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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Oddworld Stranger's Wrath (Xbox)
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on 21 April 2017
There is certainly oddity in using live animals as ammunition, but this game is a romp through a gloriously realised world. It shows it's age compared with more recent games of the genre - but you can find it at a bargain price & you'd be remiss to pass up the opportunity.
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on 30 March 2017
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on 27 July 2017
All good!
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on 20 March 2005
When you begin your game, you are welcomed with fantastic visuals, boasting detailed deserts and an amazing asortment of interesting characters. You are the "Stranger", a mysterious creature like man you embelishes on gaining as much moolah (money) as he can to pay for an operation, the reason of which is unbeknown to us. Throughout the game you take on many bountys to get that all important target to pay for your op, as well as discovering more about Stranger as the game progresses.
There is something to suit all most all gamers here, with both first and third person options available. Either choose a good old fashioned beat 'em up, and pummle your enemies with flying fist, or simply press your joystick button for an explosive game of shooting, where you use live ammo of fascinating creatures to tie up, explode, stun, attract, knock out, chew or simply hurt your enemys.
Good graphics really give this game an edge, something which appears in nearly all oddworld games. The stunning scenery and character help you enjoy this game all the more.
However, on the negative sides of things, the game does seem to be rather short, and the story lacks depth as you'll find out as you continue through the game. A lot of it is a simple case of doing all the bountys in one town and then moving on to the next, with each mission coming down to shooting and pulverising about 50 enemies in one go. Another possible plus to this game would've been a few sub missions, to make the game seem more lengthy and give the player an option to go back once they've completed the game.
In conclusion, Oddworld have done well, giving you a short but none the less solid game for all those platform and action gamers. Oddworld Inhabitants have definatly improve on their last installment Munch's Oddysee, making this game more about action and hardcore shooting than puzzle solving and collecting different types of pointless fruit. To gain that extra star and reach five, next time Oddworld should combine Stranger's Wrath's action and Abe and Munch's story, as well as making it available for PS2 and GC.
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on 18 March 2005
I'm so glad I dared to believe the reviews of this game. From the moment the intro begins it just oozes quality. The graphics are gob-smacking, the Dolby Digital sound is second only to Halo (and then only marginally), the controls are ultra responsive (if you die in this game it's usually your own fault), and the gameplay is fast, intuitive and - above all else - FUN.
The western vibe is a joy, the music and visuals combining to make you want to savour every moment. The other inhabitants of Oddworld that Stranger encounters vary between annoying and hilarious (some of the background dialogue is just brilliant - I particularly liked the bit where Stranger steals an idol from a village - in the background a voice cries "He's taken the idol! Could things get any worse? ... Apart from when I had that ingrowing toenail...").
But it's the weaponry and the action that's had me glued to this game. The "live" ammo is inspired (and a little unsettling when it starts insulting you as it sits on your crossbow).
The most fun I've had on the Xbox to date - and I include Halo in that comment.
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on 24 March 2005
If there is one thing the Oddworld series is remembered for it has to be it's incredible sense of humour. Of course this is not the only thing thats incredible about Oddworld games, the graphics have always been top notch for their time and the gameplay is always inituative and very clever, yet always looking on a darker and mysterious side of life. So when news of a brand new Oddworld game came out i was obviously excited getting ready for another dose of the strange but wonderful. Strange is what i got, Strange and Stunning. The series does something very different this time, it strays away from the other odd looking characters we have come to know and love. We are now in Strangers world and oddworld has never looked so good, infact few games have ever looked this good. The humour is back but its alot darker then it was before, everything seems to be more mature in the abnormal sense of the word.
So what exactly is different? well, unfortunately you can't make your character fart, im slightly dissapointed with this. But in no way does this have an impact on the brand new game, infact i hardly notice, this game is much more action packed, blast away in first person mode with hilarious ammunition that talk to you, you are a bounty hunter and you will encounter stranger things than yourself, like the odd town of chickens with attitude, feel free to smack them in their rebellious faces when they are rude or sarcastic to you, just don't expect any help for a while afterwards but it's worth it, they usually have alot of moolah (money to me and you).
