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on 25 May 2015
I have had this belt just over a year now. Initially thought it was a good buy and would last for a good while. Not the case! The elasticated belt part is fine but the buckle/loop/end of belt has almost disintegrated (see photos). It seems to be made of some composite reconstituted wool material covered with an imitation leather material and has frayed and split so badly as to almost become detached from the belt. I give it a couple of weeks and it will almost certainly come apart.
Bought a green and brown belt, the brown is also beginning to fray, the green about to become consigned to the rubbish bin!
I suppose you shouldn't expect too much for £10 but did think it would last a bit longer!
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on 4 September 2013
I curse the day that some designer invented the "hipster" style of trousers. When that trend took off - clothing manufacturers must have been rubbing their hands with glee. Since then (and it will be this way for ever more) the fact of the production costs being slightly lower if you leave off a couple of crucial inches of fabric has meant that, even if trousers aren't sold as hipsters, the ordinary woman has to buy them a couple of sizes too big to be able to get them up past the hips. This results in the pants having an incessant tendency (if the waistband is not constantly grasped with one hand) to fall down. The options are a: surgery (pants not cosmetic) - cutting open brand new pants waistband and threading in elastic.. b: Pensioner pants (I am not ready for the cruise liners yet). c: stiff and pinching belt. Went for option c (obviously) and then I discovered this kind of belt and it was a revelation.

It's got just enough stretch to make it comfortable whilst ensuring that the trousers never accidentally fall down again. It's so efficient and faff free that I'm going to get one for my little boy. I only take off one point from perfect because I can't take off a half point - it's probably personal taste but it's not the prettiest thing. However - I'm also not ready to start habitually tucking my tops into my bottoms either. It does it's supporting cast job perfectly - behind the scenes.
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on 17 April 2014
The belt itself is good quality and works well. However, the sizing information is misleading and contradictory.

I ordered a Medium to fit size 36, as suggested in the sizing listbox, which turned out to be too small. It's just about useable but is clearly not designed for a 36. On closer inspection the sizing information on the buy page is contradictory. While the listbox suggests a Medium for a 36, the separate Sizing Guide suggests a Large for a 36. This really needs to be fixed.

Update: I've now received a Large size belt, and it is only 2cm longer than the Medium size. Just about OK for my size 36 but would be too small for anyone bigger than that.
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on 8 November 2012
I am really pleased with this belt. It is very well made and the leather and stitching make it look much more expensive than it is.

The stretchiness is just right and it is very comfortable.

This was a really good buy that I would reccomend to others
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on 23 November 2012
These belts are fantastic and come in very good colours. The "give" is especially appreciated when I bend over my dropped handlebars. There doesnt seem to be an issue with finding a mid point in the width when deciding where you want the belt fastened so they always look neat. They tidy up the appearance of many of my cargo shorts which I have in several styles and the leather finishing just completes the effect
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on 7 August 2013
Update - Came back & bought another one of these belts that's how much I rate the first one. Most belts don't fit me properly or feel comfy when on but this does both. The design makes it easy to get the perfect fit & to make tiny adjustments when needed & the material it's made out of makes it uber comfortable.

I got this belt for all my 3/4 length shorts & it's perfect, Adjust however you want it as it fastens through the weave rather than having eyelets. Got a bit of give in it as well so it's not uncomfortable when sitting or bending. I'm going to get another which says it all really.
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on 16 March 2018
I now have three of these, having given one away to a friend. I like the slight stretch, so I'm comfortable seated as well as standing, and that I can fasten to suit, not at fixed button holes. I'd also found it tricky to get a 3cm/ 1 1/4 inch width. So, very happy.
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on 8 July 2014
Love it. The lack of holes mean it's completely adjustable to exactly where you want it. This makes it useful if you suffer bloating, PMS, weight fluctuations or for pregnancy, as well as normal daily use. For me it's ideal because it allows movement when bending etc. So I can go about my gardening, DIY and playing with my toddler without constantly hitching up sagging jeans or trousers. It's not perfect as there is still some slipping down and pulling up during the day, but it's a big improvement. The elastic is sturdy enough the stretch the allow movement and then return to shape without any problem and this hasn't been the case with others I've tried that ended up weakening and getting fold marks. The quality of the buckle and leather or leather-effect bits is not the greatest and probably won't last for ages, however it's not too bad and when it wears out, I'll happily buy another. In fact, I might even do that now, just in case. The only other down side was that I had to go to the delivery office to collect it because the way it had been packaged meant it didn't fit through the letterbox, when in fact it would have been easy to post it so that it did. All in all though a thumbs up!
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on 13 May 2014
This is a good quality belt with comfortable stretch. I read a few reviews before buying and ended up getting one that was too small at first. My advice is make sure you get one that is a good 4 inches larger than you need otherwise you tend to have the spare end only just making it through the runner. I'm vegetarian so having a comfortable non-leather belt was my aim. Be aware this does have a leather end and runner though. I can live with the small amount of leather but I think the company could replace it with man made materials without sacrificing quality. If they did that it would be perfect.
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on 29 June 2014
This is my second time of buying this belt. I have one for me and one for my husband. Great for work. Also great if you're losing (or gaining!) weight, because when you undo it, there's no hole left by the pointy thing (there *must* be a name for it? Tine? Prong?) Very, very strong belt this is, and quite smart too. Mine has lasted over a year, and looks exactly like the day it arrived brand new.
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