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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 18 August 2017
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on 28 August 2006
A few of these reviews have been attacking this cd for being boring and repetitive, and yes, in all honesty i can see where they're coming from... but if you like music that's not frightened to stick with a cool beat for a few minutes longer than most pop songs - then you'll love this.

Basically - what you hear is what you get. It's like a daft punk album - after you've heard one or two tracks you know pretty much what to expect. The first lcd song i heard was 'losing my edge', which i thought was completely amazing and led me to buy the album, which completely met all expectations.

So this album might well not be your thing... but the only advice i can give in that respect, is that you make sure to listen to at least one or two of the tracks before you buy it, so that you won't then have to complain in reviews about what a waste of money it was...
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on 28 September 2005
This album is unreal - why - because it is simply the best fusion of dance, rock n roll, electro, beat poetry and drug induced riot you will ever hear. If you take the appalling 'Never as Tired...' off the album , you are left with ten truly great tracks and a couple of masterpieces in the form of "Yr City's a Sucker' and 'Losing My Edge'.
You know how great the singles are, ...My House and Beat Connection, and you know that Murphy is one ugly fu..er. But he has a beautiful heart, and a wicked and twisted mind that slays media wannabees and musico-bores (like Chris Morris with a turntable and mic). Its hard to sum up how good this is, but put it next to Mylo and Vitalic, the other dance saviours, and whilst they are prettty cool, they are a pint of shandy next to a hit of pure Bolivian crack. But, like the latter, the comedown may be nasty - Murphy will find following this next to impossible, but who cares, he's left a work that sits with a few other impossible to follow first albums (Leftism, first Stooges album, Stone Roses). Buy it, steal it, just get it!
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on 30 March 2007
I have come to the conclusion that James Murphy is God!!
Its as simple as that.Without doubt he is a musical genius.
Apart from the fact that this double CD has got to be the bargain of the century at just under £5.00,the musical content is breathtaking.You could say that James Murphy is the avante garde of new wave dance music but the sound is also anachronistic and reminds one of the blooming of the dance craze following the demise of the punk era.That is partly its appeal in that it takes you back to that vital new period and surrounds you with a warm glow as you listen to it.
Every track of both CD's has got musical merit.Each is lovingly constructed often exploding into a storming finale that defies belief.Just listen to track yeah (crass version)on the second CD to see what I mean.
This is music to glory in and I defy you not to want to dance when you hear it.There are comparisons to be made no doubt and one of the first that struck me was Nine inch nails(Trent Reznor).To be honest though on second thoughts its a poor comparison because although there are similarities in the style of music and vocal delivery it is vastly inferia in its viscoral attack and intelligence.
Apart from everything else I have mentioned this album is wonderfully produced.If you have a half decent Hi Fi system it will sound amazing.
If you have a very decent Hi Fi it will blow your socks off and anybody who is demonstrating Hi Fi equipment for a living should have this CD at the top of their pile because it will show off the sonic ability of a system to perfection...or the shortfalls come to that!!
Finally can I just mention LCD's new album the sound of silver.It is every bit as good as this but perhaps a slightly more commercial sound without the dark corners and crevasses of this work of genius.But hey it has the same ability to make you want to drag yourself off of your hard worked sofa like no music I have ever known.Buy the two albums together.For just over £10 or the price of two packets of fags you will be in aural heaven!!
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on 22 February 2005
It was probably a stupid idea, but this album was purchased on the off-chance. After hearing no material from LCD Soundsystem, i bought the album for the track entitled "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House", on the grounds that i love Daft Punk. What a happy coincidence!
The Album sounds wonderfully electronic, a plethora of electric and eclectic sounds. The Opening track, which i previsouly mentioned, is fantastic. James Murphy's roaring howl preceeding a catchy bassline and kicking drum line. it's here we see his passion and enthusiasm. The song is a brilliant idea, that his inspiration is coming to play at his house, and he spends time making sure that he is ready for them.
The first disc carries on in this vein, simple electronic synth patterns that are used to devilish effect, as his lyrical ability is at times somewhat questionable, but is always perfectly suited to the music.
The second disc, although not as strong as the first, still delivers, with stand out tracks beign "Tired" and "yeah" (both versions)
Overall, if you've heard the "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House" single on the radio, then yes, the rest of the album is in a similar vein, and although i can't see this album being a mainstream success, that makes me even more proud, that i am a kepper of such a great musical secret!
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on 3 September 2005
I dance to this record. I dance so hard i get headaches and those little flickering stars areound the edge of my vision. I don't dance. Ever. And this album makes me want to... NME in their own smug way praise this all the time... And for once, they're right about someone other than Bloc Party... James Murphy is a god. It's true to say if you like anything for Foo Fighters to Daft Punk and back again, there will be something for you on this album. From the cd1 opener 'Daft Punk is playing at my house' you know you've found something special... And then you get to 'Give It Up', my personal favourite on the album... In terms of dance music, I haven't been this excited since On The Ropes by Mint Royale was released... And Give it Up is now my weapon of choice even over the mighty 'Shake Me' (one of the best dance tracks of our generation). The only reason this won't sell is because people today are shallow minded. One side like 'alt.'. One side likes 'crunk 'n'... whatever it is this week'. This merges them, throws it out a window into a vat or toxic waste, soaks thoughroughly, spin drys and then jumps in the mud...
'There's every kid for miles at my house, my house'... With the cd in you'll possesion, they'll have good reason to be there!
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VINE VOICEon 4 January 2007
Dance music is in a bad state in the 21st Century. Aside from a handful of visionary groups remaining like Faithless or the Chemical Brothers, even the 90s champions are either fading away (i.e. The Prodigy) or have gone underground (i.e. Underworld, Aphex Twin, albeit the latter at least voluntarily). This leaves us with hundreds of no-name DJs and vaguely attractive female vocalists warbling a solitary lyrical motif over boring synths. In fact, the DJs seem to do little except dip the tone control for the middle eight.