This oddworld game is fresh, it feels, looks and plays it however there is something familiar in the game and you just can't escape the feeling of knowing your in Oddworld and that's great. Your in the same kind of place, with more weird characters which are totally different from that of other games yet you still feel right at oddworld home. It is a fantastic game and if i didn't have an x-box i wud buy one just for this, but don't go expecting this to be easy, perservering and having patience is a good thing here. It is all worth the hardship though as this is the best and most inventive Odd Oddworld yet. How strange!
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on 29 March 2005
On first look at this game I saw little hope for it, which was a shame considering the previous three games were such a huge success. Ignoring myself and instead listening to the critics I purchased it and I can say it was well spent.
The game has taken a rest from the quintology, which the previous three games were set on in order for the player to explore more of Oddworld. First of all there is a new character and new creatures and absolutely no reference to the previous three games apart from the odd Vyker here and there. This may seem a bit unusual but all the characters still have that oddworld feel to them.
Considering this was a new game with new characters the whole concept of the game changed with it. First person elements were used in this game, which handle better then some of the best first person shooters out there. Within this first person element you are equipped with a single double cross bow, which allows you to shoot two types of ammo at once. Ammo varies from wasps to skunks all playing a different part. (Yes the ammo is living which is why it is called "Live Ammo" you can collect it but you can also hunt it) Wasps act as a machine gun while the skunk acts as a temporary stun grenade. There are about ten different ammo types. The third person perspective is mainly for moving around but you can shoot you crossbow in it but if you're in first person view you move a lot slower.
The scenery is brilliant and still has the lush, industrial, western oddworld feel to it. The creature's attitudes and personalities are also similar to those of the previous game. The game is very fast paced and what may seem repetitive at times it will still keep you excited from start to finish.
The story bares similarities to the older games. One greedy industrial boss hunting down another species for some insane reason. Although this story has been used three times before Oddworld Inhabitants have managed to mould it into something a little different and more interesting to watch.
Brilliant games are not without their faults though. What made the previous games so popular is no longer present in this game. Elements such as game speak and possession. This is what put me off buying the game but when you start playing it you will begin to realize what Munch's Oddysee lacked. Munch suffered from many faults but still remained a good game; this game is all the faults in fixed,
The game itself isn't that long but will keep you playing for a good few hours, I've only done it once so far and still need to discover the bad or good ending of the game. This was a daring change from the original series but it was pulled off incredibly well. Buy this or rent it first but overall its one brilliant game. Happy Hunting.
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on 22 July 2005
Usual Oddworld game: genuinely funny, stunning graphics and a storyline that gets you weird looks from your friends when you try to explain it to them. I laughed out loud too many times to remember; so much better than the cheesy "forced" humour prevalent in so many games. And Stranger was just cool as, even though he spoke like a character from Joecartoon.com. The FMV was probably the best I've seen and the in-game graphics were none too shoddy either; wait til you journey down Mongo Valley, it's gorgeous ! The western-style setting doesn't last forever, in fact the inspiration for each level can be quite unrelated; entering a city under seige brought back memories of the beach landing in Saving Private Ryan. Finally, I loved the excellent twist in the plot, which made me do a big movie-style gasp when it sunk in. My only gripes at all were feeling a bit empty-handed without a proper gun during battles, but once you get to know your "live" ammo this is no longer a problem. Also, the last boss was rubbish once you sussed what to do, but getting to him was a bloody nightmare, so it evens out ! If you like 1st and 3rd person games and fancy the best of both worlds, get your hands on this ASAP !
And try not to laugh when the Clukkers go "Whut tha HEYULLL" !
P.S With regards to miiiguel's review: when you get to those two spinny dudes, don't let them get close in the first place !
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on 28 June 2005
Yup, although this is an brilliant game, one that oozes style, character, humour, fun and story it seems that it hasn't made enough cash to stop Oddworld Inhabitants from going under. And now this major developer has left the field of game development. This is a massive blow to anyone who enjoys originality and quality games. Abe, Munch and Stranger were stupidly cool (in the fact they were cool and stupid), so if you haven't yet got this game, snap it up quickly before it dies out quicker than a two legged Steef on a glukkon BBQ night.
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on 20 January 2008
A first person shooter with a tongue-in-cheek Western setting, Stranger's Wrath is one of the nicest looking and most playable xbox games I've experienced by far, and deserves to have done much better than it did. The exploration and shooting of Metroid combined with the stealth, cunning and cartoon violence of Sly Cooper. For ammo variety and weirdness, comparable to Ratchet and Clank.

