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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2006
Yes, but not much!

I loved the Alien and Predator movies. This was to be the crowning glory. Yeah, right. That's what the scripwriters and movie execs obviously went for - if you're 11!

The quality of the effects is good. To be fair, there's nothing so wrong with the acting. It's just that the actors and special effects have absolutely squat to work with!

There's one good battle. And it is good. An alien and predator finally meet. The movie's sucked up to that point, so, naturally, you think, 'Awesome! Let's go, baby!' But you quickly realise those few brief moments were all that's coming.

This could've been one of the best horror/sci-fi movies of the decade. Unfortunately, what you get is B movie garbage that maybe worth watching only if your cable's out and someone's borrowed every other dvd you have.
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VINE VOICEon 27 March 2005
The one thing Alien vs. Predator is assured of doing is exasperating fans of either's former films as scant attention has been paid to their lineage in order to bring their respective franchises together. This movies renders the original Predator completely nonsensical (as if it wasn't already of course) by suggesting they have been visiting Earth for thousands of years in order to carry out some warrior rites of passage ceremony involving the acid blooded Aliens. So assuming the survivor at the films conclusion makes it back to civilisation and why she wouldn't when a vehicle was so conveniently waiting for her, then surely she would inform everyone of the existence of the Aliens. So logic dictates the original Alien Films set in the future of course would be redundant because humans would already be aware of their existence and crikey you can tie yourself into knots of frustration contemplating all this stuff. It's a shame Paul W Anderson didn't spend some of the pre-production period thinking about it all a bit more but as has been pointed out by other reviewers he's a moron, more interested in glossy visuals and explosive set pieces than character and plot. Someone should inform him it's possible to have both. Incidentally, and here I go again, the Aliens seem to have acquired an accelerated gestation period in this movie, so as not to slow the plot down I presume, and are rendered even less of the original concept as a virtually indestructible killing machine by being despatched by feisty women with pointy sticks. Both denizens of movie monster royalty are rendered less than terrifying by this movie in which the plot has more holes than a golf course in a meteor shower. The Predator even buddies up to a human for pity's sake. And it's yet another example of a film compromised by the Studios desire for a lesser rating in order to pull in all those gawky teens, who apparently have all the disposable income. Ban pocket money say I.
All these points may seem pedantic and trivial but the original films, particularly the "Alien" series are such classics of the genre their legacy should not be compromised by brainless cash in's. Only one thing prevents this movie been a complete waste of time and that's because once it gets going it is relentlessly entertaining. The acting's ropey, the script is as vacuous as the plot, but it looks great and by having a central heroine character it pays homage to "Ripley". The conclusion once again sees a Mother Alien despatched into an airless void , and no I don't mean the inside of Paul W Andersons skull. And the last shot is maybe the most asinine of all, for the whole movie we see Predators are capable of X-Ray vision, yet they conveniently miss spotting the embryo inside the slain Predator. It, s this sloppy attention to detail that renders Alien Vs Predator a complete non event.
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on 7 March 2005
As a stand alone, instantly forgettable slice of B-movie trash, Alien Vs Predator might scrape two stars just for some decent production design and hints of an interesting mythology. As the descendent of Ridley Scott's original Alien, however, it doesn't even deserve one star; Alien and the Cameron sequel exceeded their mandate to become minor classics of modern cinema, whereas Anderson's turkey aims at third rate and falls short. As long as we keep spending money on this sort of trash, it will be all that we deserve.
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on 18 March 2012
The decision to bring together two monsters from landmark films in cinema history was always going to be met with reluctance and doubt, but with AVP the two are brought together brilliantly. The story is interesting and the background history has been well thought out and could give way to possible prequels (ignore the sequel AVP Requim as it is just terrible).
In a pyramid, awesomely designed, deep beneath the ice the Aliens are awaking, on the way are the Predators who have come to earth to 'clean up' the Alien infestation. Trapped in the middle of this hunt are a group of scientists, explorers etc led by Lance Henriksen who plays his role from the other Alien films in the franchise.
The fim itself is never going to win any oscars, but was it ever meant to? The answer is no. This film was made purely to entertain and it does exactly that and then some. The set design is suprisingly awesome for a film that is so reliant on action and the director takes time to capture the full scale and scope of the pyramid and arctic landscape that makes for a suitably engaging setting. The creature effects are brilliant as are the CGI effects. The frequent battles between the Aliens and the Predators are very well directed. The acting is not the best, though Lance Henriksen is as good as he was in the previous Alien films.
Overall, VP is a fast paced, entertaining film that doesn't require much brain work but does leave you feeling thoroughly satisfied after the credits roll. The action is never overdone and the set design, creatures and battles between Aliens and Predators are awesome.
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**********CONTAINS SPOILERS**********

I watched this the other night and expected to hate it. For someone who considers himself to be a serious film buff I am thoroughly ashamed of myself. I actually found myself enjoying it. Well anyone who is looking for more cerebral fare was on a no hoper from the start. But this film doesn't pretend to be something its not. We get Alien and predator two of the scariest screen creations ever battling it out together. Oh and they throw in a few human beings for a bit of fodder. The leading lady is like Bouadicea on steroids. What a woman. I am in love. Even the one surviving predator was well impressed and that must take some doing. The touching scene at the end where she is scarred on the face with the remains of her alien vanquished brings a tear of pride to the eye. So what do we get in this film. We get a few predators and a lot of Aliens. One particularly big Alien who is extra nasty and you throw all these in with the humans and let gladatorial combat commence. The title sort of promises this and it delivers on all fronts. Well what more do you really want. No, a work of art it aint, but for straight forward entertainment without having to engage brain it delivers nicely. I really liked it. Whoops, did I really say that?
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on 13 March 2012
I bought this because it was cheap and had guiltily kind of enjoyed the film when I saw in terrestrial TV.

