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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 May 2002
Killswitch Engage have just signed to Roadrunner Records. Some of the songs on this album have been re-recorded on the new disc 'Alive Or Just Breathing'. Now onto this recording. It is amazing. Although it's pretty rough production wise, you can hear classic Slayer among others in the music. It's a great start and if you like metal you should be clicking on the 'add to shopping basket' button right now. The riffs are fantastic and with so much crap outhere trying to pass as metal it's great to hear the real deal. Stand out tracks are 'Temple From The Within', 'Vide Infra' and 'One LAst Sun Set' and it's no coincidence that the first two also appear on the new disc. I've got to say that Killswitch will be as important to metal as Slayer, Sepultura and Panterra were.
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on 27 January 2005
Before metalcore heroes Killswitch Engage changed the shape of modern metal with 2002's "Alive or Just Breathing", they released a self-titled debut on Ferret Records. Although it caused minor interest at the time of release, on the whole it went by fairly unnoticed - until now. Remixed and re-mastered by guitarist Adam Ductkiewicz complete with four bonus tracks from the band's original 1999 demo, Roadrunner Records have now brought this album to the attention of the many new fans the band has acquired over the last few years.
Far from just cashing in on obsessive or collector fans, this album definitely something worth owning. The CD features a different Killswitch with Ductkiewicz on drums and ex-vocalist Jesse David Leach (the same line-up as on "Alive or Just Breathing"), but the song style has not changed much. The production isn't as gut busting as the band's current sound, but in place of this you can really feel the energy of this album. Its rawness, in this instance, is a help, not a hindrance.
The first two tracks, "Temple From the Within" and "Vide Infra", will be familiar to fans of the band as they appeared on "Alive or Just Breathing". It is clear that not much was changed for these songs and it is also clear that nothing really needed to be changed. They are as good songs in their original state as they were on "Alive..."
The other seven songs on the album will be new to most listeners, and they will be pleased to hear that there are no fillers here. Any of the remaining songs could quite easily sit on "Alive or Just Breathing" and, as well as being a credit to the band's song writing abilities, it shows how consistent a band Killswitch Engage are. They definitely seem to have sticking power and will be probably be one of the few to outlive the "New Wave" fad. Highlights include the air guitar friendly "In the Unblind", the brutal "Soilborn" and the magnificent "Irreversal". And where would a decent metalcore album be without the compulsory mellowed instrumental track? "One Last Sunset" is dark, melancholy and frankly quite daring for a debut album closer. But, they took the risk, and it works wonderfully well.
The bonus demo material is interesting to listen to and a key piece in the progression of the band, but it isn't as outstanding as you may expect. Granted, it is a solid effort but some parts are sloppy. It was probably much more significant back in 1999 when nu-metal was riding high, but today it isn't really as impressive and is there more as a point of reference than of something of outstanding quality.
This re-release does Killswitch's reputation no harm; indeed it has the potential to make their fans appreciate them even more. With a DVD featuring the current line-up set for release some point this year and a new album in 2006, Killswitch Engage are definitely here to stay.
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on 13 May 2003
This album is a deep description by jesse leach (who has unfortunatly left Killswitch Engage by now) of his feelings towards life. There music is violent but with a meaning. An excellent debut, even though the production is a little rusty at times. With two songs they have copied to there most recent album 'Alive or just Breathing' but with a song like "temples within" to open the album are great. Anyone who likes there Roadrunner album will definatly enjoy this, but don't expect the saem quality!
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on 1 March 2005
I said a few years back that Alive was the best album I had heard since Ride the Lightening .... two years on and i STILL cant get the thing out of the CD player....and i have many hundreds of Cds....
I now have both versions of this album ..... it really needed remixing as the original was hard to make out the songs ..... and now I realise just how amazing this album is ..... not a bad song on it .... and a real treat for Jesse fans....
On the downside, it makes you realise the band are becoming more and more streamlined with each release .... I prefer this cd to End of Heartache, which whilst a great album, seems to lack the twists and turns and great vocal melodies of Alive.... and I am now really missing Jesse ....
This though is truly BRUTAL, raw and I absolutely love it .... if you liked Alive ... and lets face it, who didnt ... you are gonna love this...
