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4.6 out of 5 stars
Viva Emptiness
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 21 February 2006
dark and bleak are words used to describe katatonia,in many ways this is true,but dark and bleak can also be used when describing the music of burzum and darkthrone and the differences in sound between katatonia and the above black metallers is tenfold,katatonia are in many ways mellow metal,they rock and they are dark but they also offer hope and light in their works,viva emptiness is a classic album,filled with rich melodies and layered and structured chorus' that fill the room with greatness,this is a special album
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on 26 March 2003
Katatonia have produced a really special album here. Hopefully this will take them on to far bigger and better things. They really are deserving of a much larger audience and if that means mainstream recognition, then fantastic ! 'Viva Emptiness' is an exceptional record with songs that are both powerful, beautifully structured, (at times) crushingly heavy and memorable.
It seems that Katatonia have long been filed under 'extreme' and have to share shelf space with such genre's as hardcore, death and black metal. I hope that 'Viva Emptiness' will change this because this band and their music write great songs which is a rare find among their 'extreme metal' contempories.
With 'Tonight's Decision' and then 'Last Fair Deal ...', they showed that they were capable of writing really memorable songs and this is their best collection yet. This is not death/speed/black metal or anything of the sort. It's still heavy but only in shades. The guitars and drums are there but only let loose sparingly. Much of this record is made up of atmospheric songs with real heartfelt lyrics - the singing is clear and a not without a little emotion.
Standout tracks are 'Sleeper', 'Criminals', 'Burn the Rememberance' and 'Wealth' (which is most Opeth like).
If you long to hear heavy, intelligent music with real songs and exceptional creativity, then I strongly recommend this. I've read a review that said the opening track 'Ghost of the Sun' (also the first single) contains more ideas than most bands manage in a career. Well, the album has twelve more just like that. Blinding.
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on 31 January 2010
This has to be my favorite Katatonia album out of the lot, I'd advise anyone who has yet to listen to Katatonia, to begin with this album.

If this album were a person; it would most certainly have a split personality disorder! It whirls between parts of musical beauty, you are drawn to the vocals and relaxed by the, almost haunting melodies, which make you listen deeply yet still keep "one eye open" so to speak with its constant undertones of something sinister lurking at every corner, whether it be lyrically or just the atmospheric tone which is always present. It then twists to suprise you with explosions of emotion and bursts with churning guitars and crashing cymbals. As for the vocals; I could listen to Jonas Renkse for eternity and not get bored!

Absolutely fantastic album, I'm not sure some people would totally "get" Katatonia or what they do, but if you are one of the lucky people who do, and can appreciate the adventure they guide you through in their music, then you will be blown away by this album.

Favorite tracks: Sleeper, Criminals, Evidence
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on 9 September 2010
In the last 10 years i cannot think of another album that i play more often than this one by any band. From the first listen the songs are just stuck in your head and you just have to keep going back for more.

Even now in 2010 I play this album very often, there's so much going on, it's very heavy in places, brilliant crunchy riffs but its the melodic, fuzzy guitars and atmospheric keyboards with pleasant sounding vocals [ no ugly growling ] that make this album what it is.

It all fits perfectly and soundz amazing. Track 1 ' Ghost of the Sun ' is a cracker and the album just keeps churning out great melody after melody. 'Burn the remembrance ' , 'evidence' and 'A Premonition' are possibly 3 of the greatest tracks ever.

I like Katatonia's later material but it still doesnt compare to this masterpiece.

You HAVE to own this album if you havnt yet heard it. 10/10. Pure Brilliance.
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on 11 May 2003
When I first heard the opening track of Viva Emptiness, Ghost of the Sun, I was pleasantly intrigued. I heard a more aggressive Katatonia, quite a different feel to that of Last Fair Deal Gone Down. However, despite the catchy chorus of the first track, the album's lack of emotion makes it a fairly dull experience.
Despite moving in a heavier direction, the band still aren't that heavy, the guitars take a back seat to vocals and (surprisingly) drums. It's not all bad though, but those who like the band for the melancholy tunes of LFDGD may be disappointed. Likewise, those who are more inclined towards Katatonia's early work, such as Dance of the December Souls, will most likely not enjoy the slightly nu-metal direction they're taking.
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on 14 September 2010
A really strong album, Katatonias strongest one. Don't let the poor logo of the band fool you, they sound nothing like goth or death metal any longer. Buy it if you like Tool. Katatonia is a mix between Tool and a-ha :-)
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on 15 January 2014
Introduced to Katanonia by a very special person to help me branch out with my musical metal tastes. Throughly enjoyable band, relishing the opportunity to see them live at some point.
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