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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Style: 250 OHM|Change
Price:£107.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 18 February 2017
There were many mixed reviews on this particular pair, I thought I would clear it up a little.
I'm a musician/producer who uses these Beyerdynamic DT770 24/7 with composition software like Logic and Pro Tools, and heavy listening use.

SOUND QUALITY 9/10: BD are well established with the control over sound quality, they've been in the game for decades! These headphones deliver well with a clear distinction between the frequencies. These do not over exaggerate the bass parts, so these are not suggested for bass junkies, only an unbiased clean sound. there isn't a huge amount of noise cancellation from the build, but with the volume turned up this isn't a problem.
BUILD: 8/10 - Well built, BD have allowed most parts to be replaced, visible by the screw works, buttoned headband and gold plated jack. there could be a little less plastic bulk, but the overall design is industrialist and practical.
COMFORT 6.5/10 - a hot topic with these headphones, it is true, they are tight around the temple areas, particularly when eating, or using them for several hours in one sitting. However with toilet breaks and fresh air, its a small price to pay with these headphones. They are well padded around the ears, and eventually the tension in the headband slacks becoming more pleasant. The large over-ear pads are not made for resting round your neck, so perhaps portability is and issue. Overall they are sturdy and sit on my head well.
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on 20 March 2017
Just purchased these as needed a pair of headphones for PC (via Asus Xonar STX sound card), a Denon AVR 2300 Amp and other uses. After much reading on the Ohm differences and some Amazon help I decided to go for the 80 Ohm set, even though the higher 250 Ohm would have worked fine. I wanted the option of playing them via weaker output devices like an iPhone, with the understanding that I would be taking a hit on loudness due to higher ohm.

So, first off connected them to the PC and was a bit disappointed with some FLAC sources I had. Then realised that the Xonar had Flexibase enabled for small room. This crushes 80% of the bass. Disabling this, setting it to Hi-Fi and wow, like a different pair of headphones. I set the Xonar software to use >60 Ohm which makes these go very loud. too loud for me. Listening at 50% volume and it is about my limit. Take the headphones off and the sound is quiet, put them on and its back to being in the club. So that's my late night movie watching solved.

Just testing them on Amazon Music (Prime) and it's actually nicely detailed audio.

So, next test. My iPhone 5. Unscrew the large 1/4 inch jack to reveal the smaller 3.5mm jack and plugged them in, hmmm a bit on the quiet side. Checked in settings->music and "volume limit" was on. Turned that off and was able to up the volume to full which gave perfectly acceptable volume for me.

Next, the amp. I use my Amp for mostly streaming video, freeview and other video content. Set the Amp to Direct. All OK. Internet radio very clear. Obviously I prefer 5.1 but this fills a gap at night.

Overall very happy these work well for crappier source material and work great with hi quality. Had them on for two hours now and they are tight but comfy too. They feel very sealed when on, my PC which is a loud machine with SLI and 6 fans softens to slight hum with the headphones on.

Really happy.
I am not an audiophile so take my review as is.
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on 20 March 2017
Loving the isolation when they are on, no more vacuum cleaning will interrupt my games or music, really good to sleep after a night shift, no more door knocking will interrupt my sleep,
coming from the open Sennheiser HD555 wich quality was good, but the change is quite good.
The sounds are more plain ( you can like this or not) and sounds with a looot more details, its really easy to distinguish every instrument and every note, effect.
They work perfect on my meizu pro 5 that has an internal dac, (with other phones they sound a bit low), and with my onkyo amplifier its just gorgeous.
They dont sound explosive like other headphones but i think it worth the quality and detail obtained, and you can always use the equalizer.
they are ment to be for monitoring. Im really enjoying them
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on 13 January 2017
Amazing pair of headphones. Bought after HyperX Cloud 2 headset broke and deciding I was tired of all these faulty 'gaming' headsets, so invested a fair chunk into these badboys (I plan to stick a ModMic onto them). They sound amazing. I'm not an expert on audio, but from what I can tell the bass really has a good oomph and everything is clear as crystal. You hear things in some songs that you wouldn't even have heard beforehand. The ear pads are quite comfortable, though out of the box they are quite hard, and take a couple of hours to break in, after which they feel amazing. Only complaint is that the it's a little too hard on the head. Cable is 1.6m, which isn't actually that much. It only just reaches my PC for me, with about 20cm of slack. Comes with a 1/4" adapter, and I must say they sound amazing on HiFi.