The good:
Stranger's controls are very user-friendly, the environments are beautiful, varied and interesting, the bosses are for the most part very cleverly set up, and an intellectual as well as button-mashing challenge. The story is marvellous, as is usual for OWI. The cut-scenes are very good, and the in-game movies are breath-taking even now the xbox console has been surpassed graphically. An interesting twist to the game gives Stranger even better new moves, and the final third of the game is frankly incredible. The enemy grunts are cute and amusing, the villagers' comments are hillarious, and the live ammo is not just a gimmick, but highly effective and ingenious. As always with OWI, there is a moral message to the game, which is part of what makes their games so refreshing and different, but the game is more thought-provoking than didactic. The controls are surprisingly intuitive, and Stranger will prevent you getting lost or too muddled in the massive, complex landscapes of the game by reminding you in his sullen drawl what your current mission is. The violence is, for the most part, not severe - in true Oddworld tradition, you can leap (or push a hapless enemy) into a meat grinder, which isn't pretty, but that's your own fault. Just remember you can save absolutely anywhere, and enemies earn you far more money if captured alive.;)

The Bad:
A few glitches, nothing major. Once you've done a level, you can't go back, mostly. The game is very stingy with some ammo while providing a surplass of other kinds, which can get irritating. I would have preferred a more electronica sound-track like Ratchet and CLank games as the sound-track for the most part is rather downbeat compared to the frantic action in the game. The chicken and newt people aren't as nice-looking as the mudokons or Munch in the other games, and the Outlaws, while they have a lot of charm, aren't nearly as cool as the Sligs. Fanboys/girls of the other three games might be disappointed that Stranger uses a crossbow and muscle power more than sneaking and trickery to win his battles, and that of course the major characters from the Abe/Munch games aren't in this. Some of the bosses and indeed levels come across as uncreative/repetitive in that winning comes down to quicksave and button-mashing more than player cunning and skill. As with Munch's Oddysee, I found the occasional problem with the camera, and jumping, but Stranger is still the most easily playable 3d character I've experienced after Ratchet and Sly Cooper. The tutorial level is frankly tedious, and some of the earlier levels are a bit dull and samey, but stick this out and you'll be well rewarded!

Final bosses (spoiler alert!):
Some people seem to have problems with these, and some of the internet walkthroughs give bad advice - actually these are easier to kill than a lot of the outlaws, here's my tips:

2 Octigi: Don't worry if these come too close and stab you up - if you keep shooting them with riot slugs and boombats (or stingbees) they will turn green and teleport away, so you can heal yourself before starting another battle. It can be hard, but if you keep pressing R1 you will get shooter control so can damage them if you hurry.

Sekto: First of all, you DO NOT need boombats for this, as a lot of internet advice implies by telling you you need a full clip of everything. Just blast his generators (the round things shooting power to his ball-shield) from behind the wall-chunk with riot-slugs and stingbees, then run/charge away before he knocks it down, and keep moving until a new chunk falls, then repeat. If you keep on the move, and don't blast/heal standing still for too long, with luck he won't shoot the lethal pink lazer at you more than once or twice during the battle. If he keeps shooting the pink lazer at you, you are shooting the generators for too long - reduce the time you spend shooting and start to flee before he turns on the pink and makes the protective wall-chunk start to crumble. There are plenty of stingbees behind you, so don't worry about running out. Good luck!

Conclusion: buy this while it's still available, but only if you have a working xbox - it doesn't look like it'll be converted for the 360 although Munch was; what a shame! If you have a copy you don't use, please sell it so others can enjoy! Shame they didn't make Fangus, I hope Citizen Seige comes out soon and does well, and they bring back Oddworld in the future.:)
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