A true masterpiece from the best band ive ever heard
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on 29 January 2005
Damn! what a good album I was upset by the news a while ago that the lead singer had been changed but they have deffinetly changed for the better this albums great it really is metals step in the right direction for 2005 just hearing this album gets me more excited of what else is upcomming in 2005 if its anything like this album then 2005 might possibly be the best year for metal ever I highly recomend if you like metal that you buy this its apsolutely amazing 5 stars 1 for the great choice of new singer star 2 for the original style of killswitch star 3 for the work and effort these guys obviously put in to pull off such a great album star 4 for the guitar and lyrical genius to this album and star 5 has to goto the record company roadrunner records gota hand it to those guys DAMN! they can pick good bands.
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on 5 February 2008
This is one of the KSE albums that featured Jesse before he left KSE and was replaced by Howard as the vocalist and it is immediately apparent that Jesse has more aggression and raw power in his voice for this style of music when listening to songs like Temple From The Within and Vide Infra. Personally I find the later KSE stuff somewhat frustrating to listen to as the faux operatic style of Howard begins to get on my nerves; he almost sounds to me like Kermit The Frog performing opera, badly.

If you like the heavier and more "brutal" KSE then you'd do well in investing in the albums that Jesse was vocalist on, this one included. This album is good but the real stand-out tracks from KSE's back catalogue (before Howard took over) are definitely on the album "Alive Or Just Breathing" and 2 of the 3 or 4 standout tracks on the self-titled album appear on AOJB anyway. It's just a shame that Jesse left as I feel KSE became more watered down since Howard joined.
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on 10 February 2005
Listening to this album, I'm thinking if you are into bands such as Unearth and Hatebreed then you are gonna love this early offering. It's a re-release of their debut album with then vocalist Jesse Leach on screaming duty.
Most people will agree that more and more albums are compiled of good songs and 'fillers' but this album is different. From opener 'Temples from the Within' throught to 'One Last Sunset', I cant personally think of one bad riff, intro or breakdown in any of the songs. Add to that the 4 bonus tracks from the 1999 Demo and you have yourself a blistering first album. With the power of such songs like 'In the Inblind'and 'Soilborn' it's hard to determined the best song on the album.
It sounds as good now as it did then and is pure metal perfection!
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on 12 February 2005
Initially I wasn't sure whether to buy this album or not. I love Killswitch, as do the thousands of record buying metalheads who pushed their latest offering 'The End of Heartache' into the top 40 last year. But how much can a 6 year old album hold? A ridiculous amount of killer hooks, and pummelling drumbeats is the answer.
Although the immaturity of the band's song writing does shine through at times, this only serves to increase the appeal of the album. As well as imposing itself as an impressive album, it also acts as an indication of the amazing development of one of the biggest bands in metal today. With this album you can now see how far this band has come, and have a better indication of how much of a stratospherically ingenious song writing unit they can be in the future.
There are numerous tracks to pump your fist to, although you'd do better to indulge in that activity in the privacy of your own home, rather than when you're travelling on the number 86 bus.
Even if you've never heard any Killswitch Engage, this is still a good album to begin with. What better starting point than where the band started themselves?
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on 8 February 2005
They just continue to impress don't they?!! I brought this album a few days ago, when I had heard how good it was, and I think its awesome! "Alive or Just breathing" was the first album I brought by KSE and iv'e loved them ever since. Their lastest album "end of heartache" kicked some metal butt too, with their new vocalist, but now I hear their re-release im amazed! We've got the good ole vocals back! Check out tracks "soilborn" and "irreversal" I saw them live last summer and they were very impressive, definately a crowd mover! Definately worth the buy if your a killswitch fan, if not and you love the metal scene still check it out! \m/
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on 1 February 2005
This is an amazing CD. A collaboration of raw entising sounds that give pure metal ectasy to even the mild of metal fans. Killswitch Engage have been a band that have always kept to the roots of metal, showing a collection molodic and rageful riffage that blow you away from start to finish. In this album is features their rawest of the three productions, and comes very highly recommended by myself..... infact why are you still reading this review, click buy NOW!
Yours Shadie.. Metal forever!
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