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I wrote many reviews on this movie because it never fails to be the ultimate classic that will go down in history as the clever unforgettable supernatural suspense chiller. It is ideal if you are not into gore but more into the creepiness.
The parents at the time secretly love this flick so their child would calm their greed for toys.

I saw the commercials of the very first Child's play Movie and I remember them completely - the stunning special effects of the doll creeping with the mechanical head turning right around and the isolated kid, was later called Andy hollering for his Mother. I was nine years old at that time.
I saw that movie on tape at 13 many years ago (under aged- naughty me!!) but could not wait to see it. Chucky was now the first Boogyman I ever watched.
Brad Dourif whom I known from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest, Blue Velvet, Fatal Beauty, Dune and many countless films as I got older- he is one of the most finest performers I have ever seen, with his magnetic charisma and those huge wildly intense blue eyes to match, he is crazy handsome in this movie, and his outburst rage that even real life Serial Murderers exhibit is brilliant. Dourif hits the big time as Charles 'chucky' Lee Ray, the Voodoo practising Serial killer of Chicago who was gunned down in a toy store by bewildered Detective Norris (Sarandon)and betrayed by his partner-in-crime Eddie Caputo.
Charles made a promise that he will get revenge on the ones that 'done him in' and found a Good Guy doll to exchange his soul whispered a Voodoo incantation in the name of 'Damballah Wedo' (a west African, and Haitian Snake God), lighting struck the toy shop and the police found Ray dead - bet they thought it was over and celebrated by munching on Bear claws and donuts collections- RIGHT? Nope Wrong.
In comes along little Andy Barclay - sweet Darling' angel, but he whines about wanting the latest craze - em yes! you guessed it - and you know that he is gonna get what he wants alright! unfortunately Karen Barclay (Hicks) buys the 'special' doll at cheapo bargain from a Homeless Guy. At least she does not have to worry about batteries because the doll is 'more alive' than expected, with a diminutive height and Brad Dourif's inimitable Booming voice. And ratty Auntie Maggie (Peterson) gets it, and takes a dive from the forty storey building. and then it is Eddie's turn to be shish kabab in a exploding House!
The body counts are rising, and the truth about Charles Lee Ray is mounting but more unbelievers are added to the equation. Until they see Chucky 'is alive' and eat their words (or die so to speak).
It is a Scary movie, with great scenes of Chicago, and Chucky has a vehement vengeance and will not stop at nothing with its perished body ashed from flames and blue eyes peering out creeping towards Andy makes you feel like a kid wanting to cry out to your Ma. what a Nightmarish Film - unmissable, this cool movie deserves praise.
I don't care what people say.

Hail Chucky!
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on 29 January 2015
Lol Its been a while since I last time watched it. When I watched it as a kid, I accidently cut my palm hand with pocket knife while watching the film. No kidding.

Having just watched it again, I find it funny though its quite scary at the end. Its not too bad, though I wont say its one of my fave horror films but I don't regret purchased the dvd. its the original Child's Play afterall and it remain me of what happened when I watched it as a kid. Im glad to have it as part of my dvd collection.

No problem with delivery.
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on 23 June 2013
The start of the film begins with the film's villain being shown trying to escape the police. Fatally wounded, he breaks into s toy store to escape them. Running out of options he looks for a suitable toy to transfer his soul into and finds a Good Guy doll to do so.
The store bursts into flames as a result of his voodoo actions and is destroyed.

Looking for a cheap birthday present for her son, Karen Barclay buys the seemingly normal looking doll, unaware it possesses the soul of a killer.
After the doll is given to Andy it soon telling him secrets that no ordinary doll would tell and it is up to Andy to convince the adults that Chucky is evil.
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on 21 February 2017
The item came really fast, in perfect condition.Everything is as described. The story is great - classic horror movie from 80's,picture quality is perfect.100 % entertainment.The Blu-ray Steelbook from UK looks great.The price is cheap so, don't hesitate - BUY IT NOW!
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on 3 December 2017
loved these movies. Well the first 3...anything after that avoid
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on 4 April 2017
This film is great, a classic. It is scary and a good story. I can recommend it if you havent seen it.
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on 17 January 2017
Pleased I purchased this on Blu Ray. Much clearer than the grainy DVD. The commentary was good to listen to also.
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on 29 September 2017
The original and the best...classic 80s horror at it's cheesiest best
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on 7 October 2013
Now this is a movie for those who like scary movies. I tells the story of a serial killer, who, upon his execution has his soul transferred into a "chucky" doll. He continues his rampage as a doll and though this is an older movie, I still love the plot and amazing animation of the doll.
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on 16 February 2018
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