" single 22 June 2002 on RCA 74321 94357 1
CD single (2-track) reissue 25 April 2005 on RCA 82876666832 (9:45 minutes)
Note: Both sides are Elvis VS JXL Remixes of an old 1970s song

For a Box set that's specifically titled `UK' Numbers ones to then picture all the `US' sleeves is bizarre if you think about it - but of course early British 45s on HMV and RCA simply came in label bags which aren't that picturesque. In a nod to the `UK' buyers of these 18 reissues when you take the inner card sleeve out that houses the actual CD - it's a repro of a UK RCA Records label bag and the disc has the original British catalogue numbers reflected on the disc (45-RCA-1028 for "Jailhouse Rock" etc). When you get to "The Wonder Of You" the inner bags change from Red Sixties to Yellow Seventies (as do the CD labels). The release dates of all the UK singles are even printed on the inner lip of the box set's lid - working their way round from front to back - and all 18 pictures sleeves are shown on the base of the box in colour.
Each of the outer card sleeves (which picture the America releases and track configurations) are in high gloss colour (beautiful it has to be said) and the limited edition numbers seem to increase as the weeks of 2005 passed by - 15,000 for first few - then upwards to 30,000 for later issues. And indicative of his staggering popularity - "Jailhouse Rock", "One Night" and "It's Now Or Never" all went to Number 1 again in early 2005 in the UK on the strength of this reissue campaign.

Once all 18 were collected they were put in your hard card box set that came free with "All Shook Up" and "Jailhouse Rock" on 3 January 2005. The box set itself (numbered on the rear) simply takes the catalogue number for "All Shook Up" 82876666562 and adds an 8 onto the end of it. And in 2015 - you can now often get "The Complete Box" for less than fifteen pounds from some online retailers - which is damn good value for money.

But what many have forgotten is the awesome AUDIO on these releases - most are in MONO and the sound quality is hair-raisingly good. And in most cases - the extra bonus track is actually worth having. But it must also be said that for every classic like "Jailhouse Rock", "Return To Sender" and "Crying In The Chapel" - dreck rears its ugly head too. For me three stinkers are the awful puppet tune "Wooden Heart" (which didn't get a Stateside release until 1964 for fear of ruining his Rocker image), the cod Hawaiian twist of "Rock-A-Hula" and the live bombast of "The Wonder Of You". But the first two are saved by decent B-sides - especially the magnificent and (damn it) moving "Can't Help Falling In Love" (which is hard to believe now was originally a flip side and not the A). Speaking of excellent B-sides there's the completely forgotten piano ballad "Anything's That Part Of You" and that other fabulous Pomus/Shuman composition "Little Sister" complimenting their winner on the A ("His Latest Flame").

Gorgeous presentation, quality audio and a fitting way to remember him as we would like... The King folks...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 March 2013
Part of the 2005 brilliantly packaged box set of UK number 1's, released through 2005, Crying In The Chapel captures Elvis deleivering his purest vocal. You can imagine him recording this with the lights down soft, capturing the mood of the song with such artistry.
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