I'm a huge fan of Alien and Predator and the idea of this mash was the kind of thing that tickled my sci-fi geek gland so i thought I may as well buy the bluray. I do think the premise for this film is surprisingly strong; The idea that we worshiped the Predators as Gods and they used humans back in the day to hatch alien warriors to battle with was a stroke of genius I felt.

It's the execution that lets it down. They characters are heavily stereotyped and the way the plot pans out is a bit weak. Possibly the biggest disappointment was the fact that just 1 alien warrior was a pretty even match to a Predator. I really wanted to see more of the Predators kicking some butt; they were always portrayed as juggernauts but here they struggle to tackle one alien at a time.

The inclusion of Lance Henriksen as Weyland ties the film to the lore of Alien/s etc but all the other characters are forgettable. Battle scenes utilise too many quick cuts - its more chopping and changing of viewpoint that actual action a lot of the time. Picture quality is reasonable, nothing to write home about and the sound is good on my basic system. There are 2 versions of the film, theatrical and extended. The extended version has extra scenes at the start regarding the whaling station and other scenes attempting to develop the characters a bit more.

If you're a real die hard fan of the Alien / Predator universe this film I feel will ultimately dissapoint and it comes across as a simple effort to mash up the two franchises with the sole aim of making some money. The obvious love the film makers lavished on films like Alien, Aliens and Predator is not here.
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on 14 February 2005
Well, what did we expect? A nerve jangling, tension, filled film such as the first "Alien"? What about a gore filled, adrenalin rush like the second?
Personally, I was hoping for the second, and based loosly on the books of Alien Vs Predator. Neither happened, and I think the "15" rating really should be a clue as to what to expect.
Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this, and will part with cash to get the DVD, but it has a transparent plot with "R.I.P." (metaphorically) written on doomed characters from the start. Filming was too concentrated on the people, when the focus should have been on young Predators going through their right of passage by killing the Aliens. This is an easy film where you wont be offended/scared/suprised/insulted/taxing your brain/going WOW!. But it will keep you entertained, again and again. Get a differnt cast (luckly most died), script writer (should have died), and director (possibly died during film directors class at school- or didn't pay attention). Enjoy.
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VINE VOICEon 23 June 2007
Not bad at all. I had heard really terrible things about this film, but being a fan of both the Alien and Predator films, I gave it a go. Quite enjoyed it too!

I found the female lead a bit annoying, almost got the impression that she fancied the Predator. You can;t beat Arnie's final showdown with the beast in Predator. However, the storyline was decent, as were the effects. It's not the best film I have ever seen, but it's a lot better then some horrors. Infact, it's a lot better then Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and Predator 2 if truth be told.

All in all, pretty decent. Certainly worth a watch!
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on 18 September 2010
This is a review of the BLU-RAY..
The font cover proudly states "maximum Hi-Def Experience" and its fair to say given what is said about this movie it will be the best you will ever be able to get.
The blacks are soild , and the detail very sharp. The skin tones are nice and the CGI looks more obvious because of the sharpness of image.
But Director Paul Anderson makes no bones about the colour being hugely de-saturated and heavy grading has let the final Blu-Ray version down. He chose very bright costumes for the cast with the full intention of saturating and tone re-seeting during the editding process , which is fine for DVD in 2005 but does little to help the advent of HD and the blu-ray revolution.
The other wrangle is few extra's too , anyone that had the two disc "extreme" addition from 2005 will be dissapointed to find none of the documenties , out-takes , effect and "making of's" feature on this blue ray.
Infact is important to note that the deleated scenes that feature on the 2005 DVD have now been added "into" the exstended version on the blu-ray version (all except one)..
The quality might be good , but not outstanding and sadly will never be because of the final treatment of the orginal print. This may well be the best verion there is , but the incersion of all the deleted scenes make the exstended version too long and the Hi-Def exsperiance a little flat.
That said , its very enjoyable and the DTS HD master soundtrack is as good as the DTS track on the 2005 DVD.
Its not really worth the upgrade as I compared the two and the differance is not really all that differnat (given the age of the print)
Its a good Blu-ray , but hold on to your old two disc set until Twentith Centery Fox remaster the orginal print , add all the wonderful docu's and features , which in time will no doubt happnen when HD and blu-ray will be the only way to see this type of film.
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on 11 June 2015
Yeah! You thought you would leave it be, but it nagged at you from the shadows. A must have for that Alien and or Predator collection (but mainly both) Even just for those extra background clips and wry smiles. Its not the originals so can't give it a 5 but its close.
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