It would appear that James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem mainman and maverick producer, is the man who could well save dance music. Not only is this deluxe two-disc package fantastic value - it comes with a second disc collecting all of LCD Soundsystem's singles from 2002 onwards, right back to debut 'Losing My Edge' - but unlike most double albums, it's difficult to trim these 100 minutes down to a single disc's worth. The quality is very high throughout, possibly due to the eclecticism on show.

As shown on 'Losing My Edge,' Murphy is defined and inspired by his record collection and aside from its namechecking in that song, you can hear it all over these two discs. The Beatles, of course, are present in 'Never As Tired As When I'm Waking Up,' while his love of punk can be found in 'Tired' and elsewhere. Classic dance music as well as the spindly guitars of post-punk show up in brilliant single 'Tribulations.'

One song, however, fails to betray any of its influences but also proves why Murphy is the future of dance. 'Yeah (Pretentious Version)' is an eleven minute meander through synthesisers, keyboards, drum machines, percussion and enthusiastic whooping from Murphy himself. Across its long running time, not a single moment is slack or worth ignoring, and there is little (if any repetition), the exact opposite of what dance music has become in the modern age. It's truly thrilling to hear someone taking such influence while also showing how much they will hold themselves soon enough.

LCD Soundsystem is the album that will take Daft Punk's place in your hearts; as indicated by the first track of the first disc. If this is what dance music is to be like in the future, we're all in for a great ride.
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on 31 January 2005
LCD Soundsystem - a side project, spawned from the uber-cool production team DFA Records, which has now grown into what could probably be called a band and become the new forum for dance-punk-disco protagonist James Murphy to display his funkiness to an unsuspecting public. Go on, look in the dictionary, and I bet you that's what it says.
So, having garnered a lot of praise for the work the team have done to the likes of the Rapture's debut amongst others, it was about time that they put their own musical work on general release, and that's just what they've done here, sensibly covering all their bases by placing the early stuff on a bonus disc to go hand as a companion to the newer material.
Basically, what we have is well over an hour of cutting edge dance music. Sadly, we also have another of hype, although it's not all as bad as what you may expect. In fact, it's pretty damn good. Those in the know will be familiar with pretty much all of the bonus disc and Murphy's slurred voice; the Atari funk of 'Losing My Edge' is almost like the ultimate epitaph for the ageing hipster, Murphy weaving a tale of how he was there in Ibiza in 1998, and that he was the one who played Daft Punk to the rock kids, but now everyone he knows is not as relevant as they were anymore. 'Beat Connection', another highlight, grows into a pulsing monster of analogue synths and laptop beats as the desperation of a lonely night out grows and grows, and 'Yeah' climaxes in a wall of monstrous fuzz, knocking your ears for six and challenging the apathetic nature of everyone who keeps 'talking about it' but never 'gets it done'.

The new disc also starts of promisingly with the boastful 'Daft Punk is Playing at My House', a knowingly tongue in cheek nod to the French roboteers that keeps up its five minute length with fervent pace. 'Tribulations' and 'Movement' also take the sharp bass sounds and 80's drum kits from earlier efforts and keeps them engaging by funnelling in emotion and humour respectively, but other songs seem to pass by without even kicking up a fuss. As funky as it sounds, 'Disco Infiltrator' seems to have mislaid it's groove just a little bit, and 'Too Much Love' is just 'too detached' for it to impress (although the harmonies at the end nail the spooky groove pretty well). And don't expect a 4 to the floor party all the way through, because that will really disappoint you. I appreciate the variety that this album does have; 'Never as Tired as When I'm Waking Up' is an opiated sway with 60's guitars and 'Great Release' is an mountainous iceberg of piano and melody to crash any disco irreverence to pieces, but whether YOU like these songs really depends on whether you want variety or hi-hats in your CD.
But I'm sure you'll be happy despite some of the things I've written, especially when you consider the sheer quality of some of the tracks on here. It could be the case that these songs just need time to grow on me. Besides, James Murphy's been a busy boy lately, he deserves a rest.
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on 9 August 2013
Buyers beware, THIS IS NOT THE FULL ALBUM, IT IS MISSING QUITE A FEW TRACKS, I stupidly didn't notice and so now have to spend more money getting the rest. I am only giving this 5 stars because I love LCD Soundsystem with such a passion.
Bottom line: Amazon should state this is a trimmed version, I can't see how other people haven't fallen for this already, or are they all just unaware.
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on 6 August 2012
great cd but you can get a much better 2 cd version with the brilliant 'losing my edge'. I bought this version by mistake
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