I chose to buy these instead of the ATH-M50x because imo these sound better. I spent a couple weeks using my brother's M50x's and in my opinion the bass on these is a lot stronger and the sound is overall more crisp.
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on 18 March 2017
Having owned a number of pairs of headphones over the years, I can safely say these are my favourite.

These are German engineering at its best - well made, with interchangeable parts (so if you wear something out, you simply replace the part, rather than the entire unit). I've had mine a number of years now and they've lasted exceptionally well, still on my original headband, and while the padding is finally wearing on the ear cups, I have a backup set of cups ready to swap once they finally bite the dust.

Comfort wise, these are excellent, have good isolation of sound (they are closed back after all); the headband has plenty of padding, the ear cups easily cover the ears with a nice velour padding to avoid chaffing, etc after long periods of use. They are a tad heavy (the trade off for well made kit), and do take a little getting used to if you've only ever used lightweight/cheaper headphones, but take it from me they are well worth getting used to.

Anyway, these are headphones after all right; so what is the sound quality like? Essentially, these are a fantastic set of headphones that, when used on their own sound pretty good, but truly come into their own when combined with a good quality DAC and headphone amplifier - I've noticed new nuances and details in music that I've been listening for years, they have excellent separation and a deceptively large soundscape for a closed back pair of headphones. Bass is very clearly defined with no muddiness; it can range from boomy or soft nicely and (when paired with a good DAC) has no perceivable clipping in the lower end and plenty of detail in the lows overall. Treble is nice with very little sibilance, there is plenty of detail here as well.

My verdict:
- Stand-alone use is very good, with plenty of detail showing across the range, a good place to start with audio kit if your budget won't stretch to additional kit as this will hold up well without an amp.
- With good quality DAC and amp, well it truly comes into its own when paired with good additional equipment - lots of detail which I've never heard before becomes noticeable, the sound is 'smoother' and the soundscape becomes that much larger.

Basically, these headphones are punching well above their weight here, but to get the absolute best it's essential you get a good DAC and amplifier. If you're budget won't stretch to those, they still hold their own well and gives you a good starting place to add additional equipment to at a later date.
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on 15 May 2017
I came to the DT770's when looking for a gaming headset. I am sick of years and years of broken microphones and poor quality units with high prices. After some vigorous googling I was recommended these. 80 ohm is meant to be the one to get for a typical PC onboard soundcard, and the closed ear perfect for blocking out room noise. For gaming they are crystal clear, its impossible to notice the lack of 5.1 that gaming headset sell themselves on. For music, well, I am far from an audiophile but I can now tell the sound quality of different audio files night and day. Oddly, it did seem that it took a week or so of listening through them to actually enjoy them fully. I don't know if they wear in or if my ears have to get used to them but they sound great now. Oh, and a modmic fixed to the left side works beautifully.
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on 16 September 2016
My ears are so happy with these headphones the only downside is the cable for when you're out and about have to tuck it in but at home fine i use it to tie up the misses and still can listen to my music happy days
review image review image review image
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on 27 April 2017
These headphones are fantastic
Neutral and great balanced sound
Highs, mids and lows are all well presented
I don't think you can beat these closed headphones for the price
They are comfortable too
I went for the 32 ohm version as I intend using them with my android phone as well as my PC
The only downside for me is that the cord is not replaceable so no coiled option available!
I will probably look at getting the velour earpads to improve long listening comfort
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on 25 March 2017
These headphones are absolutely fantastic. Had them for quite some time now (bought in 2014) and they are still sound as good as the day I bought them. I have worn them upwards of 12 hours out of a day and while not comfortable for that entire time, they're certainly more comfortable than any other set of headphones I have owned. They also take quite a beating - I have managed to damage them only recently and that's because I sat on them (my bad). Aside from that, they've survived drops etc without issue. Very happy with them and would buy again.
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on 1 June 2017
What a sound!!!
I bought these to replace a set of ATH-M50X which was hurting my ears when listening to some high frequencies,and ATH did not sound as clear as I wanted to.
Beyerdynamic DT770Pro are really AWESOME!! Very comfortable! Not as boomy as ATHM50X but mych more clearer and with great separation and the sound stage is much more open,and not "in your face" as with ATH-M50X.
Connecting them to my home amplifier made me fall in love with them!!
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